The employees of the pregnancy bank and the female president have interviewed each other.

Originally, I just went to the forum to see the new banks recently, but I did not expect to do it again.The incident occurred in a non -four major branch institutions. The reason was that a pregnant female employee did not participate in community activities organized in the industry and directly asked for leave in the group to cause the female president to be dissatisfied.Looking at it, it feels that both sides have certain problems, but most people still support pregnant female employees.

In fact, this melon is a bit backward. As far as the content is concerned, the previous pregnant female employee should have conflicted with the female president because of some problems. Both sides obviously have a ignition.Employees who have never seen such a hard gas dare to directly stubborn leaders in the group. Whether standing from the perspective of third party and leadership, this is a manifestation of immature and not giving leadership.It is also ugly. There are only two results: one is to deter the leaders of the usual fox fake tiger; the other is that afterwards, the leaders are frequently wearing small shoes, which is easy to be further controlled.But if it is really wronged in my heart, it does not rule out that someone will do this extreme behavior.

In fact, I am deeply disgusted with the expression of "voluntary overtime".Everyone knows that the so -called "in principle" is "must be up"; "voluntary overtime" means "work overtime."What the superiors are always used to playing workers who are used to using Chinese language, so that you can be helpless and sad, and you can’t refute."After all, you have never considered whether I will be unpleasant." Under normal circumstances, the game of employees and leaders is probably the probability that employees are suffering, but since the employee chooses and the leadership is hard, it is generally holding the mentality of seeing death as home.At this time, it is naive to consider that you are happy and unpleasant. It is certain that you must reflect that the employees are unpleasant.

Generally speaking, as an employee, he will pay more attention to his own emotions than the leader. Only when the demand is not responding will he sword away.At this time, as a leader, he should find the signs and calmly turbulent, but the leader still wants to knock on the mountain and shocks, frequently emphasized that pregnant female employees are unbearable in their hearts, and even think that "pregnancy needs to rest" is a moral abduction.No one is, the pride in the bones has been deeply reflected through words.

The obvious grievances of pregnant female employees have been written on their faces, but the female president turned a blind eye. We don’t know if this is usually a lord who loves to say a word, but the pregnant female employee has said that "the workload is large" ""Three issues that have nothing to do with work", "The problem of seeing the problem of the grassroots level is not visible", it is indeed a key issue at the grassroots level. It can also be called a common and widespread problem of banks at the grassroots level. It can be seen that the employee is not a type of reason.There are some reasons. Even in order to say these words, even the results have been predicted. If the resignation letter is written, you dare to believe it!At this time, the female governor was still emphasizing that "your working status and attitude, I am very dissatisfied", and obviously persuaded.

At this point, although the author is a man, it is difficult to imagine what kind of working state and attitude should pregnant women have. Do you have to stick to overtime every day?Do you have to adhere to the "guarantee not to rest on Saturday, and the rest is not guaranteed on Sunday"?I guess it may be really difficult to guarantee. This is also in the enterprise. The situation of the units in the editor is very different. I can’t say that if the bank women are pregnant, they feel too much.Women can’t even move the reality of mop. It is difficult for you to imagine whether this is an excessive, but most people still maintain a goodwill to her. After all, anyone has a woman, and most people have to experience this stage.Essence

I think of the wave of "employees’ home" that once scratched, and caring for the shocks of the slogan of employees. The purpose is to knock on some executives who are too demanding employees, reduce the pressure of employees, ensure the physical and mental health of employees, and build the atmosphere and harmonious culture.However, for the time being, the temperature of the bank management is gradually losing, and it is actually taught by superiors and systems. In fact, it is the teachings of superior leaders.What?I really thought that after doing this, I became a commander?Do you count on the employee?Do n’t you know what to do if you usually do it.Management management, first allows employees to admit your leading position and follow you to have management. Employees write a letter of resignation and prepare to leave. Do you also talk about the management of farts?Even if he is a superior, the leader should be the first responsible person.

Behind the frequent banks of banks, are there any senior executives who do not understand management in the back?Is there any leakage of cadre inspections?I think everyone has their own doubts and puzzles. In the text, there are not a few real examples in the text. Should employees carry a pot in the end?According to the forum of the parties and colleagues, this is the event organized by the weekend break. How necessary is it necessary to let a pregnant woman participate?How necessary is it necessary to be unable to live with a pregnant woman?It turns out that women’s embarrassing women are true.

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