The elderly mother wants a healthy baby. In addition to attaching importance to the checkup, these 3 points are missing

With the changes of everyone’s ideas, more and more people tend to start a business first, and the proportion of elderly women is gradually increasing.The economy and mentality of elderly women are generally better than young women, but at the same time, the joints of their sciatica, pubic bone, etc. will gradually harden or bone, and they will also increase the difficulty of childbirth.So what do you need to pay attention to the elderly expectant mothers during pregnancy?Let’s take a look with Xiaomeng ~

1. Pay attention to the manager belt before pregnancy

The menstruation refers to the adjustment of menstruation, so that the period of the menstrual period is suitable, and the time is regular. The amount of menstruation is normal (the amount is too small may be that the endometrium is too thin, which makes the fertilized eggs difficult to get the bed in bed).

The rational belt refers to the adjustment of the vaginal secretion. Excessive secretions indicate that the body’s humidity is large, which will lead to infertility; too little will make the vaginal dryness, difficulty in houses, and naturally not easily conceive.PS. If there are many leucorrhea and abnormal color and taste, the expectant mothers should have a diseased primary examination in time to prevent abnormalities.

2. Pay special attention to the production inspection

Small problems such as colds and diarrhea have small problems such as colds and diarrhea.That is, in addition to looking at the respiratory department and digestive department, it is best to go to see the obstetrics and gynecology at the same time.Because for the elderly mother -in -law, this minor problem with diarrhea may also cause contractions and cause problems in pregnancy.

3. Pay special attention to health care during pregnancy

Elderly expectant mothers should pay special attention to health care during pregnancy.

In terms of diet, it is advisable to take high protein, low -fat, and gentle food, and stay away from irritating foods such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee; in terms of exercise, proper physical exercise should be performedDoing pregnant women’s exercises, etc.; In terms of work, you must slow down the pace of work and reduce the workload, and pay special attention to rest to ensure adequate sleep.

Fourth, maintain an optimistic and open -minded mentality

In order to give birth to a healthy fetus, expectant mothers must also adjust their mentality in time during pregnancy to maintain optimism.

(Refer to the book "Xiehe Pregnancy Encyclopedia" He Cuihua)

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