The female employee suddenly discovered: I was kicked out of the work group!

Protecting women’s rights in accordance with the law is related to social stability and civilization.However, at the level of social practice, women will still be treated unfairly because of marriage and childbearing.Earlier, Ms. Li was expelled by the company because of her pregnancy.What is going on, look at the report.In February 2019, Ms. Li, 30, joined a technology company as an operation manager and is responsible for Internet medical aesthetic projects. The work content includes content planning, video shooting, personnel management, etc.

In August 2019, Ms. Li frequently had nausea and vomiting reactions.As soon as I went to the hospital for examination, Ms. Li was pregnant.Ms. Li said she had 12 team members.After pregnancy, the technology company adjusted all the members of Ms. Li away on the grounds of business adjustment, and in the end, only her light rod commander was left.Under high -intensity work, in September 2019, Ms. Li’s pregnancy response became more intense. The hospital issued a diagnosis certificate and suggested that Ms. Li rest for two weeks.

Before the vacation, Ms. Li conducted a work docking with her colleagues through mail, WeChat, etc., submitted a sick leave application in the nailing leave system, and attached a hospital diagnostic certificate in accordance with the company’s regulations.But the leaders in the system have never been instructed.Until September 30, Ms. Li discovered that she was suddenly moved out of the company.Inexplicably was fired, and she was put on a hat of broken trust. Ms. Li couldn’t laugh and laugh.In October 2019, Ms. Li applied for labor arbitration, accusing the company of illegal termination of labor contracts, and asked the company to pay 36,000 yuan in compensation for labor contracts.The arbitration department supports Ms. Li’s demand.The technology company did not accept the results of the arbitration and sued to the People’s Court of Chaoyang District, Beijing.Chaoyang Court’s first instance judgment: rejected the request of a technology company.Science and technology company appealed to the Third Intermediate People’s Court in Beijing.

Ms. Li believes that the hospital where she is a clinic is a regular hospital and a designated hospital for her own production inspection.Moreover, which hospital he is in the hospital is personal freedom, and the company has no right to restrict.The company requires no legal basis.During the trial, the two sides proof of whether Ms. Li had violated leave and credibility.After hearing, the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court believes that when the technology company knows that Ms. Li is pregnant, it has not been dealt with in a timely manner after Ms. Li’s application for vacation.The technology company relieved the labor relationship on the grounds that Ms. Li violated the company’s rules and regulations, and obviously violated the law. Ms. Li drove to the art community to disperse the reason.In the end, the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court judged that the appeal was rejected and the original sentence was maintained.

Ms. Li got compensation as expected. After giving birth to a child, Ms. Li did not return to the workplace, but started a full -time mother.Ms. Li told reporters that when women participated in the application for interviews, the most often asked questions were the status of marriage and childbirth.The "Women’s Rights Protection Law" implemented in January 2023 has a major breakthrough in the protection of women and personality rights.President Chen Xiaodong pointed out that the number of provisions of the new version of the Women’s Rights Protection Law has greatly increased, the content is more clear and more operable.The Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court implemented in order to effectively maintain the legitimate rights and interests of women, give full play to the trial function, and continuously improve the level of trial business that protects women’s rights and interests.On April 25, 2023, the Beijing Third Intermediate People’s Court held a conference on "Protecting Women’s Legal Rights Promoting Socialist Core Values" and released typical cases.The conference pointed out that cases involving women’s rights and interests are divided into three categories: women’s rights protection, women’s property rights protection, and women’s labor rights.

Reporter: Guo Jing

Source: when the rule of law is ongoing

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