The cause of the small belly swelling is nothing more than these four, one can not underestimate

This situation is a relatively common situation in daily life. There are many reasons for this situation. We must pay attention to it.Acute enteritis, irregular menstruation, tumor, acute appendicitis, abortion, etc. will cause small belly swelling.Small belly swelling must first be judged by what causes it, and then the right medicine should be treated in order to treat them in time.

What’s wrong with the swelling of a small belly?

1. Acute enteritis: Small belly bloating caused by acute enteritis is more common. Acute enteritis is the extremely sensitive nerve and muscles caused by colorectal dysfunction. Generally, it is particularly common for women, and acute enteritis is also susceptible to women.For acute enteritis, the best way to solve is to take a bath, because bathing can effectively eliminate pain, dizziness, abdominal bloating and so on. Therefore, the lower belly swelling caused by this situation can try the method of bathing.

2. Irregular menstruation: For many women in modern times, small belly swelling caused by irregular menstruation is the most common problem, because most women will have small stomach pain, uncomfortable whole body during menstruation, etc.The problem, and if the situation is particularly serious, dysmenorrhea will occur, and dysmenorrhea is the most terrible for many women.If dysmenorrhea is not good for a long time, most of them are caused by some kind of disease, so you should seek medical treatment early and check to avoid delaying the best treatment time.

3. Tumor: If you have tumors, it will cause abdominal pain, abdominal distension, back pain, swelling and so on. Generally speaking, these conditions will continue to exist and will not disappear suddenly.If the tumor is suddenly serious, such as twisting, rupture, and so on, bleeding will be bleed, which will cause sudden abdominal pain. When this happens, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time.

4. Abortion: Small belly swelling is likely to be due to miscarriage. For pregnant women, mostly small belly swelling is caused by abortion.Ectopic pregnancy causes lower abdomen pain, and it is usually relatively sudden.Therefore, when there is a miscarriage, you must play 120 in time and send it to the hospital for surgery. Do not drag for a long time, otherwise pregnant women will also have a great danger.

This situation is quite serious in general, so don’t take care of the swelling of the small belly.Be sure to check the cause in time. The treatment is treated. Do not drag the disease for a long time.In daily life, pay more attention to diet and rest, and eat more foods and fruits rich in vitamin C.Gradual meat can be eaten less, tobacco, alcohol and other things must be quit, otherwise it is not good for the body.

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