The doctor said that the fat woman is "fat and big" difficult to conceive. Have you checked it?

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My cousin has not been pregnant for a few years. It is normal for all kinds of gynecological examinations.Later, a cold throat was inflamed. When he went to the hospital to see a doctor, a doctor helped her find the reason for infertility.That’s right, just to look at a cold, she found the reason why she was infertility for many years.

It turned out that when the doctor checked her throat, she found that my cousin’s neck was a bit swollen, and it looked obviously uncoordinated with her thin figure.Next, the doctor saw that her hands were obese and the fingers were still very thick, so she suspected that she had a thyroid enlargement.My cousin listened to her panic, so she had infertility for many years. She said that she took medicine all year round. She also said that her hands were fat and large.However, the doctor suggested that she take a detailed examination first, and then the result is really a problem with the thyroid gland.The doctor said that he had encountered such a case, because he had suffering from thyroid monosyon.

Cousin doubts: "The thyroid enlargement will also affect pregnancy?" The doctor told her that thyroid enoplane would not directly affect pregnancy, but it would indirectly reduce women’s fertility.

Causes women’s menstrual cycle disorders

Doctors explained that women suffer from thyroid enlargement, which can cause disorders that prolong or shorten the menstrual cycle, and the blood flow will increase through blood flow.We know that women’s menstruation, cyclical disorders, and ovulation will be inaccurate, so it is difficult to find the ovulation period when preparing for pregnancy.In this way, the chance of conception is lower than normal women.Therefore, if women do not go to the hospital for ovulation testing, they will really indirectly affect pregnancy due to the disease of thyroidism.

Therefore, women with irregular menstruation and inaccurate ovulation, in the case of clarifying that they have no other diseases, see if they have both hands around their necks, whether it is necessary to do a examination of thyroid diseases.

Emotional irritability, adrenal cortex hyperplasia

The doctor also told me that my cousin said that when she had thyroid enlarged disease, women’s emotions would be affected, and their spirits have always been in a state of nervousness.In this way, the emotional fluctuations are too large, the spirit is easy to be nervous, and adrenal cortex hyperplasia will occur, which will cause irresistible menstruation and abnormal testosterone.Once this situation occurs, it will also affect ovarian function, which will greatly reduce the chance of women’s pregnancy.

Therefore, those women who are not fat but "fat and big", if they are difficult to conceive, can do a thyroid examination.Then, after the treatment of thyroid disease, the endocrine is recovered normally, it is easy to get pregnant.However, if women are not treated, they are pregnant when the thyroid gland is enlarged and the thyroid dysfunction is decreasing. It is likely that fetal abortion, premature birth, and even the same hypothyroidism after birth.

Therefore, if women have symptoms of thyroid enlargement, they should go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time.After all, it is not too late to prepare for pregnancy after the disease is cured, which is also a manifestation of responsibility for yourself and the fetus.


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