The actresses who broke up before they broke up, but insisted on giving birth to the children, what did they draw?

Unexpectedly, it has always been pregnant, dragging on women’s lives. Children are innocent, but the world’s requirements for women are too harsh.

Even the bright actresses in the outside are not free from this curse.

When you are alone, you still have to face a cold secular vision.

The agent Huo Wenxi brought out many outstanding artists.

But sinking in love, because the child was criticized, not only did the unmarried births, but also lost the expectations of pure love.

Similar to Huo Wenxi’s experience, there are also Wang Ziwen and jade girl Cecilia Cheung.

These women are shining in their familiar fields, but they fail to know the cruel reality, thus transforming into a strong single mother.

What exactly what they know, they only know.

I believe that many people know Huo Wenxi because of Nicholas Tse.

The confidantes of the two for many years have moved countless fans.

The impetuous entertainment industry is not easy to meet friends with sincerity.

Nicholas Tse was grateful for Huo Wenxi, and Huo Wenxi had the grace of knowing many artists.

However, this is what an outstanding career woman is dragged down by love.

When Huo Wenxi was young, he was also a beauty in the circle.

Even though Huo Wenxi later focused his career on training artists, but those who knew her would not say good.

Huo Wenxi, who has just entered the entertainment industry, was a famous actor. At that time, Huo Wenxi won many people’s eyes with the appearance of the dust.

I thought it would be the beginning of her career, but Huo Wenxi did not expect that she was not suitable for the road of actors.

The young and beautiful Hawenxi didn’t want to confess.

She had an iron lady, and she was unwilling to lose her personality. Her appearance conditions and acting skills were not bad. How could she not be suitable for actors.

The cruel reality made Huo Wenxi realize it again and again that people must submit the facts.

But switching does not mean Huo Wenxi, and it is completely fading out of the entertainment industry.

Soon she decided to apply for the agent by working hard in the entertainment industry.

Even if no one is optimistic about Hawenxi, he doesn’t care. Later, Huo Wenxi told everyone that she was successful.

After turning into the emperor’s gold medal agent, Huo Wenxi’s career was proud.

The fruit of her career also made her heart slowly yearn for love. One person stood on a high place for too long, and she always described as snuggling with others.

Soon after, Huo Wenxi met Healthy Merchant He Danqing.

Huo Wenxi, who does not understand what true love is, died of He Danqing, and He Danqing was more sincere to Huo Wenxi.

But this is the trivial sincerity, and finally hurt Huo Wenxi.

Compared with He Danqing, Huo Wenxi’s Taoism is too shallow. When the two of them love, Huo Wenxi has conceived his life after marriage.

As everyone knows, the man who is sweet and sweet, seems to never want to marry her.

Between couples, love comes quickly.

Huo Wenxi once never thought that the two would finally separate. After breaking up, Huo Wenxi was temporarily unwilling to enter the new relationship.

I did not know at this time, and found that the child who was pregnant with his former boyfriend.

The news was like a pot of cold water, and Huo Wenxi woke up, and Huo Wenxi also understood that it was difficult for this child to have a father.

She is 39 years old. If she does not want this child, it will be difficult to get pregnant in the future.

Thinking about it, Huo Wenxi made a thrilling decision of unmarried births.

Huo Wenxi was not responsible for the child. On the contrary, she was sure that she had the ability to raise the child before she decided to stay.

And He Danqing’s side, Huo Wenxi is also actively striving for support.

Before the birth of the child, Huo Wenxi thought of the child’s future retreat.

It can be seen that Huo Wenxi not only has the determination to be a mother, but also for children to block all rumors.

Nicholas Tse, who learned that Huo Wenxi was so situation, helped.

Now Huo Wenxi has completely out of the shadow of feelings, and his feelings with your children are also very good.

It is hard to imagine how Huo Wenxi was facing this cruel world alone.

The difficulty of single mothers will only be more than expected.

Huo Wenxi’s personal emotional history is not rich, but Wang Ziwen’s emotional path has too many twists and turns.

A "Ode to Joy" finally made Wang Ziwen. The gold was gone, but it was unclear that Wang Ziwen’s acting career had begun in a few years.

Wang Ziwen thought that he was not a talented actor, but Xingtu was still twists.

So she chose to calm down to polish her acting skills, and finally waited for the fire of "Ode to Joy".

But after becoming popular, fans paid close attention to Wang Ziwen’s emotional life.

Although Wang Ziwen’s facial features are exquisite enough, the height of only 159 has become a short board.

Regardless of the major awards or red carpets, for actresses, height and whether they can make circle paintings with the shape.

Unfortunately, Wang Ziwen, who was defeated in the part of his height, Xu was a petite figure, making Wang Ziwen look more and more strange.

Many people can’t think of what the emotional history of Wang Ziwen is.

I did n’t know that Wang Ziwen had been ambiguous with Jia Nailiang, but also had a child for many years.

Wang Ziwen worked hard in the performing arts circle. He was taken photos by Wang Shuo. Hearing Wang Shuo’s baby daughter, he was familiar with Wang Ziwen.

With this relationship, Wang Ziwen struggled in the circle, at least there was a backing behind him.

Facts have also proved that Wang Ziwen tasted a lot of sweetness under the shelter of the big brother.

But for a long time, her relationship with Wang Shuo caused many speculations.

Some people boldly speculate that Wang Ziwen and Wang Shuo are not simple.

I thought it would be a scandal, but was finally strongly denied by the two parties.

In addition, the interaction between Wang Ziwen and Wang Shuo did not see ambiguous, and the relationship between the two was slowly not mentioned.

But the things of Wang Ziwen and Jia Nailiang were curious.

At the beginning of the scandal, Wang Ziwen and Jia Nailiang no one explained.

Soon after, Jia Nailiang and Li Xiaolu married, so that the scandal did not attack.

However, this time Wang Ziwen’s scandal became a hidden danger.

When the train was enlightened in 2021, Wang Ziwen exposed his son.

It is stunning that Wang Ziwen was exposed when he participated in a variety show.

When getting along with the guests of amateur, Wang Ziwen chose to confess that he had children.

As soon as the news was fried immediately, netizens speculated that the child’s father was, and the candidate was naturally decided from Wang Ziwen.

Some people bet on Wang Shuo, and some chose Jia Nailiang. As for which year this child was born, it seems that it is no longer important.

In the true and false, everyone can only see who the child’s father is at first glance.

Wang Ziwen’s hard work in October seemed to dissipate over time.

When the matter was troubled, Jia Nailiang came forward to respond to the matter, and it should be here.

The implication is to explain that he has no feathers with the mother and son of the prince.

In the past two years, who was the father of Wang Ziwen’s child, gradually no one paid attention, and the feelings about Wang Ziwen were still very bumpy.

In love variety shows, the male partner looking for is incomprehensible, and sometimes he even screamed to Wang Ziwen for his selfish desire.

Such a man is not the other half that Wang Ziwen wants.

Therefore, Wang Ziwen now returns to a relaxed single state. It seems that if you still bring your child alone, you will be more free and easy.

In addition to Huo Wenxi and Wang Ziwen, Cecilia Cheung’s children also earn enough attention.

Cecilia Cheung is also rare for decades.

At the time of her debut, Cecilia Cheung and Xiangtai were extraordinary. Cecilia Cheung could get it. The enviable resources were also due to the fact that they were too.

Cecilia Cheung does not have a prominent family, but the family is quite bad.

In order to get rid of the trouble of the native family, Cecilia Cheung decided to enter the entertainment industry.

It was just that the temptation of the entertainment industry was unstoppable, and Cecilia Cheung had a scandal with several popular male stars.

I thought that Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse would not have the fans who had interspersed.

At the expense of being too noisy, he would also marry Nicholas Tse. After the marriage, Cecilia Cheung also had a live -life life.

The good times did not last long. The appearance of Chen Guanxi once made Cecilia Cheung get trapped in negative public opinion.

After being exposed to the scandal of the year, Cecilia Cheung’s reputation fell all the way, and then the children of Nicholas Tse were also pushed to the cusp.

Before divorcing Nicholas Tse, Cecilia Cheung’s problem with children caused discussion.

At that time, Cecilia Cheung had a complete family behind him.

However, the two people in the latter went to the stranger and made the children a victim.

And the child’s affairs make the netizens curious, how to choose the future raising issues.

Surprisingly, Cecilia Cheung didn’t seem to be afraid and became a single mother.

Not only is it generously on the screen, frankly he is single to bring children, and at the same time, it is not tangled. Will the child lack love without a father?

I want to come to Cecilia Cheung, I should feel that I can give my children a double love.

Until 2018, Cecilia Cheung again officially announced the third son, and who the child’s father became the same puzzle.

Cecilia Cheung was criticized for many years because of the scandal. The child’s arrival made her vilify again.

When the child was exposed, He Menghuai was suspected to be the child’s biological father.

However, the rumors were shattered shortly after, and Cecilia Cheung was lacking in exposing his child’s father’s identity.

Netizens later questioned whether Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse were old.

After divorcing Cecilia Cheung, Feng Fei loved the peak again, and Cecilia Cheung was very embarrassing.

However, Cecilia Cheung can also see it. Instead of saying good things with Faye Wong, he can also be frank and told to tell his past experience.

So the situation became the triangle relationship between Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong.

But this time Nicholas Tse quickly stood up and declared that he had only two children and his ex -wife.

Although the husband and wife have experienced too much twists and turns, the child has lost his father’s blessing.

After all, Nicholas Tse is not a cold -hearted person.

It is not easy to understand that Cecilia Cheung brings children alone. After the two people lifted their marriage, they became polite.

As a mother alone, Cecilia Cheung fulfilled the corresponding responsibility.

Many times, they cannot choose such things such things such things are unmarried.

Destiny requires them to suffer difficulties, and there is no other law to remove the status quo except for changing the status quo.

Born without raising, it has always been a crime of ten evils.

If the child has no choice, whether the opportunity and power come to the world, then since the parents give birth to a child, they must be prepared for raising.

As for what they are drawing, they want to find a heart to find a peace of mind.

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