The bathroom was smelly all day long. I stayed in 3 years. I wanted to remove these 5 places and reinstall it

My bathroom can be described in one word: stinky!Although the first impression of the toilet is the odor, but the modern family toilet should not have been smelly.

If you think about it, it must be that the decoration is not well -because I can be sure that the source of these tastes is not my house.It has been staying for 3 years now, and is going to remove the following 5 places to renovate.If your bathroom also has a odor, you may wish to take a seat.Fortunately, the cost of reinstallation is not high, only local construction is enough.

It is said that more than 60%of the anti -taste problems in the bathroom come from floor drains.Of course, this data may not be accurate, but the chance of the anti -flavor of the floor drain is really not low.

The location of the floor drain is low, the pipeline is fine, the (neighbor) is frequently used, and the pressure in the pipeline often changes, resulting in frequent anti -taste problems.The key to solving this problem is the deodorous core of the floor drain:

According to the material, it can be divided into metal core and plastic (silicone) core.According to the shape, it can be divided into U -shaped, T -shaped, flip.If there is a reverse taste, you may wish to open the ground leak cover first to see if there is a deodorant core inside.If not, it is not unusual.

Even if there is a non -deodorant core, it cannot guarantee that 100%is not reversed.The plastic core has a life span, and it will be aging in three or two years, and it needs to be replaced regularly.The metal core is generally U -shaped and T -shaped:

The U -shaped core needs to have water seal. When the water seal is dry for a long time, the water seal will lose deodorization effect.The T -shaped core is easily entangled by the hair, which makes it impossible to close, which will affect deodorization.It is recommended to install a U -shaped core in the toilet wet area, and other ground leakage T -shaped cores.

I can guarantee that the waterwashing device in my house is reversed.Because every morning when I was lying on the sink to brush my teeth, I could feel a stream of heat waves on my face.

My personal experience tells me that the sewers are reversed, really!evil!Heart!

However, the anti -taste taste is the easiest to solve: just change the sewer (according to the manual, you can replace it yourself).There are two options for sewers to prevent deodorization:

The first is to choose a sewers with anti -odor core, which is generally a flip deodorization core, or a filter element -proof core.Regardless of the deodorization core, the service life is very limited and needs to be replaced regularly.

The second is to choose a drainage hose with S -curved to use water sealing odor.The disadvantage is that the water seal cannot be dry, so the long -term idle house is not suitable.

The drainage hose of the sewers will be directly inserted in the drain pipe. This drainage pipe that protrudes the ground is called "vertical pipe".

In fact, the smell of the sewers is actually the smell in the vertical tube.However, it is not enough to prevent deodorization of the sewers. There will be a large gap between the drainage hose and the vertical tube.The odor will go out along the gap, causing the stench in the bathroom.

The easiest to solve this problem is the easiest, and you don’t even need to spend a penny:

Take a plastic bag, the group is together, and the gap can be pushed into the gap.But remember not to be too deep, it would be bad to fall into the sewer.

If you want to spend some money, you can buy a silicone seal.First plug the hose on the seal, and then the sealing card is put into the vertical pipe.Not only can prevent the vertical tube from reverse the taste, but it can also assist the fixed hose to prevent the hose from running out of the vertical pipe.

Today’s seat is much better than the original squatting, but it is still possible.Some people have been staring at the water seal in the toilet. In fact, it is not necessary at all -no matter whether the water seal is high, as long as there is water, the chance of reverse taste is very low.

The most common reasons are the aging of the flanges:

Between the toilet sewage port and the ground drainage pipe, a flange circle needs to be installed to seal.The flange circle is generally made of rubber, soft and elastic, but it is easy to aging.

After the flange circle is aging, the sealing effect will be lost.In addition to causing anti -flavor, there will also be problems such as water leakage (the ground is inexplicably beacon), and the impulse becomes smaller (the absolute tightness of the siphon toilet to ensure the impulse).

Only a dozen pieces of a flange circle can solve all problems when buying a new one.After replacing, don’t forget to hit a circle of glass glue at the edge of the toilet, which can help fix the toilet and isolate the air to slow down the aging speed of the flange circle.

There are basically public flues in the current bathroom.If you also have it, don’t forget to check the flue mouth:

At the mouth of the flue, you need to install a stop valve -especially in some people’s bathrooms without exhaust fans, and you may forget to deal with the flue opening.Without a return valve, the odor in the bathroom of other people’s bathroom will be discharged to your house.

There is a saying on the Internet that "it is best to stick a tile at the flue mouth to ensure that the place where the stop valve is touched is smooth and the sealing effect can be enhanced."To this end, I have specially consulted many merchants and workers, saying that this is nonsense.

The edge of the stop valve has a circle of sealing circles, and it will be close to the wall when installing.Regardless of whether the wall is smooth or rough, it does not affect the combination of the sealing circle -the sealing ring is soft, and it will change its own shape according to the wall surface. There is no saying that the "smoother effect is the better".

【Part of the pictures in this article comes from the Internet】


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