The Beijing Metro can scan the code to buy burgers!Reminder: Do not eat in the station and the carriage

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Li Bo Deng Wei

The round shape, with the iconic red and yellow paint, a cute unmanned car is full of food "break into" the subway station.This week, a group of McDonald’s smart dining cars appeared in the Beijing Metro, attracting many passengers to "early adopters".

This morning, in the Shuangjing Station Hall 7, people came and went to the subway station on time.Many passengers who are ready to leave the station come to the dining car to choose a good breakfast package and take it to the company to eat.

The reporter noticed that there were 4 cabinet doors in dining cars.After taking out the QR code on the screen of the dining car, you can choose the package you want.

There are 4 sets of meals in the breakfast time period. The supply types include Mikan, porridge, fritters, coffee and soy milk. The package price is between 12.5 yuan and 20.5 yuan.After paying, the corresponding cabinet door is opened to pick up the meal by itself.The business time for the buying car is from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.

A staff member next to the dining car told reporters that the food currently purchased by the dining car is distributed from the McDonald’s restaurant near Shuangjing to the subway station.Breakfast is supplied during breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner will also supply different packages for passengers to choose from.

The reporter noticed that according to the predetermination regulations of the Beijing Metro, the dining car was marked with the prompts that "do not eat inside the station" and "do not eat in the compartment" to advocate passenger civilization to ride.

"I can finally buy a burger at the subway station. The original feeling of familiarity is back again!" Mr. Li, a passenger, recalled that in the mid -1990s, there hadIn the pavilion, passengers can buy one burger at 3.5 yuan."At that time, watching the burger heating in the microwave oven, it felt very magical. As soon as it was released, the burger was hot and hot, and to tear the packaging paper and the plastic wrap for a while to eat it."It disappeared for many years, but at that time, the experience of eating burgers in the subway had already become a childhood memory of many Beijing native "post -80s" and "post -90s" childhood memories.

According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Metro, this dining car has now appeared at Shuangjing Station, Line 7, Chaoyangmen Station of Line 6, and Xie Erqi Station of Changping Line. Some of them are still under debugging and will be invested in the near future.Operation.

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