The elderly pregnant woman encountered a car accident, and the 7 -month -old fetus died in the two sons in the belly: "I want to keep my mother"

"Now, my younger brother (sister) has left us. I want to keep my mother …" Under the Second Inpatient Building of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Zhou Yunlong, a 20 -year -old student, choked with Red Star NewsThe reporter said.

On May 10, in a car accident, Zhou Yunlong’s mother Li Huaju’s legs were crushed and damaged by the large truck, facing amputation, and the 7 -month -old fetus in the belly was also killed in the car accident.But even so, on the ambulance in the transfer, Li Huaju, 41, still told his son to take care of his younger brother, sister, grandparents, "but not how painful she was." Speaking of this, Zhou Yunlong’s tears can no longer endureCan’t stop …

7 months of pregnancy, an elderly pregnant woman suffered a car accident

The fetus died in the abdomen

The "Road Traffic Accident Confix" issued by the Traffic Police Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Yunnan Yongshan County records the accident: On May 10th, the truck driver Ji Mou’s heavy dump truck was from the cedar mixer to the direction of the county seat to the direction of Leibo.Driving, at 8:30 am, when the car drove to Taifeng Road in Yuquan Road, Luoquan Road, Xiluo Town, Yongshan County, a motorcycle of the motorcycle driving with Zhou Mouyi (Li Huaju) was caused by a motorcycle driver.Zhou Mouyi was injured by Li Huaju (pregnant woman).The accident determined that the truck was not kept safe with motorcycles, which was the root cause of the accident. The truck driver assumed the full responsibility of the accident.

Li Huaju.

Traffic accident identification book.

Zhou Yunlong heard his relatives say that after the motorcycle was knocked down, the truck crushed directly from her mother’s left leg, causing her mother to soften the whole left leg and skew skeleton.Due to the serious situation, after preliminary rescue in the local hospital in Yunnan, she was quickly sent to the first people’s hospital of Yibin, Sichuan, Sichuan, the First People’s Hospital of 120.

At that time, Zhou Yunlong went to school in Chongqing.Hearing the bad news of his mother in a car accident, he was still in class. He "almost didn’t hold back crying."He immediately asked the counselor and rushed to Yibin’s hospital.Zhou Yunlong said that the doctor at the hospital told him that the child in the mother’s belly was not kept. "Maybe the accident may be gone …" In order to take out the dead fetus in the belly, the hospital had an urgent cesarean section surgery.

The hospital is dangerous twice

Hundreds of thousands of yuan of medical expenses have become a problem

After two days of rescue, Li Huaju’s situation has not improved, and Yibin’s hospital was notified (weight).

Notice of illness (weight) issued by the First People’s Hospital of Yibin City.

Considering that the situation is serious, the hospital recommends transferring to the hospital.Therefore, Li Huaju was urgently transferred to the West China Hospital of Sichuan University in Chengdu on May 12th. At that time, it was an emergency department.

Li Huaju was on the way to the hospital in Chengdu.

In the illness notice issued by the Emergency Department of Huaxi Hospital, Red Star reporters saw that the patient’s lower limb injury (damage to the left and lower limb damage); pelvic fracture; femoral fracture; orbringed hemorrhage (right orbital fracture), accompanied by fever symptoms.

Dangerous notice issued by West China Hospital.

After her mother had a car accident, her younger son Zhou Yunfei rushed from school to the hospital.When the mother was just admitted to the hospital, the doctor said that she could not drink water, but the mother was lying on the bed and shouted "Erwa, I want to drink water". Zhou Yunfei is particularly sad.Yes, I kept calling … "I remembered that he went to see his grandmother and grandmother with his mother last Sunday," Mom also said that when we are on vacation, you can see your younger brother (sister) … It’s really uncomfortable now. "

It is understood that Li Huaju can already drink water, speak, and eat some porridge. The condition is developing in a good direction, but it must also prevent the problem of later infection, and she has not separated from the danger of life.

Zhou Yunlong knew that the mother’s medical expenses were about 40,000 to 500,000 yuan, which is undoubtedly a astronomical number for them.

He told the Red Star Journalist that they were a local ordinary rural family. In addition to their brothers, they also had a seven or eight -year -old sister.Zhou Yunlong divorced his parents when he was in elementary school. He lived with his mother. His brother Zhou Yunfei followed his father, and his mother remarried.

In order to reduce the burden of her mother, Zhou Yunlong has used the cold and summer vacation to make money to make money since high school.There was no money to go to college. He went to loan 8,000 yuan to help the loan. His father was 5,000 yuan before he went to college smoothly.Now, his mother and stepfather have a car accident. When he was admitted to the hospital, he became the only person who could run around.

He remembers that the mother’s body was covered by the quilt on the ambulance to the hospital in Chengdu, and it was very weak. "The voice of speaking was very small." But she still said in a weak voice, "She is worried about us, and she is worried about my grandparents., I am very worried about my sister. "He could only comfort his mother and say," It’s okay, it will pass, and the sister takes care of it. We are responsible for taking care of you.

Payment of medical expenses

He wants everyone to reach out

Although he comforted his mother, what did he use to take care of?Zhou Yunlong said that he couldn’t help it himself. He was still in school and did not go to work. He could only raise money everywhere.

On May 13th, his mother took care of her mother in the hospital ward, and Zhou Yunlong ran outside the hospital to raise money.Because he had not taken care of the patient, as soon as he opened the video, his brother hurriedly asked Zhou Yunlong when he would replace him?In front of the video, Zhou Yunlong was helpless, but I could only be patient with patience: "I’m always busy outside. If I am not busy, I will definitely come up." In the video, watching the mother lying on the sick bed, he told his younger brother,"You can comfort your mother first, don’t worry, at this time we must find a way to be children." He wore slippers and continued to run inside and outside the hospital.

Zhou Yunlong was downstairs in the hospital.

At 4 pm, Zhou Yunlong’s nucleic acid reported out, and he went to change his brother.

It is understood that the household of the truck driver is also difficult. At present, only 16,000 yuan has been paid, and the 18,000 yuan paid by the strong insurance danger is paid only the arrears in the hospital in Yibin.They learned that the commercial insurance claim cycle of a car accident would take a few months, and all the costs had to find a way during this period.Now, they have launched fundraising on a fundraising platform with a target amount of 300,000 yuan.As of 7 pm on May 13, it has raised more than 160,000 yuan, but it is a lot worse than the required.

Zhou Yunlong said that the child in the mother’s belly is gone. The only idea of their now is to keep her mother. "Now, she can’t do without us, we can’t do without her. I hope everyone can give some help and save my mother …"(Fundraising link))

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