The embarrassing rice wine in Guangdong, the local household name is also well -sold, why do people from other provinces do not always look at it

It is said that Guangdong is a gourmet province in China, especially the chefs who have gone out of Shunde, Guangdong, and almost occupy the half of the Chinese chef.Guangdong wine!

And many people in Guangdong are even more voiced. Locals of rice wine in Guangdong especially like to drink. Whether it is cooking, sacrifice, cooking, and even some breakfast, Guangdong people have to come with two rice wine, but they try to find that the taste is relatively light. The taste is relatively light.And the taste strange, I can’t get used to that taste at all, why is this?

In fact, we must understand the reason. Let’s talk about the three kinds of rice wine that Cantonese loves to drink!

Jiujiang Double Steamed Rice Wine

One of the famous "Jiujiang Three Treasures" in Jiujiang, Foshan, its special brewing skills are selected as provincial intangible cultural heritage. Its sales in Guangdong can directly reach 100 million bottles!

Jiujiang Town has a special geographical environment, and there is a famous Xijiang River. It has excellent water quality. With local high -quality season rice, adding curved medicines to rice at the same time starts low -temperature steaming.Pork, the wine body is clean and crystal, the aroma of fragrance is elegant, and the body degree is very low, but after the entrance, the scent of wine is content.

Hongli brand red rice wine

This wine was produced from Shunde, and its origin can be said to have begun since the Song Dynasty. At that time, the Lingnan area in Guangdong was insufficient development at that time.The right to brew and allow the people to make wine to remove dampness and avoid evil. Because the local production of "red rice", the smart Shunde invented the use of red rice to make wine, which is also the origin of "red rice wine".

Today, Redmi Wine has developed further. The locals mixed with red rice and rice mixed and poured, and then added cakes to fermentation after cooling. During the fermentation process, pork will also be added for fermentation to absorb impurities.Essence

Shiwan Yubing Burning

Speaking of the promotion of "pork and white wine", it is also necessary to burn in Shiwan Jade Bing. Among the multiple documentary films in Guangdong, all of them are promoted by Shiwan Yubing rice wine, which is also produced in Foshan.

It is different from Jiujiang’s double steaming process. Its fermented container is a large puppet. During the fermentation process, large pieces of fat pork will be soaked in the wine body to achieve the purpose of removing impurities and adding wine.Yubing burned Southeast Asia is very popular, and basically the annual export volume can reach about 500 million.

However, most of these three rice wines, especially northerners, mainly based on liquor, are mostly difficult to accept. Looking at it, I think there are several reasons:

① The degree of wine is relatively low:

In the eyes of people who often drink low wine, it is indeed a bit difficult to accept for a while.

② The popularity of rice wine in other provinces is relatively low

For a long time, liquor has occupied a large number of markets, and it is difficult to see rice wine on many provinces in supermarkets in other provinces.And many people even think that rice wine is used for cooking.

③ Promoting rice wine will cause conflicts of interest

The liquor market is qualitative, and the promotion of rice wine will cause conflicts of interest, which is certainly not what the market wants to see.

However, with the formation of liquor in recent years, more and more liquor figures can be seen in Guangdong, especially the recent fire sauce, which can also be seen on the Cantonese’s wine tables.

However, the sauce foam is getting worse and more serious. This is also an indisputable fact. Today, I am also recommending a often drinking sauce wine. It is affordable, but the taste is authentic.Wine, friends who like sauce wine are interested to try.

Fengyun Sauce Father

The winemaker of this wine is called Li Changshou. He is the son of the old factory director of the Moutai Winery Li Xingfa. Since he was a child, he followed his father to learn winemaking techniques and witnessed the three typical styles of his father found.process.

Therefore, in order to commemorate the contribution of his father to sauce, it is based on the name of the sauce and the 12987 crafts taught by his father., Coupled with 6 years of Chen Tan’s fermentation brewing.

And in order to maximize the taste of the elderly’s old wine, the high -proportion of 12 -year -old wine tunes were added to the base wine to make the wine more mellow and pale.

The entrance sauce is pure, delicate and smooth, especially the flower and fruity fragrance and scorched aroma. It slowly rolled in the mouth, the mouth is clean, and the sweetness is obvious. It perfectly restores the classic Maojiu flavor.

Once listed, even the old CCTV old story show also reported many times, praising its quality of wine.

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