The baby’s stomach is not good, how to choose milk powder?

The health of the baby is undoubtedly the best concern for parents, and infant milk powder is the best food for babies except breast milk. Therefore, when parents buy and choose, they will always be attentive.In recent years, with the frequent incidents of fake milk powder and poisonous milk powder, more and more mothers have become more sincere in the choice of milk powder.How to choose a healthy and nutritious milk powder that plagues many mothers.Here I have to recommend that I have recently used one, and it is also a milk powder brand recommended by many mothers -Mead Johnson Kiss.Mead Johnson’s unique PHP small protein molecule, the baby’s stomach is comfortable and easy to absorb.

Mead Johnson’s "micro" protein, small molecule protein can be better absorbed; the baby’s stomach is comfortable, less crying is better to sleep!A typical feature of Mead Johnson Kissing is that DHA is added to the formula. More than 30 infant nutrition studies have shown that DHA has a close relationship with the baby’s intellectual scores, speech development, and health system health.The ability can also promote the baby’s concentration, these are all smart babies.Mead Johnson is rich in gallophylline, which helps synthesize acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an important substance that helps brain memory.At the same time, more than 30 key nutrients of Mid Johnson kissed, balanced and comprehensive, healthy, and continuous defense.

DHA is actually an abbreviation of 22 carbonic acid. It is a kind of ω3 unsaturated fatty acid. DHA is an important substance of the cerebral cortex nerve membrane, so it is also called brain gold. In addition, DHA also has the development of retinaImportant role.DHA is the main component of brain cone cells, neurotripular cells and cell membranes.When the fetus is 5 months old, if the stimulation of hearing, visual, and touching the fetus can promote the growth of the fetal cerebral cortex nervousness in the nervousness of the fetal cerebral cortex. At this time, adding DHA can promote the development of the fetal brain.DHA accounts for 50%of the retina, which plays an important role in the maturity of retinal light cells. During pregnancy, mothers supplement DHA can be transmitted to the fetus to promote the development of fetal retinal development.

Choline is a member of vitamin B family complex. Choline is important during pregnancy, and it is necessary in the infantile period because it is transmitted in the cell membrane and cell signal (including memory stem cells in the brain) and nerve pulseIt plays an important role in transmission.Eggs, chicken, pork, pork liver and fish are all diet sources of choline.Choline can promote cell activity, improve memory and intelligence level, and has a great effect on the brain development of infant brain.

After opening the can, you can smell a faint milk fragrance, and the milk powder powder is delicate and fluffy.When it is water, it is very good.Light taste is not easy to develop a baby’s sweet diet, which can reduce the risk of the baby’s tooth decay.

The baby’s body is relatively weak, and the resistance and immunity are not as good as ordinary people, so you need to take care of it.Speaking of the choice of baby milk powder, it is really a century problem for Baoma ~ Mead Johnson pro -Shunsu provides a higher quality companionship with the best quality and safe formula, and gently protects the baby’s healthy growth.Mead Johnson Kissing understands the hard work of Bao Da Bao, understands the nutritional needs of the baby, and hopes that you can use scientific nutrition to help your baby grow up healthy.

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