The confusion of a 19 -year -old girl: I accidentally got pregnant, do I choose to go to college or get married?

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Weiguang believes that in this world full of reality, in the era of full of emotional tutorials, there are not many girls, and they will have a mind in the love of nothingness., But I did not expect that there were still so emotional girls.

A 19 -year -old girl sent me a letter of help, and the letter was full of confusion.Can’t help but sigh, another silly child.After all, the final decision is in the girl’s own hands, but at least, I don’t want her to regret her life, so I wrote it to tell her something.

Let’s call Girl Xiaoling for the time being!Xiao Ling said that he was a college student and met his boyfriend in the summer vacation after graduating from high school.

The boyfriend’s house also had a little sister. At that time, she went to her boyfriend’s house to teach her sister. She was familiar with her boyfriend’s parents.As a result, under the acquiescence of her boyfriend’s parents, Xiaoling is equivalent to being cohabited with her boyfriend.

This summer vacation has been continued. When the beginning of school, Xiao Ling actually wanted to give up the opportunity to go to college, so he just got married with her boyfriend to have a small life.

Xiao Ling felt that he was just a unhappy college. There was no easy to learn, and he could give up. Moreover, his boyfriend was afraid that the two were different places. They were worried that if Xiao Ling became excellent, he would abandon him.He was an apprentice in a barber shop, and he did not go to school after graduating from high school.

Under the strong persuasion of his family, Xiao Ling reluctantly went to school, but he would go to his boyfriend every week. In this way, the expenses were smaller, and he could eat and live in his house.Every time I have a relationship, but my boyfriend refuses to take contraceptive measures, and he is lucky.

Just last week, Xiaoling suddenly felt that her body was uncomfortable. Her boyfriend took her to the hospital for examination, only to find that Xiaoling was pregnant. It was more than a month.The boyfriend said that he would be responsible for Xiao Ling, so that his parents would ask Xiao Ling’s family to be kissed. Xiao Ling himself did not want to go to school.

However, Xiaoling’s parents’ attitude is very determined. In any case, they do not agree to getting married and having children, forcing Xiao Ling to kill their children, saying that Xiaoling is too small now, marrying and having children prematurely, there must be no good life in the future.Xiaoling is very distressed now. On one side is his parents, and on the other hand, how to choose.

In the help letter, Xiaoling used a long and long word to describe how good the boyfriend was for him:

"He will call me every day to get up and tell me what clothes should be worn today; I will say what you like, he will remember and help me buy it back; when I don’t want to wash and cook; During the physiological stomach pain, he will boil me brown sugar water; when I sleep at night, my feet are cold, and he will hold in his arms to help me cover my feet …

"I’m really tangled. He is so good to me. I don’t want to give up him. I don’t know if I can meet such a person who is good to me in this life …"

Micro light:

When we were young, we were not deeply involved in the world, thinking that having love, as if we had the world.I have to talk about a vigorous love, the idea of "even if the whole world opposes, I have to go down firmly, even elope".

Why did Weiguang suggest that all girls must marry late, at least wait until the age of 26 to consider life?

Because when you are on the shallots, your marriage view is not mature, and you have not experienced the suffering of all kinds of life. Without considering that only love marriage, it is difficult to go long -term.

"Poor couples and wives", this sentence is not just talking.The material is like the foundation of marriage. There is no solid and solid foundation. The marriage on the above is luxurious and tall.

There is no material support for love, and it will eventually disappear by reality.You are still going to school, and he does not have a formal work. The income of the two is not enough to support the entire home and raise a child.

If you are at the age of being struggling, you choose to be comfortable; at the stage that you should have enriched yourself and let yourself be tedious to life, then you will lose a better life next.

Therefore, I don’t recommend you to leave this child, nor do you suggest that you hurriedly marry a woman and live for yourself.

Many girls will fall into a misunderstanding, that is: he is so good to me, I am worried that I will never meet people who are better than him afterwards, I can’t do without him!

In fact, the matter of "good for you" has never been bonus, but sends sub -items, not just because the other party is good to you, it is inseparable from him.

When you enjoy this "good" and experience this kind of happiness that is held in your palm, how happy it will be now, how painful will it be in the future.

The biggest unreliable of a woman is to rely on a man to give you good!

Love is nihile and can’t be grasped. Now it is necessary to have a bloody blood. If he doesn’t love you anymore, if he loses his passion, you will fall down from the palm of your hand, bruise all over, and have nothing.

And, how do you see if a person is really "good for you"?It depends on him, considering the problem sincerely standing from your perspective.

If you really love you, you will not let you get pregnant when you are studying, caught in a dilemma;

If you really love you, you won’t be inaccurate, just enjoy it by yourself;

If you really love you, you won’t worry about you will abandon yourself when you become good, but be happy for you, and try to improve yourself to match you.

The ridiculous part of this man lies in: I am afraid that you will abandon me when you become good, so I will not let you go to school.Even using the means of getting pregnant with girls, trying to force her.

No matter how deep the relationship, the most basic thing in love is your love, and two independent individuals respect each other and appreciate each other. They are together to maximize the benefits, improve together, and create a better future. Let 1+1> 2.

Love has never been imprisoned for each other. When you work hard to climb up, you always pull your hind legs, and the person who let you come down is by no means really love you.Why can’t he work hard to become excellent and chase your footsteps to match you?

This is the last point, don’t look down on college diplomas.No matter how bad it is, it is much better than high school education!Moreover, if you can, enjoy college life, this is a beautiful experience in life.

What’s more, if you are willing to work hard, you can also climb up, continue to upgrade, take the undergraduate, then go to the postgraduate entrance examination, step by step, and solid your professional knowledge at the same time.

You can have a better and brighter life, why must you restrict it in that little "boyfriend’s house", and only the trivial life and the neighborhood of the street are left?

In the end, people who are really good for you are not sure, but there must be your parents!

Please consider it carefully.

Topic today: How do you think you think you can choose to go to school and get married?

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