The dogs at home are accidentally pregnant. Are you ready?

The arrival of new members, are you ready

Many of the current families have dogs, but they are relatively rare for her sterilization.Every year in spring and autumn, there will always be about two weeks of embarrassment.Some owners don’t pay attention to the dogs, and they have upgraded their identity without any.Of course, there are also deliberate friends.Here, I will share with you some of the dog’s pregnancy cycle, hoping to help friends to better welcome the arrival of new members.

Let’s first understand the basic information of female dog fertility:

• The best period of fertility: 1-7 years old (the dog is in estrus for the first time, the age is still young, and it is not recommended. After seven years old, you gradually enter the old age, and it is not recommended. In short, avoid weakness and illness)

• The best period of mating: About 12-13 after the female dogs have menstrual blood (at the beginning, the female dogs will be sensitive, and the temper is relatively large. Generally, it does not cooperate)

• Dog’s pregnancy period: average 60 days (56 days-64 days)

When our dogs confirm that they are pregnant, the owner will master some care.

• In the early stages of pregnancy (first month): exercise appropriately (walking), normal feeding (it is recommended to change milk cake grain gradually), do not take a bath in the first 20 days;

• In the middle of pregnancy (second month): appropriate exercise (walking), adding meals and supplementing nutrients such as protein, calcium, can take a bath and clean up the bottom hair, prepare for the later nurturing (when cleaning, the movement is gentle, the movement is soft, and the movement is soft.Be careful not to catch a cold);

• Late pregnancy (about 60 days): exercise gradually decreases, normal feeding (start a small number of meals), it is not recommended to take a bath, and prepare a safe, warm and clean delivery room in advance;

The female dogs entering the late pregnancy generally occur in anorexia. Breast -swollen, restlessness, caught in the front paws, bite things, and increased the number of excretions.This is to remind us that new members are coming in the near future.Here, we introduce the normal childbirth of the female and dog, which is what we call the delivery.

1. About 1-3 hours before giving birth, the female and dogs are partially secreted with mucus, which is generally broken, indicating that it is prepared to produce;

2. In most cases, the female dogs will produce (smooth production) by themselves, and the owner can accompany it aside;

3. The first cub is born, and the process will be slower.After successful production, the female dogs generally bite off the fetus, lick the whole body of the cub, and actively bite the umbilical cord;

4. Lift the placenta later.

5. After 1-2 hours, the second child is born, and the production of all cubs is completed in the future;

If the female dog has been childbirth for too long, there is no cub producing, and the female dogs have obvious pain, there are abnormal secretions such as pus and blood samples in the pussy. These may be a sign of difficulty. It is recommended that you ask the pet hospital as soon as possible.Therefore, it is best to prepare some information about pet hospitals closer to the home before giving birth, and it is emergency at any time!

Can puppies smoothly produce, and the female dog can relax?Of course not.Hed dogs’ care and neonatal care are also a learning.If you want to know more, please pay attention to my follow -up article.

If your dog has encountered some unexpected situations or unforgettable memories when producing, welcome to share it with us!

I personally support raising dogs in accordance with the law, raising dogs in civilization, advocating dogs to do sterilization early, and instead of "purchasing" with "adoption". I believe that it can better build a harmonious relationship between people and small animals.

I am Dong brother, a pet coffee, love food and beauty, please continue to pay attention to me, I will return to powder, thank you

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