The decoction effect of traditional Chinese medicine is played better

Daily physical discomfort, many people choose to take Chinese medicine treatment.Dong Junming, a pharmacist at the Second People’s Hospital of Tianjin, introduced the scientific methods of decoction traditional Chinese medicine and taking Chinese medicine.

Method of decoction

Before decocing Chinese medicine, the medicinal materials do not need to be cleaned to avoid loss of effective drug components, resulting in decreased efficacy.Frying containers should not be used with iron pots, and ceramics and crocks are mostly advocated to ensure the efficacy of Chinese medicine.Use water to boil water and cool water that cool down after boiling.Generally, it is advisable to use water over the half -inch of the medicine. Do not add water several times in the middle, let alone fry the medicine and then add water and fry it.Soak it with cold water for half an hour before decoction to ensure that the active ingredients are dissolved in water.Generally, use martial arts, fry, and then use Wenhuo to keep boiling to avoid the medicinal liquid overflowing and dried too fast.Some drugs with volatile ingredients should be covered when cooking to avoid volatilization of active ingredients into the air, affecting the efficacy.For medicinal materials with light weight and large volume, it is best to boil the lid, and it needs to be stirred from time to time to prevent spillover.

Medication period

Buyi medicine should be taken before meals to facilitate absorption; Yin Yin medicine should be taken once at night, which can improve the efficacy.Drugs for critical condition should be administered in time, and the amount of the required dosage should be given as appropriate.The solution should be given in time. If the disease is permitted, the sweat and solution medicine should be given before noon, which will help the benefits of exorbing the disease and eliminating the disease.The sedative sleeping pill is given 1 to 2 hours before going to bed.The intestinal phenomenon should be taken on an empty stomach or a half -air abdomen to facilitate the removal of gastrointestinal stagnation.When the throat disease is not restricted, it is taken frequently, and slowly swallow, so that the medicinal solution is fully exposed to the lesion site, and it will work quickly.Excipty medicine before the rice to stimulate the gastric mucosa, indirectly promotes the increased bronchial secretion, thereby diluting sputum and facilitating sputum.Stomach medicine is used for appetizers before meals. It should be used for dietary stagnation medicine.Pharmaceuticals that are irritating to the stomach should be taken after meals to ease the stimulation of gastric mucosa.

Method of taking

Detoxicide, spitter, and heat -clearing drugs should be cold, so as not to cause stimulation.The peaceful medicines should be used at about 35 ° C.Anyone who hurts the cold and relieves the cold should be taken by orally to achieve the purpose of sweating.This is the same.Small dose of soup with strong medicinal properties should be taken at one time.Try not to take it overnight or store for a long time.In the meantime, all foods that are not easy to digest or have special irritating foods such as cold, greasy, smelly, or special irritation should be avoided.Don’t add sugar in Chinese medicine.In addition, it is best not to drink drinks when taking Chinese medicine, because the ingredients such as additives, preservatives and other ingredients in beverages will also affect the absorption of the effective ingredients of Chinese medicine and reduce the efficacy.(Reporter Liu Bo)

Source: Tonight News

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