The cause of pain during breastfeeding and changing the secret recipe

Pain is a very common situation during breastfeeding.There are many causes of pain.For example, congenital trap or too small, the method of feeding is not right, improper care, too much milk secretion can cause breastfeeding pain.In addition, if the baby suffers from goose, or bite the nipple with long teeth, it will also cause pain during breastfeeding.

Pain during breastfeeding is a very painful incident. I believe that every breastfeeding mother is no stranger, and most mothers have experienced it.Some of the babies caught in a quarter, and some could not see the original appearance.Because it will bring pain, especially when feeding, the pain will be very severe.Therefore, the cause of the nipple cracking is very important. If you find it, you can condition and treat the symptoms.

So what is the pain during breastfeeding?

Pain during breastfeeding is also called nipple wind and milk, and it is more serious when sucking in children. Bleeding from bleeding, or flowing water, and yellow scabs. After healing, it is easy to recur.There are also many mothers because of their nipple pain, fearing to suck the baby, and then become mastitis.

We summarize most of the causes of pain during breastfeeding to the following:

1. Mom is full of liver fire

The fierce liver fire refers to the mother qi and the stomach dampness and heat due to anger, sullenness, or depression, and the liver qi and the stomach are together.

2. The baby’s milk posture is incorrect

If the baby feels pain, it feels pain or the baby only eats a little bit before, or when you eat a little bit before you feel painful pain, it is estimated that there is a problem.In the process of breastfeeding, if the baby does not pay enough attention, the posture may cause the baby to suck the posture incorrectly.The correct way to breastfeed the baby is to allow the baby to hold the front and most of it. This can protect the breasts of Baoma, and it can also prevent the baby from inhaling too much air during the sucking process.Essence

3. When children grow their teeth, they love molars

When children have teeth, the gums are particularly itchy, so they often bite.Some mothers have always endured their children. In fact, tolerance cannot solve the problem, and it will also exacerbate the problem.

4. When internal shrinking and depression, the children are forcibly sucking

Internal trap is indeed a big problem.But most of the depression can be solved, but the methods are different.After the mother feeds the baby, first let the baby relax, and then gently pull the breasts out of the baby’s mouth, but do not pull it hard. This will cause skin damage. It will also make the baby unhappy.Symptoms.Therefore, pay attention to breast care after breastfeeding, and pay attention to the cleaning of the breast.

5. Excessive milk, flowing to the skin, caused by wetness and rotten.

Although you don’t like dryness, if you have too much milk, you always gather on the nipples and it will be easily stuffy.The solution is that if there is a case of leakage, it must be solved in time to eat more foods that replenish qi and blood.

6. Children’s high fever, or thermal poison feels after custody

After the baby has a high fever or other diseases, the mouth is relatively hot, and there are more bacteria in the mouth. It is easy to bring thermal poison into the mother and cause the baby to have pain when breastfeeding.

For this phenomenon, we give a few opinions:

1. If the mother is caused by the fierce liver fire, you can eat some clear heat and heat, clear heat and detoxify.

2. Generally, we use Qingdai San ointment or egg butter or raw muscle dispersal.As long as the baby does not eat, apply the ointment.We usually use egg butter.

Production method: first find a slightly larger spoon, then boil the spoon in the spoon, and then put the above blindly inside.

Before healing, mothers can use nipple protective cover or milk shield to breastfeed on the nipples, which can reduce abrasion, baby bite pain, and prevent secondary infection.

Reminder: expectant mothers can wipe the breasts with warm water every day at 5 months of pregnancy, clean the breast to clean the sanitary environment, and wipe the towels with the texture in warm water. Bao Ma can occasionally press the nipple to increase the thickness and elasticity of the thickening and elasticity of the elasticity.It is also conducive to the convenience of postpartum feeding. You must pay attention when you massage, and you must wear loose clothes during pregnancy.

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