The biggest problem for the delivery is that there is no energy to have children until half. Have you ever had this experience in Baoma?

Xiao Jing’s first pregnancy, I feel nervous and looking forward to the birth of a child.Thinking of the good health is good for the child’s health, and it will make herself recover faster, so she chose to give birth.After experiencing a regular prenatal pain that day, she was pushed into the delivery room. I did not expect that having a child was particularly physical consumption. It was halfless to give birth to half of it.But seeing that the child was about to be born, the cesarean section was impossible at all. The doctor had to criticize Xiao Jing particularly severely and let her insist on giving birth to the child.Fortunately, Xiao Jing finally gave birth to the baby smoothly.

Many pregnant mothers have neither experience nor sufficient psychological preparation when they have the first child. Those feelings of listening to others seem to be far away from themselves.Case.But I believe that a lot of Bao moms who come here have a lot of understanding of this, and I can understand why I feel that she can be indestructible after giving birth.So for pregnant mothers, how to avoid the situation where children cannot be born to half?

1. Be prepared for psychological preparations before giving birth

Bao Ma has to know that having a child is particularly painful, but also knows that having a child is particularly tired, but also know that the possibility of the child’s damage to the child is relatively small.If you produce a baby, you must stick to it to the end. Don’t choose to give up casually in the middle, so that you will only cause trouble for yourself and the baby.

2. Do enough physical preparation

This preparation includes not only about one month before the birth of a child to start exercise in moderation. Generally, you can take a walk for half an hour or slowly climb the stairs every day. In this way, you and your baby will get exercise opportunities.It also includes timely replenishment of energy in the process of having a child. This is why many pregnant mothers make sweets and chocolate before entering the delivery room.

3. The more you get to the third trimester, the more you need to cultivate your own independence

We often see those pregnant mothers who are infinitely favored at home because of pregnancy, often more vulnerable in the delivery room, because they always feel that there are still people who can rely on, so they unconsciously want others to feel their pain.This kind of idea must not have it when giving birth. After all, the pain and tiredness of the baby will be destined to learn alone at the moment of pregnancy.Make your baby healthier.

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