The best time for flow of people: Choose the time to choose the time to avoid secondary damage

Unexpected pregnancy is a kind of harm for women. If the abortion surgery is not done well, it is a second harm to the body and mind of women.

Early artificial abortion is a common remedy for contraception failure.When the embryo development is relatively small, the uterine body is not large, and the placenta has not yet formed, the use of uterine or negative pressure attraction can terminate pregnancy.So, when is the best time for people?

Best time

The best time for abortion is generally nine weeks before pregnancy, but if you finally determine how long you can do the abortion, you have to refer to some test results before surgery, but if the embryo is too large or even the bones are growing, the largest straw can not be used.It took it out. At this time, only the drug or water sac was induced by the drug or water sac. After the embryo and most placenta were discharged, the palace was cleared.

If the induction of labor fails, it is necessary to scrape it with the help of tongs, that is, use the equipment to directly scrape the embryo and the placental uterine tie. The operation of the operation is large.The risk of postoperative uterine adhesion.Therefore, if unexpected pregnancy intends to terminate pregnancy, try to be implemented within 2 months of pregnancy.

What are the precautions after people flow?

If you cannot condition well after the flow of people, it is easy to cause various gynecological diseases. Therefore, several major precautions after the abortion must be paid attention to.

1. Pay attention to rest and strengthen nutrition.After abortion, we should rest in bed for 2-3 days, and gradually increase the activity time.Do not engage in heavy physical labor and cold water labor within half a month to avoid cold.Pay attention to increasing nutrition, eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products and other protein rich foods and fresh vegetables rich in vitamins to promote endometrial repair.

2. Keep the vulva clean, and the same room is strictly prohibited.The uterine mouth has not been completely closed after abortion, and the endometrium also has a process of repair. During this time, special attention should be paid to keeping the external pussy clean and hygiene.Do not take a bath within half a month, so as not to enter the vagina and cause infection.If the abortion is prematurely in the same room, it is easy to cause acute endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and infertility.Therefore, the intercourse is strictly prohibited within a month after the abortion.

3. Observe bleeding.The vaginal bleeding after abortion for more than a week, even accompanied by abnormal conditions such as lower abdominal pain, fever, leucorrhea and odor and odor.

The most important thing is that if you are not prepared to bred a new life, you must take contraceptive measures. After all, no matter how good the abortion surgery is, it will cause harm to the body and mind of women.companion.

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