The emperor dreamed of the sign of the auspiciousness, and after the dream woke up, the woman was a concubine, and gave birth to an eternal emperor.

Emperor Shunzhi once saw a beauty in his dream, and after the dream woke up, he incorporated him into the harem, and the child born to the woman became an eternal emperor.

When Emperor Shunzhi ascended the throne, he was only 6 years old. At first, because he was too young, he couldn’t handle the government in person.When he was 14 years old, he could finally take care of the government, but at this time he was not happy.Because dealing with national events is far more difficult than he imagined, and his experience is too immature compared to other ministers.At the same time, he also had to avoid making mistakes in himself, leaving the minister to leave a handle. More importantly, many of the ministers also looked at the imperial power.

At the same time, the condition of Shunzhi’s pro -government is to get married, but his marriage object does not like it.The emperor of the Emperor Shunzhi was the mother of the Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang and the cousin of Shunzhi, the name was Meng Guqing.Although Meng Guqing looks very beautiful, in the eyes of the emperor, this woman is completely the undercover of the Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang.And shortly after marriage, Shunzhi found that Meng Guqing had two serious disadvantages. First, he was very jealous and the second was to like luxury.And this also made Shunzhi feel disgusted, and soon reduced Meng Guqing into concubine.

Since then, the Emperor Shunzhi had a very strange dream. The emperor felt that he stayed near western Liaoning in his sleep. At this time, a sycamore tree exudes golden light.When Shunzhi approached and looked at it, he saw a beautiful woman resting under the tree; therefore Emperor Shunzhi stepped forward and wanted to leave with the woman, who knew that the woman suddenly disappeared.After the emperor Shunzhi was awake, he immediately called Qin Tianjian to say his dream. Qin Tianjian kneeled and answered that this is the sign of the auspiciousness. This woman must be beneficial to the emperor.After listening to it, Shunzhi was very pleased, and let her subordinates hurry to find the young woman in their dreams.After western Liaoning, I learned that this place was stationed by the Jia Jiashi, and the daughter of the Jia Jia’s family was young and beautiful, so Shunzhi let the daughter of Jia Jia’s daughter enter the palace.

When I first entered the palace, I was loved by Emperor Shunzhi.But after a long time, the Emperor Shunzhi lost his interest in her, but what made people unexpected was that the Jia Jiashi was pregnant soon.During her pregnancy, she also appeared a spectacle. When she visited the Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang once, the queen mother saw the light emitted on her, and it seemed that a finance hovered on her.Sure enough, the children born from Jia Jiashi later were the emperor Xuanzang, which was the later Emperor Kangxi.

However, the emperor Shunzhi was favored by Dong Efei, and Jia Jiashi had been forgotten behind him.Later, Dong Efei died of illness, and the emperor Shunzhi left the world because he was too sad.Xuan Zang, the child of Ji Jia’s, became the next emperor, so he became the queen mother.However, Jia Jia’s Hongyan was thin, just sitting in the queen queen’s position for three years, and left the world, and eventually left Kangxi to regret it.

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