The expectant mother Rihanna went to the party at night, and she was proud of her unobstructed pregnant belly. The "belly thread" was clear

On the evening of March 4, local time, Rihanna spent a happy night in Paris, France. She participated in a party held in the well -known restaurant "Caviar Kaspia".As a pregnant woman, Rihanna is really energetic, and she is not tired at night, and she can go out with high heels.

The 33 -year -old "Shandong Tian Queen" not only listened to the singing voice, but even dressed clothes, especially after she was pregnant, it also presented the "maternity costume" that had never been seen before.A lot of controversy, but Rihanna, who has a very personality, has always been degenerate about the voices of criticism and can insist on being herself.

The "maternity costume" that night was also eye -opening. The expectant mother chose a pair of water -blue jumpsuits. The elastic fabric showed her body lines to the fullest, but the pregnant belly was still not covered.The cutting gap was clearly displayed.

In the party, Rihanna and the editor -in -chief of the "Interview" magazine Mel O Tetenberg came in the same frame. The expectant mother proudly held her pregnant belly. It seemed that this was a "three" photo.

Many netizens commented that Rihanna’s children will be cold after birth, because it has more contact with cold air than any fetal treasure.

Rihanna seemed very satisfied with the shape of the night, and she also showed it on her social media. She also had a picture of her pregnant belly. It can be seen that she is still proud of her current identity.

It can be seen from the screen that Rihanna’s pregnant belly is already very large, and the "belly line" is also very clear and the color is darker. Of course, this has a certain relationship with her original skin color.It is reported that the "belly line" unique to this expectant mothers will gradually disappear after the child is born.

The child that Rihanna is breeding is the love crystallization of the lover A $ AP Rocky, who was born in Hamley District, New York.Finally decided to make up one of the reasons for giving birth to a baby.

According to reports, the two have a plan to get married after giving birth. This is an unexpected surprise for the fans of Rocky.Also publicly stated that Rihanna is her own beloved.

Rihanna always feels unruly, even if she is pregnant, her temper has not changed at all.

Two days ago, when she appeared in the Dior show, she was welcomed by the mountain tsunami, but some of them were dissatisfied with her and kept shouting "You are late!".Rihanna was disapproved of this. She touched her pregnant belly with her hand and said "No", and added a very impolite S.

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