The endometrium is thin, can I get pregnant?


The endometrium layer of the uterine refers to a layer that constitutes the inner wall of the mammary uterus.

The endometrium of nursery age will have a periodic "growth-thickening-loss-thinning-thinning" process, and it is a period of weekly and recurring. This needs to be completed under the regulation of ovarian hormones.

I believe that many sisters have doubts. How much is the endometrium?

In fact, the thickness of the endometrium is not constant. It changes with the menstrual cycle of women, mainly because women’s estrogen hormone levels will change with the menstrual cycle.

In the luteal stage, the thickness of the endometrium continues to proliferate, generally about 8 to 10 mm.Before the arrival of menstruation, the thickness of the endometrium reached at least 10 mm, and generally did not exceed 12 mm. In this case, the endometrium of the uterine was normal.

Generally speaking, endometrial thin means that women are less than 8 mm during ovulation during ovulation.

"Can the endometrium thin affect pregnancy?", "Can the endometrium thin can’t be pregnant?" These problems can be said to be the most worried question of the sisters of the endometrium.

For the answer to these questions, first of all, we need to understand what causes the endometrium?

Internal factors

(1) Endocrine disorders (such as insufficient female, progesterone, lack of growth hormone, etc.)

Eternogencin can cause special early pregnancy changes in the endometrium, change the nature of the endometrium, and make it the ability to produce moltage.

Therefore, the imbalance of hormones in the body can easily cause periodic changes in endometrium and cause thin uterine endometrium.

(2) Uterine development deformity

External factor

Experts point out that artificial abortion causes endometrial injury, uterine cavity adhesion, and endometritis is an important cause of endometrial thinning. It has more damage to the endometrium by multiple abortion.

The uterine cavity adhesion caused by surgical trauma and other surgical cavity of the upper ring, ring, repeated curettage, or improper uterine cavity operation and the endometrium caused by chronic inflammation becomes thinner.

The endometrium is the place where the embryo is bed. It is generally believed that the thickness of the endometrium is 8-10mm more suitable for conception.

The endometrium is equivalent to the soil. It is the hotbed of the baby. It is a very delicate tissue. Most of the clinical experience tells us that the endometrium of the uterine has a certain impact on conception and pregnancy, which needs to be paid attention.

The endometrium is thin, what should I do? Go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible!

If it is just a simple hormone that causes the endometrium to become thinner, you can use hormone adjustment directly;

If the endometrium caused by external factors becomes thinner, the best measures must be taken according to the situation.Its drug treatment is mainly based on its causes. For example, the flow curettage can cause the endometrium to become thinner, especially after excessive sculpting, it will damage the function layer of the endometrium, and even damage to the base layer, affecting the ovarian secretion of estrogen.As a result, the endometrium that is damaged cannot be fully grown, and the endometrium will eventually become thinner. At this time, estrogen and progesterone can be used for conditioning, or you can choose oral contraceptives for treatment.

In addition to the treatment of drugs, diet therapy is also required. While a balanced diet, you can eat more soy milk and nut foods to improve the level of estrogen in the body.

For women who are pregnant, the endometrium is thin and does not rule out the possibility of miscarriage. It is recommended to check the examination and evaluation of the doctor after pregnancy and keep the treatment in time.

For women who are not pregnant and have fertility, thin uterine endometrium will affect embryo beds and affect pregnancy.

Therefore, we must pay attention to scientific contraception, care for endometrium, and prevent artificial abortion from causing endometrium to thin.

In addition, pay attention to diet and maintain a stable and happy mood.When the symptoms of the uterine endometrium are discovered in short menstrual periods, and the menstrual volume is very small, we should go to a regular hospital for further examination and diagnosis in time.

Reminder: The point of view of this article is only the science of pregnancy knowledge, and it cannot be used as a means of diagnosis and treatment. The specific diseases and diagnosis need to go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor for specific analysis and treatment.

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