The allergies that are difficult to entangle in spring are here again, and the pregnant mother can get rid of it with 3 tricks!

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The annual spring is here again. Presumably the mothers can’t wait to go out of the green, breathe fresh and free air, but help the mother want to remind mothers to pay attention to allergies, because the seeds are germinated at this moment, and pollen is full of sky.When flying.Specific mothers should pay more attention that allergies will not only bring discomfort to themselves, but also affect fetal development.

What are the causes of allergies during pregnancy?

1. Allergy caused by food

Generally speaking, allergies caused by food are relatively common, such as atopic dermatitis, urticaria, etc.Nuts, citrus and seafood are the main food allergies, and mothers must pay attention.

2. Allergy from the air from the air

Pets’ fur, pollen, indoor dust mites, second -hand cigarettes, etc. are more common allergic sources, which can easily cause allergic rhinitis and asthma that can breathe.

Will allergies of pregnant women affect the baby?

1. Allergies during pregnancy will be inherited to the fetus

If pregnant women have allergic symptoms during pregnancy, the baby’s immune system in the abdomen will record this allergic source. When the baby is born, an allergic reaction will occur if you come into contact with this allergic source.

2. The fetus will inherit the allergic constitution of both parents

Allergies are inherited, or contemporary inheritance, or intergenerational inheritance.If one of the parents is allergic, the probability of the baby inherited the allergic constitution is less than 50%. If both parents are allergic, the chance of inheriting the baby will reach 50%-95%.

What about allergies during pregnancy?

1. Drink more honey water

Honey contains a certain amount of pollen. If it is often quoted, it can have a certain resistance to pollen.This good habit can effectively fight allergies and also have a therapeutic effect on pregnant women who are already allergic.

2. Eat more jujube

Jujube contains a lot of rich anti -allergic substances, such as adenosine, which can prevent allergies from occurring.Therefore, in daily life, mothers can eat more jujube, use it directly or soak red dates.

3. Eat more carrots

It is found in the study that carrots are rich in carotene. This nutrients not only have anti -oxidation effects, but also effectively prevent allergic reactions.

4. Drink mung bean soup

Mung bean is cool and has the effect of clearing the heat and clearing the purpose, so it can relieve allergies.

5. Use cosmetics with caution

If the cosmetics are not used properly, it will also cause allergic dermatitis.Therefore, mothers are best to use only skin care products, use less or cosmetics.

How to prevent allergies during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to avoid

The expectant mothers who are pregnant are best to start paying attention to diet in the fourth month of pregnancy. Try not to eat foods that can easily lead to allergies, take more vitamins and proteins, and fresh nutrition should be fresh.

2. Maintain a healthy living habit

During pregnancy, pregnant women should take a good rest, do not tired or stay up late.At the same time, try not to keep pets, stay away from second -hand smoke and dirty air.

3. Avoid irritating the skin

It is best not to use a chemical cleaner in large quantities, and do not wash your belly with cleaning products. After bathing, apply mild emulsion on your waist or abdomen.

The above is the knowledge about allergies during spring pregnancy. Do mothers know?

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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