The baby’s baby is "too shy", does not show his face in 5 ultrasounds, and the pregnant mother is anxious, but the doctor laughed

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From the beginning of pregnancy, every month will need to go to the birth check -in. In the early stages of pregnancy, the middle stage, and the later inspection items are different, but they are to ensure the healthy development of the child in the mother.

Until the current technical means, the fetus can also be checked through the color Doppler ultrasound, and the pregnant mother can observe it. The shape of the child in the stomach can leave a photo of the child with this technical means.Record the child’s stomach.

A few days ago, she accompanied a friend for a checkup. She told me that she had done five four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound before, and she didn’t see her baby’s face. She was a little bit jokingly asked if my doctor was too shy?No face.Isn’t there any problem with a baby?So she intends to do it again today to see if she can see the child’s face?

The last time it was smooth, I also saw that the baby was healthy, and my friend was relieved.Asked the doctor why the child’s face could not be seen a few times ago?The doctor told her with a smile: "Maybe like you said, the baby is too shy, there will be various reasons. In fact, you don’t have to worry. Since you see that the baby is healthy this time, you can rest assured."

I believe that some pregnant mothers will be curious. Why can’t you see the child’s face after four or five color Doppler ultrasound?From the correct analysis, there are about these reasons.

1. The fetus feels shy

We usually do n’t have a check -up. The most often action of our stomach is to touch the child. The most feeling that the most feels also feels the feeling of touching the most, but if you do a B -ultrasound during the checkup, the probe will move on the stomach, and the mother will move with the mother.The feeling of touching is different, the baby may feel uneasy, so he will hide his face to seek a sense of security.

2. Baby is sleeping

We all know that the younger the children sleep, the more the baby who is just born may be sleeping for 20 hours a day, so the baby is also in the stomach. He also needs a lot of sleep, so it is used as a B -ultrasoundI can’t see the child’s face, it may also be because the baby is resting at the time.

Some friends do B -ultrasound, and they can often see babies yawn in their stomachs, rubbing their eyes and other movements, which is the manifestation of the baby’s sleepy.Therefore, it is not a big deal to do the color Doppler ultrasound without showing their faces. Just do a few more times.

First: Talk to the baby to talk to the baby

During pregnancy, we often touch the stomach and talk to the baby. When the pregnant mother often strokes the belly, the baby may feel comfortable in the belly, feel safe, feel safe, maybe the baby moves, it is easy to see it, it is easy to seeTo the child’s face.

Second: sports stimulus

It is Baoma who is eager to see the child’s face during the color Doppler ultrasound. The doctor may recommend that the pregnant mother will appear to the event. Through the movement of climbing the stairs back and forth, it will make the child move in the stomach.The face is exposed.

Third: Food Stimulation

A friend of me told me that one time I did a color Doppler ultrasound, the baby did not show his face. At that time, he felt hungry, so he took a little cookie biscuits to eat. After one minute, the baby turned his face and put his face with his face and put his face.It can be seen that food stimulation also has an impact on fetal movement.

Fourth: Music Stimulation

Many children can dance when they hear music when they are young. They are also useful for babies who are still in the mother’s belly. Putting some prenatal education music when doing color surgeons can also soothe the fetus, avoid uneasiness, and make the baby more easily reveal the face out of the face.Come.

Doing the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is that pregnant mothers should pay attention to some things to prevent unnecessary harm to the baby.

Grasp the best time: The single child is 22 to 26 weeks of pregnancy, and the twins are 20 to 22 weeks of pregnancy. This is the most suitable time for the ultrasound. You need to calculate in advance and make an appointment with the hospital.

No empty stomach: Sometimes blood testing may require an empty stomach, but it is not necessary to do a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, so you may go to the mental state of the pregnant mother after eating.

Don’t be too nervous: too nervous, often affect the judgment of some results, so you need to relax when you do the color campaign time, because the time of the four -dimensional lottery is too long, but as long as you cooperate carefully, you can relax.

The four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is a very important inspection. Yu Ma must grasp the time. Don’t miss it. Don’t worry about the baby’s time not to show his face. It may be just that the baby’s consciousness is too shy.

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