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Hello everyone, the new issue of "NO. 11 LAB" meets friends again ~ What interesting research will this issue of this issue, let’s take a look together ~

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Artificial uterus helps everyone to get pregnant and have children?Summary in the breast can indicate that the fatal heart disease wants to chase TA?Don’t you feel sad to make friends with TA first?People are not sad for themselves

Artificial uterus helps everyone to get pregnant and have children?

In recent years, we have seen too many social news, which are closely related to women’s fertility: women who have diseases who are not suitable for pregnancy, risk life to give birth to children; pregnant women in the rescue room, do not know outside the doorHer husband chose "Bao Da or Bao Xiao"; women are becoming more and more difficult to find jobs, just because too many companies are worried that the employees they have recruited are suddenly pregnant …

These dangerous, painful, confused, and injustice are only borne by women, and only women will bear it, because too many people, regardless of men and women, are treating "pregnancy" as a "mission" of women.

Therefore, too many people think that if women do not have fertility, it is her reduction of points, and can fertility is not her bonus item, it is just a matter of course.

An idea, what will this society look like if women do not have to bear the responsibility of fertility from then on?Welcome everyone to discuss the message area together.

Recently, "Nature" magazine released the latest research on the Institute of Science in the Israeli Institute of Science. The study used the "artificial uterus" to successfully cultivate hundreds of mice, and all organ development indicators in mice were normal.Let this idea take a step towards reality.

▲ Picture source: reference [1]

The research team extracts only 7.5 days in the mother rats, the internal cell group differentiation, the formation of the outer embryo, and the primitive endoblay. At this time, the embryo is only composed of 250 cells.Putting embryos into the "artificial uterus" environment, the "artificial uterus" includes the insulation box, nutrients and ventilation systems.

Although the experiment has achieved good results, it is still far from the development of a completely mature and safe "artificial uterus" from the human human beings.And even if the technology is mature, whether it can be easily applied to human beings must be carefully considered by ethical and morality.

If it is you, would you be willing to let artificial uterus replace nature?

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Summary nodules in the breast may indicate fatal heart disease

The human body is an overall system. They divide and cooperate and affect each other, which will lead to a magical phenomenon. If the body has a discomfort, it may not have a problem itself. What is wrong is that another organs that cannot be hit by eight -pole are not hit.Essence

For example, when I was in school, I heard the teacher tell a story: an old man always toothache and went to the dentist, but said that his teeth were healthy and there was no problem.Then suddenly one day, he had a sudden myocardial infarction. After the rescue, the old man came over.The doctor found that his perennial toothache turned out to be a precursor to heart disease.

Recently, scientists have discovered a phenomenon, which is similar to the above story.

Researchers at the Karolinska School of Medicine, Sweden, found that the increase in the number of mammary tiny calcification stoves has a significant relationship with the rise in risk of various cardiac metabolic diseases; in addition, the mammary density is negatively related to the risk of cardiac metabolic diseases.

▲ Picture source: reference [2]

What is even more noteworthy is that they also found that there are miniature calcifications compared to women with a small calcium, and the risk of death due to cardiac metabolic diseases increases by 46%.Among them, the risk of death increased by 79%.

Breast screening is a conventional project during medical examinations, and tiny calcification is a common phenomenon of breast screening.If we can find the association between them, then we can detect the abnormal heart health in time while checking the breast and preventing breast diseases.

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Want to chase TA?It’s better to make friends with TA first

Some people say that after becoming a friend, it is difficult to become a couple; others say that there is no pure friendship between men and women, who can always be together, and finally become couples.Which statement do you agree?

When I was a kid, I watched a lot of European and American movies. The male and female heroes inside often glanced at each other at the subway stations, streets, and friends. They fell into the river of love and opened a romantic love.This makes me think of love at first sight.

But until I grew up, I found that the pair of couples around me seemed to appear in the social circle as a friend, and then unknowingly, they changed from friends to lovers.This made me doubt about my childhood cognition.

It happened that in July 2021, Canadian researchers specifically counted that how many couples developed from friends.

▲ Picture source: reference [3]

Data show that two -thirds of the romantic relationship starts with long -term friendship, which is the opposite of people’s views that generally believe that "love usually originated from passion."

Too many people are misleading by film and television literature. When they want to pursue others, they think that "surprise" can move the other party.But the actual effect is: there may be no surprise, and there are many scaredness.

With this research results, the young men and girls who want to pursue their favorite people might as well make friends with TA first, talk about hobbies and jokes, which may make you want to chase TA more.Stop in friendship.

After you understand each other, then confess, not only the success rate of pursuit will be greatly improved, but also avoids quarreling due to inconsistent personality in the future.

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Are you sad for your single friend?People are not sad for themselves

Brothers and sisters, the eyes are about to celebrate the New Year. Is it necessary to go home and be urged to find someone?Is there a target that is also urged to get married and have children?

A word that moms and dads often hang on their mouths are: This is all for you. Don’t look at you now you are young and playful. When you are old, you should be sad.Even some friends will be joked, tease each other is a single dog.There are also enthusiastic friends who may directly fuck their parents’ hearts, for fear that friends are too lonely and become a matchmaker.

But in fact, the state of "single" really did not have much impact on the lives of single people.Outsiders seem to be lonely, but they are in the upset of this kind of life.Don’t doubt that this is not a strong smile, this is a scientific conclusion that many single people come by.

According to data from the 2017 "MINTEL British Single Life Report", most single people do not care about their own situation, especially women, and have a higher satisfaction with single.

▲ Picture source: reference [4]

"Especially in the past 20 years, the social environment has made women more independent." Analysts on the website said, "Encourage them to develop many traditional skills, such as repairing home appliances, making items, so asReduce their needs for "there is a man at home".

However, many young men are still lacking in traditional women’s skills (such as laundry, cleaning and cooking), which makes them more difficult to live independently, so the satisfaction of singles is not as high as women.

In addition, one thing that breaks the common sense is that many people think that single people are "forced to be single" because they can’t find the object, but this data survey shows that 61%of single women and 49%of single men say they are very very very very very said that they are very good.Enjoy single time.

Therefore, don’t help the single friends around you blindly.Unless they take the initiative to ask you to help you find someone, otherwise they may be in a single life, Zhengle is in it.

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