The elementary school student "Pregnancy" became popular, and the teacher laughed and shed tears when he scored the paper: just know the responsibility

Children’s curiosity is inherent. Many children are like a 100,000 why, and there are always many strange problems every day.When it comes to some issues involving adults, because it is difficult to enlighten some parents, some parents always write a story to confuse their children.

Everyone needs to face the problem of writing at the student stage.

Not long ago, a elementary school student on the Internet quickly became popular on the Internet, which caused the attention and onlookers and heated discussions of many netizens in a short time.

The day was a routine simulation test. Before the exam, the teacher repeatedly emphasized that the composition should be written seriously, but he did not expect the test paper she received the next day to give her a big surprise.

There is a child’s composition in many test papers, and bluntly uses the word "pregnancy" to do the title.

However, in this composition entitled "Pregnancy", the topic not only surprised the teacher, but the subsequent content made the teacher laugh in tears when the scrolls were scheduled.

It turned out that the student wrote in the composition that his mother told him that he would get pregnant, and he happened to be inadvertently accidentally kissed the puppy at home in unintentional.After a few months, the puppy gave birth to a lot of babies.

Because of her mother’s misleading, the child thought it caused the puppy to get pregnant.So he also took the responsibility of being a parent, saying: "As long as I eat it, I won’t be hungry to their mothers."

Such a wave of oolong incidents made children misunderstand and made a big joke.However, seeing the child’s so sincere text language, the teacher was a little moved while crying and laughing, thinking that the child’s kindness is also admirable, so he wrote in the comments:

Just know it!

Although there is no bright spot in this composition, the words and sentences are all the children’s true feelings.

In the labeling of the teacher, in fact, the child’s innocence also reflects the child’s innocence.

And this incident should also be alert to parents.In real life, many parents are very ashamed to enlighten their teeth in the face of the question "Where I come from", and even mislead their children at will, which eventually leads the child to the half -knowledge and even misunderstanding.

1. Say, but don’t be too straightforward

The source of life requires children to understand their essence.However, even in the process of popular science for children, remember not to be too straightforward.Too straightforward ways often cause children’s wrong reveries, seriously or even premature children.

Talking in front of the child also needs to pay attention to the degree, helping the child in a simple and easy -to -understand way, so that the child can understand and not be misunderstood.

2. Think of pregnant women

It is not uncommon for pregnant women to know that there are many cases of bear children who accidentally hurt pregnant women because they do not understand politeness.As parents, they should let their children know how to understand pregnant women, timely make seats in the need for pregnant women, and provide them as convenient as possible.

When the child knows the hard work of pregnant women’s pregnancy, they will also know how to cherish their lives and filial piety to their parents.

3. Life is not easy

Each life is hard to come, and the birth of life requires the double assistance of time and fate.For sub -making incidents, parents should let their children understand the process of breeding life and the hardships.

In this way, not only can children understand their parents, but also let the children understand other pregnant mothers, and help children develop love and respect others.

4. Sexual education

If you want children to take a correct view of "making child", you need to use sufficient sex education to pave the way for children.When children ask about sex education related questions, parents also need to help their children answer in a timely manner.

When children have a certain sense of sexual consciousness, they will naturally understand and understand the true meaning of life.

Most of the worlds in the hearts of children are built by their parents.For children, parents are the most trustworthy people, so parents should also treat their children honesty honestly. Don’t mislead the child because of embarrassment or embarrassment. This is not conducive to the child’s healthy growth.

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