The auntie shows pregnancy without coming?In addition to pregnancy, these factors will also make the aunt "late"

"Auntie" refers to women’s menstruation. In the period of about 23 to 35 days, healthy women will be performed due to the influence of ovarian hormones, which will cause periodic loss and bleeding.

Some women will experience menstrual delay, but if it does not exceed 7 days and is regular, it is normal.For women with sexual behaviors, once the long -term menstruation does not come, it is most likely caused by pregnancy.However, there are also many women who are not pregnant, and they will be delayed. What is going on?

What are the reasons for menstruation?

1. Ovarian function decrease

After women enter adolescence, the ovaries will secrete a large amount of estrogen, and these hormones will promote endometrial thickening.After thickening to a certain degree, falling off and bleeding will occur, thereby forming menstruation.Once the ovarian function of women decreases, the level of hormones will be reduced, and the endometrium cannot complete the hyperplasia and falling off normally, which delays menstruation.If menstruation delayed caused by the decline in ovarian function, it is generally accompanied by symptoms such as decreased menstruation and fast skin aging.

In addition, if women suffer from some ovarian diseases, such as polycystic ovary syndrome or tumors in the ovary, they will cause this symptoms.

2. Gynecological inflammation

If women suffer from some gynecological inflammation in daily life, menstruation will also be affected, which will delay menstruation.For example, a series of inflammatory inflammation such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, vulvitis, vaginitis, and endometritis, can make the endometrium fail to complete and proliferate normally, causing delayed menstruation.If it is caused by these inflammation, patients generally have a series of symptoms such as abdominal swelling, waist soreness, as well as leucorrhea or vulvar itching.

Third, endocrine disorders

Endocrine disorders are the main causes of menstruation delayed menstruation, especially for long -term bad emotions, or over -hard work, long -term staying up late, and too stressful women, the probability of this phenomenon will be very high.These bad lifestyles can reduce the endocrine function of women, which affects the levels of hormones in the body, and there will be a delay in menstrual period.If it is caused by endocrine disorders, women are also accompanied by emotional irritability in daily life. They often have a series of symptoms such as panic, palpitations, and decreased appetite, constipation, drowsiness, and dizziness.

Fourth, severe anemia

For women who have severe anemia, in daily life, it is easy to experience delayed menstruation or reduced menstruation.Due to the large reduction of red blood cells in the blood, the ischemia and hypoxic phenomenon will occur in various organs, causing organ function to be suppressed.Then it will affect women’s ovarian and uterine function, which will cause delayed menstruation and reduced menstruation, pale complexion, dizziness and headache.And repeated nausea and acceleration of heart rate.

All in all, if women suddenly have delayed menstruation in daily life, they should consider whether they are pregnant.If this phenomenon still occurs without pregnancy, it is generally related to the above four factors.In addition, if women overdose or picky for a long time, they will cause malnutrition and cause insufficient qi and blood, then this phenomenon will also occur.Therefore, once repeated menstruation is delayed, you must take a doctor quickly and then treat it according to the cause.In addition, women should also make adjustments to diet, mentality, exercise, and restraint in daily life to maximize some menstrual disorders.

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