The abdomen into a football -like old lady almost lost her life!Emergency reminder: The incidence of these situations is higher

Mrs. Zhang, who lives in Jiaojiang

It has been troubled by abdominal pain for more than half a year

Recently, she feels back pain and abdominal pain

The pain is so severe that I can’t get the bed

And there are symptoms of urinary incontinence

I can’t stand it anymore

Mrs. Zhang was accompanied by her children

Go to the hospital for help

The doctor found that Mrs. Zhang was found to be inspected

Her abdomen is high

Gynecological examination show

Her pelvic cavity has been

Tumors with a diameter of about 20 cm are completely crowded

Tumor is located in the ovaries

Small close to football

The doctor considers it is a malignant tumor

"No more surgery, the elderly may be in danger of life!"

After understanding the situation of Mrs. Zhang, Zhang Liqian, chief physician of the Gynecology Department of Taizhou Central Hospital frowned tightly, has not been released for a long time. You know, the symptoms of ovarian malignant tumors often become late.I had a inspection a month ago. At that time, the examination showed that her pelvic tumor had 15 cm diameter, but she had not performed surgery.To the present, the operation is very difficult. If you are a little careless, Mrs. Zhang may not be able to get off the operating table.

"If you don’t have surgery, the elderly may have life -threatening. Even if they can be discharged now, it is difficult to survive after arriving at home. And this surgery is very risky because the patient’s condition has been dragged for too long, which is a huge test for our doctors.. "Zhang Liqian said that after many experts in various departments of the hospital discussed many times, they decided to take the risk to perform this operation for Mrs. Zhang.There is no hope of survival. "

Fortunately, after multiple disciplines in the hospital, they escorted Zhang Mrs. Zhang, and the surgery was successfully completed.The old lady Zhang’s ovarian tumor was successfully removed. She was discharged from the hospital smoothly. During the recent review, the test results showed that the elderly recovered well.

Ovarian malignant tumor hidden

"Because the ovaries live in the pelvic cavity, the volume is small, the lack of typical symptoms, it is difficult to detect early. And the tumor grows rapidly, which can cause abdominal distension, lumps and ascites in the abdomen.It is generally in the middle and late stages. "Zhang Liqian said. It is difficult to find a small thing on the ovaries early, so diagnosis is more difficult.

A few patients have the process of early benign lesions, such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, etc. About 1%of patients with benign lesions may develop malignant tumors in the ovarian.

After the patient has a malignant tumor, the tumor will compress the intestinal tube and bladder, affect the defecation, compress the nerves, affect the action, and also cause long -term abdominal pain and low back pain.

"Ovarian is an organ affected by hormone environment. The changes in hormone levels occupy an important position in the occurrence of ovarian cancer. Undaidal, early tide, early menopause, and ovulation promotional drugs are high risk of ovarian cancer." Zhang Liqian said, said, said, Zhang Liqian saidSome gynecological diseases are also closely related to the occurrence of ovarian cancer, such as gynecological inflammation such as pelvic inflammatory disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, and endometriosis.

In terms of diet, high -fat diet increases the risk of ovarian cancer.In addition, in the environment or professional behavior, exposure to excessive aromatic amine and aromatic hydrocarbons, organic dust, artificial glass fiber, asbestos, hairpin, etc. can increase the risk of ovarian cancer.

The older the age, the higher the incidence of ovarian cancer

If necessary, take surgery. The patient’s prognosis is good. Regular review can prevent recurrence.

"Recently, there was a young female patient. She found ovarian malignant tumors in her teens. At that time, we immediately performed surgery for her. Now she is in her twenties, has not recurred, and her life has not been affected.Moreover, she is pregnant and is currently waiting for delivery in our hospital. "Zhang Liqian said that ovarian cancer was healed early and early treatment." Although early gynecological examinations are not easy to find ovarian malignant tumors, the regular medical examinations every year are still necessary."

Actively actively prevent ovarian cancer

So, how to prevent ovarian cancer in daily life?Zhang Liqian gave some suggestions.

First of all, maintain a healthy diet, advocate high protein, vitamin A diet, and avoid high cholesterol diet. For high -risk women such as genetic mutations or family history, it is advisable to prevent oral contraceptives.

Secondly, women over 30 years of age should conduct gynecological examinations once a year. High -risk population is best to receive inspections every six months, regardless of age. If necessary, type B ultrasonic examination and detection of tumor markers such as serum CA125 are performed.

Furthermore, don’t stay up late.Studies have found that women in night shifts are more likely to suffer from cancer, and the longer the night shifts, the greater the possibility of cancer.This is because artificial light suppresss the secretion of melatonin in the body, and the reduction of melatonin levels will promote the secretion of estrogen.

Finally, reducing kitchen oil and smoke pollution, less smoking, reducing house decoration pollution, and less decoration materials containing carcinogens such as benzene and formaldehyde.

Reporter: Wang Chenqi

Source: Taizhou Evening News

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