The blood test confirmed that she was pregnant, but Mom’s menstruation came a week later.

Friends Xiao Tang and her husband have no children for many years after they have been married, and they are anxious.In order to be able to have a child, she almost watched all the famous doctors in the province.Not long ago, she told me in WeChat that she hadn’t come this month’s holiday, and it was likely to be pregnant.I asked her to take a test paper for early pregnancy, and she told me that she had tested and had two faint bars.I couldn’t help but be happy, and finally I could do my best.Xiao Tang said that for the sake of peace of mind, I went to the hospital to take a look the next day. I told her that she would definitely not be wrong, and she must be pregnant.

Xiao Tang went to the hospital early the next morning. The doctor also asked her to test the test strip with early pregnancy, and then took a blood test. It was found that the HCG in the blood was indeed higher and the progesterone was normal.Tang is indeed pregnant.In the hospital, Xiao Tang couldn’t wait to share her good news with me, and I felt her excitement across the phone screen.As a person who came here, I told her to take a little bit to protect herself. It was not stable three months ago, and they must not be sloppy.

In the next week, Xiao Tang was also very nervous.Just a week later, Xiaotang had suddenly discovered that it was popular, and the amount of bleeding became larger and larger.I was so frightened that I hurried to the hospital to check.The doctor asked her to test the blood again, and found that the value of progesterone had dropped very low.I went to the B -ultrasound again, and the pregnancy could not be found. The doctor’s explanation was that Xiao Tang’s bleeding was menstruation this time.

Xiao Tang felt that the doctor was nonsense, so he took the previous checklist.As a result, the doctor said that Xiao Tang was really pregnant before, but this was a biochemical pregnancy.In other words, sperm and egg cells are indeed combined to produce fertilized eggs, but the fertilized eggs do not bed in Xiao Tang’s uterus, and pregnancy fails.The doctor told Xiaotang that this situation was because the quality of the embryo itself was not good. This is a natural survival of the fittest. Don’t care too much.The doctor asked Xiao Tang to take a good rest and prepare for pregnancy next month.

Xiao Tang was very sad. She didn’t expect to be pregnant, but she was still biochemically. She was pregnant with a fake pregnancy. She didn’t know when she would wait for the next time.I let her not be sad, and I can start pregnancy again next month, which is much better than some people.Many abortion take at least 3 months to get pregnant, and some can even get pregnant for half a year.

Later, Xiao Tang told me that in fact, she and her husband had lived together when she was in college, and she was pregnant once, and then she had a quiet abortion.If I did not have a miscarriage when I was in school at the time, it is estimated that it would not be so difficult to have children now.But where are there so much in life?Dear Bao Ma, for her own health, in order to have a healthy and lovely baby, everyone must learn to protect themselves. Do not regret it in the future.

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