The dramatic scene of Dong Qing surrogate!I was suspected of being replenished by a colleague, but I was helped by the "rumor" without thinking.

The surrogacy storm caused by Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng made many people entertaining in the entertainment industry. There were more than 20 stars who were questioned. Each of them also clarified all kinds of rumors.There are not many, but even if the rumors are mostly made, rumors of surrogacy are still rumored. At present, Dong Qing is also trapped in the vortex.

When Dong Qing was 41 years old, it was no secret to give birth to a child in the United States. It was also reported that there was news in the United States. For this reason, he was also wrapped in public opinion.Searching for hot search, she was spitting, while educating other people’s children to patriotism, but let her child enter the American citizenship.

However, the Tucao is always vomiting, which is not related to the surrogacy. It is necessary to have a real hammer if it is a surrogacy. It has caused a series of doubts because of the Internet broke.Then he appeared in the unit to work. It was not like a child who had given birth to a child, 41 years old and could have children. In fact, it was difficult to get trust.

In fact, what makes public opinion rise is a chat history suspected of the former CCTV anchor in the fan base. Cuixi TRACEY, who was once the news host of CCTV’s 9 English channel, bluntly said that Dong Qing was a surrogacy, and many hosts broke out.They are all the materials of surrogacy. As colleagues, this has made things confusing.

Of course, the news said that it was Cuixi’s fan group chat history, and the people who eat melon could not believe the words on one side. After all, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. Netizens also issued photos of Dong Qing’s suspected pregnant belly to clarify.Attitude.

To be honest, such a clarification is very pale. It is difficult to see from the photos that are pregnant. Even if you look closely, you can’t see it. It is obviously not enough if you want to use it to take rumors.

However, some ironic and dramatic is that the "rumors" of that year helped. The news of Dong Qing’s departure from CCTV was rumored in 14 years. Later, after media interviews and netizens’ excavation, Dong Qing asked to go to the United States to give birth to a child for a long vacation.However, Dong Qing claimed that he would go to the United States to be studied, and then there was not much response to private issues.

"Rumors" and "rumors" have never been easily admitted. In the face of Dong Qing’s denying, the news of the Internet broke out endlessly. Some people said that they met Dong Qing on the plane and saw the lower abdomen.

Some netizens broke the news that when she met Dong Qing at the elevator, she said that she was pregnant. Obviously, she was pregnant to be pregnant.

Some netizens broke the news that when they met in the U.S. supermarket, they also broke the possibility of pregnancy, and they bluntly stood up.

In addition, there was news that Dong Qing’s parents rushed to the United States at the time, which was suspected of taking care of Dong Qing after taking care of her child.

There is no exception to the news that Dong Qing was pregnant and had children. At that time, there was no doubt that it was a rumor. I did not expect that after many years, Dong Qing was once regarded as a "rumor" that Dong Qing was regarded as a rumor.Prove that she is not a surrogate certificate.

It can be described as a good thing for bad things. There are the above online posts as evidence. Even if there is no pregnant belly photo, it can prove that Dong Qing is not a surrogate fact. It is time to rest in the surrogacy.Eating melons should also pay attention to real hammer.

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