The dog’s ears are inflamed, and those who hurt the ears are not allowed to get medicine. Except for anesthesia, try so

The dog’s ears are inflamed. Whether it is because of ear mites, fungi, or bathing, it is a relatively common disease, such as otitis media, auricular skin diseases, etc. When we treat dogs with dogs, the two most commonly used methods are the two common methods that are commonly used is that they are more commonly used., Cover and then use the medicine with the ear.

When encountering obedient dogs, it is better to operate, but when encountering sensitive dogs, the injection can also be completed by the owner or pet doctor Baoding, but the medicine on the ears, especially the first ears, is really strenuous.Dogs can only anesthetize in the end.

Do you have to clean your ears and medicine?

We said above, whether it is fungi, mites, or dog ear disease caused by bacteria, it will have a large amount of secretions, dry dark brown discharge, sticky brown secretions, black secretions, with black secretions.There are yellow secretions, and it can also cause the swelling of the ear canal. The severe dog’s ears are inflamed, and the ear canal cannot see the ears and eyes.

Then we do not clean up these secretions, and it will continue to destroy the dog’s ear canal in the dog’s ear canal, causing continues to continue to inflammation. Then at this time, the needle we can beat is meaningless.

A metaphor: You have a root thorns on your hand. You do n’t pull out the thorns.Intersection

So what should we do if dogs do not let our ears and do not let medicine?

Dogs that are irritable or more sensitive, because of their ears pain, instinct will not let others not let this ear. Many owners and pet doctors have no way, so they can only anesthetize to clean up, but it is also a problem with medicine in the future.

We know that the dog does not allow the medicine because the ears hurt, so we know the reason, we think about whether there is any other way:

Add the pills in the ears cleaning agent:

Many dogs let the ears, but do not let the medicine and clean up, because it hurts when taking the medicine. We add some pills in the cleaning agent.Can be swollen, remember that you can’t use alcohol and other more exciting topics, otherwise the dog will not let you move your ears.

When we first took the medicine, we could not clean up or clean it thoroughly, because the dog’s ears at this time were still more sensitive and painful.Just apply medicine. The medicine is about 2 days, so the dog’s ears are not so sensitive and not so painful, so at this time, we can completely clean the ears.

Remember at this time, while we use external drugs, we should cooperate with the anti -inflammatory needle, antipruritic needle, and this effect.

Another way:

Without a cleaning agent, use the ears directly to use it in the dog’s ears. If the ears are not cleaned first, it is simply dripping the external medicine in the ears, because the external medicine also has the effect of swelling and pain. Then the medicine is about 2 days.The dog doesn’t hurt so much, we can clean up once.(Because sometimes pet doctors do not open the cleaning agent. Or the owner does not need to be cleaned because of economic reasons)

What if the dog’s ears are not allowed to touch?

If the dog’s ears are not purulent, then we use the method of injection first to give the dog a needle to eliminate inflammation and swelling, cooperate with the pain relief needle, first relieve the inflammation and swelling of the ears, and then let the dogs who trust the dogs more trustworthy., Clean up the ears with ears or ears with ears, drip it in the dog’s ears.

At this time, you don’t need to clean it. If you can use the medicine for external medicine, it will be better. Then drip 1-2 days, the dog does not hurt so much, we can touch its ears, and then cooperate with the head Baoding method.The dog’s ears are completely cleaned, and then the top ears are used for external medicine.

Kind tips:

If the dog’s ears are purulent, then it is best to clean up anesthesia, because the cleaning process of purulent otitis media is relatively complicated, and the medicine is rinsed several times.Not suitable, dog purulent otitis media.

Many of the dog’s ears are caused by the owner’s bathing and entering the water, and it is not caused by the time hair of the ear hair. Therefore, when the pet owner, when you bathe the dog, you must pay attention to the ears.Wash the pet shop, or do not wash your dogs, or stuff cotton in your ears when taking a bath.

[Listening to the pet doctor said that the knowledge of pet diseases in popular science in a pretty method, I like to remember to pay attention]

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