The fetal ventricle is strong, are you intimidated by ultrasound again?

Since pregnancy, many pregnant mothers can easily become nervous. Every time the check -up, I have to take a breath. When doing ultrasonic examinations, I have to observe whether the supersonic doctor breathe is stable and the face is normal.Tone, or his eyes wide, your neck extended, or hesitated again, raised chess, and even shouted "Director, look at this …".That’s like waiting for sentence.Today, let ’s take a look at a common problem in obstetric ultrasound. It is also a problem with pregnant mothers who often take the ultrasound to ask a question about the doctor: the fetal ventricular dotted echo.

In fact, the strong light point of the ventricle belongs to a fetal ultrasonic soft indicator. The so -called soft indicator can be understood as a non -specific structural abnormalities.Inside the heart, strong echo, back skin thickening, intestinal tube reissue, pyelone dilatation, long bone shortness, nasal bone defect or dysplasia, mild side ventricular widening, and single umbilical artery.Seeing ultrasonic soft indicators does not mean that the fetus must have problems, but it can be used to evaluate the risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

The indoor dot-shaped strong echo is generally a tiny calcification point in the heart nipple muscle, which varies in size. It is about 2-7mm spots and strip-shaped, which is close to the strong echo of the bones.Normal fetus is also relatively common, with an incidence of 3%-5%. Generally, it does not cause the functional defects of the heart, and does not increase the risk of abnormal heart structure.There are research reports: Multi -point strong echo in the right ventricle may have the meaning of predicting chromosomal abnormalities, but the single -shaped strong echo of isolation is not related to chromosomal abnormalities and heart malformations.

When you do ultrasound, you can find a strong echo of the ventricle. Ultrasonic doctor should check the heart structure in detail to clarify whether the heart structure is abnormal. If there is no risk of chromosomal abnormalities, such as a chromosome abnormal family history, or a child with abnormal chromosomes in the past, Or have the history of repeated abortion or embryo, and the conventional NT examination during pregnancy and the non -invasive DNA are normal during pregnancy, it is likely to find a single soft indicator. This is likely to be a normal mutation.Can.If there are other large structural abnormalities or two or more ultrasonic soft indicators at the same time, the incidence of fetal chromosomal abnormalities and heart malformations will be significantly increased, and pre -delivery consultation needs to be performed.Essence

I wish you a good pregnancy!

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