The fetal dreams I have made that year are really fun now ~

I am a person who loves dreaming. In addition to the daydream, I also love to dream when I fall asleep. Basically, 365 days throughout the year. I have dreamed of 300 days, and my dreams are particularly colorful.

The most frequent and strange stage of dreaming is probably at pregnancy. During that day, almost every night after going to bed every night, I will enter a different dimension space and experience some strange fun things.I have to have the habit of recording. I have recorded these fantasy "journey" that can never happen in real life, otherwise I can’t remember it in my current goldfish memory.EssenceEssence

I remember the dreams in the early stages of pregnancy are particularly interesting, all kinds of non -chromosome.Once I dreamed of buying a car, all kinds of colors, various flavors, sweet, sour, chocolate flavor.The clerk recommended me a transparent. The machine and the driver could see it clearly. They also said that they could give me 50 % off. I said I don’t want it.The clerk said, do n’t worry, this transparent glass is made of the lower scoop of the spacecraft, and it is very safe to go to space.I said that I don’t want it, my arms are thick, and I can’t stop the transparent car.EssenceEssence

Look, it is rational, but I am inseparable from this taste.EssenceEssence

When I was near the production, I entered the anxiety period.The beginning of dreaming was related to production and raising children. Once I dreamed of giving birth, I played with my mobile phone by myself. I suddenly remembered that it seemed to have been born once and fed milk. After that, I forgot that the cub did not eat yesterday.Then he was anxious to search for the breast pump of the Taobao, and asked TA when he received it. If you want to drink milk, TA said.But it’s too hot.EssenceEssenceI was in a hurry, I woke up in a hurry, sweating.EssenceEssence

Although they all say "I think about the day, there is a dream at night", but the dream of doing during pregnancy is really not logical. Even if our brains are big, I can’t think of so many magical "plots", so people all put this this this.The dreams made in a special period are called "fetal dreams", and they firmly believe that how much these dreams are related to the baby’s gender and the past and present life in the belly.

However, I should test it, and it should be inaccurate, because I dreamed that I had a girlfriend more than once, how should I explain it?EssenceEssence

Recently, I solicited their dreams to colleagues who had experienced a dream of a dream in the office. That was a magical than one.EssenceEssence

– 1 –

When I was pregnant, I dreamed that there were many animals in my yard, and they were all white, white deer, white birds, white pythons,

The white monkey, and two little white tigers blocked in front of the door of my house. As soon as I opened the door, the two of them had to come in, scaring me to close the door and dare not go out.EssenceEssence

– 2 –

Before doing sugar resistance, because I first checked the high hemoglycemia, I was nervous for a while.

of.The day before the sugar -resistant, I dreamed that the sugar resistance the next day was low blood sugar, and the doctor also told me that the blood sugar was too low.

Go back and hurry up to eat lamb, so as to lift the lamb to lift sugar and rise quickly

I woke up the next day and told my husband and gave him enough, saying that I was losing a losing time during this time.

— 3-

I was unexpectedly pregnant, and when I was pregnant, I didn’t know. I dreamed of it. I dreamed that a golden fish had to drill into my stomach.It feels strange when I wake up. I think that the menstruation will come five days in advance. It should be here two days ago. I went to buy a pregnancy test stick and tried it. As a result, I really won the prize.EssenceEssenceI feel incredible now.

— 4-

Dreaming gave birth to a big peach, cutting inside was a white and fat girl, wearing a red bellyband, holding a small peach with both hands, in the dream, we named her "Taota Lang" hahaha hahahaEssence

— 5- ——

On the day of Lin Sheng, I dreamed of eating in the old room in the old room. Suddenly, the roof fell off a large piece of wall skin. My dad went up to check and took out a nest of small black snakes.On the afternoon of this dream, I gave birth to my son ~

– 6–

I dreamed that the jujube trees downstairs were old and tall overnight, and they were all over the sky, and they were full of colorful jujube. The branches drilled into my window. I sat by the bed and desperately picking the jujube to eat.EssenceEssence

— 7–

When I knew that the boy was pregnant, I was in a bad mood because my husband and I always wanted a daughter.Dreaming that night, I dreamed that I was producing in the delivery room. The doctor handed the child to me, let’s take a look. I saw that it turned out to be a girl, but I was happy to be happy. I was still thinking about it.The chance of turning over was caught up by me.

I did n’t know what to do. The hospital lost the child and said that I did n’t know who to take it away. We were looking for it. I was mad in my dream. Then a nurse held a baby and found it.Look, it is a boy, so I said that this is not my child. The nurse said that this is your child. The hand is written on the hand. I said no, I was born with a girl.Bad tongue, I was obviously a boy. I asked my family, and they all said that this child was right. I was born a boy. At that time, I collapsed in my dreams.EssenceEssenceThere are tears in the corners of the eyes when I wake up.EssenceEssence

This dream made me, and my life has gone up.EssenceEssence

– 8 –

Dreaming that a butterfly fell on my shoulder, how could I fly away, and I woke up to search for dreams. They all said that it was a bald boy.EssenceEssence

– 9 –

I couldn’t go out to play throughout my pregnancy. For those who love to travel, I was too torment. As a result, I dreamed that I had a single player to swim around the world.

He danced with a grass skirt with Africans, rode a camel in the desert, and survived with the Beiye Wilderness for a while.EssenceEssence

I think in the dream for a long time, I woke up and found that I saw the world all over two hours. Think about this dream.

The reason why I have more and more strange dreams when I am pregnant is actually caused by the changes in hormones in the body and our heavier psychological burden than usual.Although scientific speaking, there is no predictive function of fetal dreams, but I have to admit that sometimes the fetal dream does have a little contact with the actual life. Maybe it happens that maybe it may be the sixth sense of mother?We don’t have to believe it too much, as long as it is a fun experience during pregnancy, just treat it with ordinary heart ~

What are the interesting fetal dreams during pregnancy?Let me tell me ~

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