The appearance of a pregnant woman is related to the smart baby?How many of these characteristics of these pregnancy are

After many women are pregnant, they have pregnant vomiting, and they have many acne on their faces, and there are also long spots.When my wife was pregnant with my baby, she looked very lucky.There are very few pregnancy vomiting. It is a fragrant every day, and the face is rosy and rosy.Some pregnant women’s characteristics during pregnancy are normal, but if they become ugly, pregnant mothers must be unwilling.

Some characteristics of pregnancy, pregnant women are not good. Below I summarize several common pregnant women’s pregnancy characteristics.You can see a few of them.

1. Pregnancy

According to statistics, every four mothers have three mothers who are pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most sins during pregnancy during pregnancy.During the pregnancy, pregnant women’s appetite will not be good, and the sense of smell is more sensitive. When she smells some strange smells, she feels disgusting and vomiting. Pregnant women who have severe pregnancy will really be hollowed out.Everyone’s constitution is different, and the degree and length of pregnancy are different, but it is worth noting that the emergence of pregnancy shows that the HCG of the pregnant mother is maintained in a high horizontal state, and it also reflects that the fetus is very healthy from the side.

2. frequent urination

During pregnancy, especially early and late and late, pregnant women will have frequent urination, which is normal.Because pregnant women not only have to discharge their own metabolites, but the baby’s metabolites in the abdomen must also be discharged from the body of the pregnant woman, so it greatly increases the workload of pregnant women’s kidneys, and the amount of urine has increased.There is also in the early and in the early pregnancy and third trimester. The increase in the uterus or the baby’s head decreases the bladder, which reduces the capacity of the bladder, will cause the number of urination times and it will feel that endless urination.

3. Pinch acne

The chin of pregnant women has acne, which is due to the rise in hormone levels in pregnant women, accelerated metabolism, and subcutaneous fat accumulation.

Pena acne in pregnant women is mainly hormone.After pregnancy, the hormone level of pregnant women has risen and sebum secretion is strong. If pregnant women eat food that gets angry, acne is prone to appear.This feature of pregnant women does not have to be too troublesome, and some foreign studies have shown that the ugly baby, the smarter the more smart.

4, stretch marks

The stretch marks are atrophy in the broad sense. After five or six months of pregnancy, the abdomen quickly bruised the skin elastic support tissue. The skin becomes thinner and thinner.Pink or purple fine lines with different length and width.

Many expectant mothers are afraid of stretch marks. In fact, 80%of women have this trouble during pregnancy.Most stretch marks will grow in the abdomen, and it is difficult to disappear once stretch marks appear.

5. Bloating

After a woman’s pregnancy, her breasts have quietly started its "secondary development", which will cause the pregnant mother’s breasts to become more and more abundant.Chest pain after pregnancy is caused by changes in hormone levels.In fact, the development of breasts has also changed with the development of the fetus, mainly to meet the needs of breastfeeding after childbirth.Under normal circumstances, the phenomenon of chest pain is more serious from the fourth to sixth week after pregnancy.This pregnant mother does not have to worry about it. It has this characteristic that there will be more lactation during breastfeeding, so that the baby has milk to drink, which is what many pregnant mothers want to have it.

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