The female ghost has not left the old house for three years, and the poor guy said a word.

There is an old wealthist in Linxian. At an age, he had to buy a nine aunt. The poor girl named Xiao Cui. She just passed the door and got the rape of eight other women, and framed her to steal the five hundred and two silvers of the rich.

Hundreds of two silvers are in the eyes of the old wealthy master, but Xiao Cui is a fierce woman. He only sold himself in order to treat his father.

On the new wedding night, Xiao Cui dangled himself!A wedding became a funeral, so obscure!

After that, the old rich man’s house was often haunted. Eight -room auntie was scared half -dead, and he ran away with money within a few days.

Soon the old man died, and the young man buried his father, and posted a statement everywhere that anyone who could drive away the female ghost in the house, appreciated 522 silver, plus ten acres of good fields!

There must be brave husbands under the so -called reward. The people were eager to try all the time that day. However, in the middle of the night, the people who entered were scared to crawl away after a while.

For more than half a month, the people who came were scared away by the female ghost as soon as they entered, and no one came to drive away the ghosts.

Three years later, the money of the little rich man also splurked, and he wanted to sell the old house. He was helpless at home, and no one dared to buy it.

On this day, a foreigner named Li Wu came. Coincidentally, he passed by the young man’s house in the middle of the night, and he had to go in and stay.

The neighbors came out of a small solution. When I saw this scene, I quickly stopped him and said, "I don’t know, this old house is haunted, how many years, my family is almost running out!" Then I told Li Wu again that year., It is inevitable to add fuel and vinegar.

Unexpectedly, Li Wu was not afraid, but said, "But you are not afraid of knocking on the door!"

When the neighbors saw, the eyes turned, and whispered to him, Li Wu nodded with a smile.

As a result, the neighbors knocked on the door for Li Wu, and the old house was only the little rich man who knocked on the door for a long time. The young master opened the door lazily.

Li Wu heard his neighbor’s words, and did not say that he would drive away the ghosts, but he must give 502, otherwise it would be possible to mortgage with the old house.

When the little rich man saw him from a foreigner, he had a good abacus in his heart, pretending to agree, and let Li Wu live in beautifully.

In the middle of the night, Li Wu slept is ripe, and suddenly a wind blew through, the curtain opened, walking into a woman in red, first see a pair of small feet, then see the legs, and then look up.Being your head!

His face was pale and angry, and he looked at Li Wu with a round eyes.

When Li Wu didn’t see it, he turned around, and the female ghost pursued it and stood in front of Li Wu’s eyes.Li Wu could not sit up and pointed at the female ghost’s head and said, "Condor the small skills, but also to scare people!"

The female ghost’s face was ashamed, and her head recovered as soon as possible.

Li Wu was ready to sleep again. At this time, the female ghost took out the white cricket with another two long -standing long -standing long -standing long -standing long -lasting wooden beams, stretched her neck, and made it like a hanging look. She looked at him with a pair of eyes.

Li Wu sighed, and said, "Girl, hate all the time. If he was so rational, he left the mountains.Return again, re -beings? "

The female ghost was obviously surprised when she heard Li Wu’s words. She threw Bai Yan and immediately gave Li Wu a hoe. She turned around and disappeared.

The next day, until the sky was bright, Li Wu came out of the room and told the little man who talked about the matter.

The little rich man was very happy, but when Li Wu proposed to ask for money, he was abnormal and angrily: "A nonsense, and the evil spirits in my family have long been disappeared.Send to the government! "

Li Wu looked at the neighbor of the little rich man, smiled, and turned away.In fact, he didn’t intend to ask for money. It was the neighbor begging and saying that he could give him money.

After darkness, Li Wu found a girl sitting at the village entrance, approaching, it was the female ghost last night.

"Why don’t the girl go to rebirth, it is useless to come to me." Li Wu spoke to the girl.

The girl didn’t speak, and took out a white noodle steamed bun and gave it to Li Wu, and nodded and left.

Li Wu shook his head and heard that the female ghost returned to the gold and silver, and had never heard of a steamed bun for sacrifice ghosts, but she wanted to always return to the girl, ready to take it home and send it to the cemetery tomorrow morning.

Coincidentally, Li Wu returned home, then put the steamed buns on the bedside, and fell asleep.His daughter -in -law got up in the middle of the night. Somehow, she was hungry. When she saw a steamed bun, she thought it was Li Wu brought back to her.

In the early morning of the next day, Li Wu learned that the hoe was eaten by his daughter -in -law, and praised him beautifully, and did not dare to say the origin of the steamed bun.

In a blink of an eye, one month later, she asked for a child, and my wife Li Wu, who was hopeless for many years, became pregnant!Wandering in October, there was a big fat boy!

Li Wu hugged the child and carefully looked at it, and found that the child had a mole with a mole, and the more he felt familiar.

Suddenly, I sighed not only sighing: I couldn’t think of it, the female ghost was born to his house!The fate in this world is really hard to say!

After Li Wu took care of it, his son became talented when he grew up, and he was also very filial to treat his old couple.

People say that Li Wu is a blessed person!Raising his son can not only be a head -of -the -world, but also to prevent old age. Unlike some people’s sons, beasts are not as good as beasts.

This article is a story, story, story


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