The female teacher went to visit her home. Because she did not wear underwear because of her pregnancy, parents were dragged into the basement sexual assault.

In 2006, a large criminal case occurred in Hubei, a pregnant woman who was immediately facing the pimple, and was found to die in the basement of a community.His wife was pregnant with the six -month production, but now he has become a rotten corpse, with two lives.

After the incident, the deceased’s husband saw his wife crying in the basement, his grief, and crying, crying, deafening, and shocking the whole building.What kind of people do not even let pregnant women go?We look down.

The deceased is Qiao Mou, a female teacher.According to Qiao’s husband describing the day of the incident, Qiao Mou had to hand over his class teacher’s position with other teachers on the day of the incident that he was afraid that the students would not adapt to the new teacher and visited the student’s house. He did not see his wife return after work.Find his wife, but the parents of the student were informed that the wife had gone back.With his wife with the six armor, it is inconvenient to move.After looking for a lap, the worried husband called the police.

Qiao was a normal university in Hubei and was a teacher in a local high school after graduation.Qiao, who was first arrived, worked very hard and took classes seriously. Students and teachers liked her very much.After serving as a teacher for several years, before the age of 30, she finally worked hard to be rated as an excellent teacher, and began to become a high school class teacher.

The teacher’s influence on children is very great. A good teacher can achieve a group of students, affect the character and quality of students, and inspire students’ dreams and pursuits.Teachers are the examples of students, and they are also students’ mentors and friends.So Qiao knew she shoulder the responsibility, and she wanted every child in the class to find a good place when she graduated from high school.For these, she had exhausted her efforts, and sometimes she would prepare lessons for plans when she returned at night.

However, the class teacher is very different from the teacher.But the head teacher needs to do his best from the inside out.Especially in high school is the critical period of children’s life. This period roughly determines the direction of life for children, so it is even more impossible to take it lightly.

In addition, Qiao was the head teacher of the senior high school at that time. In that special period, students were under pressure. In the past, there were always children who could not think of depression and suicide jumping off the building.These require the class teacher to discover timely in time, which is very tired for teachers and students.

Mr. Qiao’s husband, Mr. Gao, was a local construction engineer. When he was in college, the two met on campus. After contact, they soon came together.After graduating from college, the two quickly entered the palace of marriage.However, Qiao Mou was busy at work every day. Qiao’s husband also did not go home for three days because of his particularity, so he had no children for two years.

There are no children for two years, and both parents are urging them to ask them for a child.But Joe’s work at that time was at a critical moment and had no thoughts at all.Mr. Gao also understands his wife very much, and does not urge her to comfort her in turn.

After another two years, Qiao was finally rated as an excellent teacher, and he became light -riding for his work.Finally, they had time, and they started to prepare for pregnancy during that time. Both were looking forward to the arrival of new life.

Sure enough, it wasn’t expected, and after a long time, Qiao was found to be pregnant.Mr. Gao and his family knew that the news was very happy, and since then, he has spoiled Qiao.Mr. Gao also proposed to let her take a leave from the school to stay at home. She was easy to have a miscarriage without taking care of it.But at that time, Qiao’s students were about to enter the senior year. She had been with the children for more than a year. She was afraid that she would leave at this time. The children did not adapt to the new teacher.Learning progress.So for this group of children, she still insisted on going to work.

Mr. Gao knew his wife’s temper, and once the decision made it difficult to change her, he nodded and agreed.However, the two have established many rules. For example, for the health of the baby, Mr. Gao will make a good meal every day to send Qiao to school, and prepare her a lot of nutrients that need to be supplemented.

So Qiao still worked in his post during pregnancy, preparing lessons, classes, and handling big and small things. After knowing that Qiao was pregnant, the students she brought were a lot good.Trouble, this also made her not only moved and relieved.

By 8 months, Qiao’s body began to become bulky, and his stomach was too big to pressure the stomach and stomach, and various problems occurred.I often feel tired when walking too much. Because her body can’t keep up, she gradually began to transfer the task with other teachers and intends to stay at home for giving birth. However, because the children in the class are deeply affectionate, she decided to make a home visit.Parents do an explanation.

At that time, some children in the class did not know how their academic performance declined all the way, and was very worried that Qiao Mou had contacted one of the children’s little Cheng’s mother.After chatting, Qiao learned that Xiaocheng’s mother was sold and he could speak.But often I do n’t have time to control the children. When I was talking about Qiao, I was familiar with Xiao Cheng’s mother. On that day, I visited Qiao and went to the Xiaocheng family first.

At that time, because his belly was big, he was uncomfortable in his chest. Qiao wore a denim jacket on the outside of a pregnant woman’s skirt and went to Xiaocheng’s house.An unexpectedly opened the door was a strange man, and the two had never seen it.Soon, Qiao thought that it should be Xiaocheng’s father and went directly to the door.

It was in summer, and the weather in Hubei was very hot, and Qiao took off his coat when he entered the house.The three sat on the sofa and started talking. During the conversation, Xiao Cheng’s father sat on the oblique side of Qiao. The unintentional little Cheng father accidentally glanced on Qiao’s chest. What excited him was that Qiao did not wear his chest.Dress, a moment of evil thoughts in his mind.I never thought about how the critical period of Qiao talked about how to educate children.

At the end of the conversation, Xiaocheng’s father asked Xiaocheng to advance to the house. He saw that Qiao was inconvenient to drive to send her.Qiao agreed because her husband was still going back to work.When I came to the underground parking room, Xiaocheng’s father covered Qiao Mou’s mouth and nose, dragging her to the parking room and constantly asking her to be his mistress. He was rich and would treat her. As long as she was willingImmediately gave her a generous remuneration.

As a teacher, Qiao had a very correct three views, and she vowed to die.Xiao Cheng’s father began sexual assault in anger, and his movements were very rude. During the process, Qiao lost his breath.And Xiao Cheng’s father who was investing was still unaware of the seriousness of the problem.

After the end, he discovered the blood below, and he couldn’t stop flowing out.Seeing more and more blood, it scared Xiao Cheng’s father.He just wanted to rape Qiao, and never wanted to cause her to death, and there were two lives directly.Xiao Cheng’s father, who was at a loss, immediately dragged his body to a place where he was dark and not noticed.After returning home, Xiaocheng’s father began to clean up things and wanted to go out for a while, waiting for the limelight before returning.

At this time, Mr. Gao, the husband of Qiao, was looking for his wife in his private parts. After looking for many places, he chose to call the police. The police did not find his wife after looking for a circle.Finally, a few days later, due to high temperature weather, the body of Qiao’s wife began to rot and stink, letting residents living there report to the property.The property began to send cleaning staff to clean up, and found Qiao’s body, and immediately reported to the police.

When Mr. Gao hurried, he found that his wife had no breathing, and she looked miserable.

The police immediately investigated the existing clues and found that Qiao’s lower body had traces of being violated before his death, as well as semen remaining in his body.The truth surfaced, and Qiao was invaded and killed by Cheng Father when he was visiting!

In the end, the police arrested Xiaocheng’s father and sentenced to a lifelong prison imprisonment for rape and negligence.

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