The family was funeral, my wife returned to her mother’s house overnight, and her husband was angry. Is it selfish if you are pregnant?

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A man asked netizens online: Grandma died, but his wife only thought of herself. Can pregnant women be so selfish?

The man said: He has died with my grandmother since childhood, and he has to hold a funeral at home.

When Grandma was alive, she was very looking forward to the birth of her child, so she wanted her wife to send her grandmother to express her heart.

As a result, her wife said that the customs on the other side could not let pregnant women go to the funeral, not auspicious.I disagreed, she bought a ticket to return to her house overnight!

I think my wife is too selfish, and I don’t think about my mood at all.Women who are pregnant are so selfish?

From this issue, we can see that the man loves his grandma very much.You can also hear the sorrow of the man after losing his grandmother.

However, letting the pregnant wife attend the funeral, this matter still has to be discussed.

In the following comments, it is also divided into two factions:

Pregnant mothers cannot go to the funeral

There are customs in each place. We are not only unable to go to the funeral, nor do we have a happy event.

Even without these rules, a woman’s belly is big, and it is not safe at the funeral of people.Not only cannot help, but it may also be knocked down and hurt.

Just do everything before the elderly, why wait for the old man to die, and do this scene.

Pregnant mothers can go to the funeral

Speaking of customs, those are all feudal superstitions and are not credible.

And her husband’s grandma died, not a person.At first, my husband’s aunt died, and I was busy running the east and the west at the funeral. I didn’t see anything!

Of course, the elders died in the family. From a sense of reason and etiquette, they have to participate in the funeral as their juniors.At that time, the pregnant mother still had to decide whether to go according to her actual situation:

1. It is best not to go

Some people have something to participate in the funeral, and some are all right, which is related to personal constitution.

If the pregnant mother is not good, and the reaction during pregnancy is relatively large, don’t go to the funeral.

At the funeral, the sadness of sadness will also be contagious. In case the pregnant mother is in a mood, it will blow to the wind, and this is more troublesome.

In addition, it is best not to go at home and care about it at home.

2. Pregnant mother depends on her pregnancy month, and think about whether to go

The first three months of pregnancy is the formation of embryos, which is easily affected by internal and external, leading to abnormal fetal development.

Therefore, the pregnant mother at this stage, for the baby to think, is best not to go to the funeral.

There is also in the third trimester. The pregnant mother in the third trimester holds a big belly, and it is inconvenient to walk by themselves.When participating in the funeral of the elders, it is inevitable that they must be kneeling and walking. The pregnant mother is heavy and prone to accidents.

3. Go to the funeral and don’t go to a place with many people

If the funeral does not go, it is best not to go to a place where there are many people.First, there are places where people are afraid of infection are prone to germs, but places where there are many people accidentally accidentally hit the pregnant mother.

Pregnant mothers should not be stubborn at this time, and have to help others do something.Sometimes the pregnant mother couldn’t help it, but helped.

Whenever the situation is not good for pregnant mothers and fetal babies.

4. Pay attention to rest

The most important thing for pregnant mothers is to rest.

When the funeral comes, everyone speaks and roars, and it is easy to make the pregnant mother and fetal baby discomfort.

Pregnant mothers should go back to the house as much as possible to rest, do not go forward for filial piety.People are filial when they are alive, and they are now filial piety.

In particular, in some places to keep at night, the pregnant mother should not participate, it hurts too much.

Although we don’t talk about customs here, some places are important to see customs.If the custom requires pregnant women to not participate in the funeral, it is best not to go.

Grandma’s death was the death of old life.The baby of pregnant mothers is the birth of a new life.Anyway, it is life.Grandma’s life needs to be admired and loved, and the life of new babies also needs to be protected!

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