The fetus is a man or a woman has been decided since this week, don’t "delusion" to change

Xiaojuan said to her husband on the next day, "We have gained a child in the future. They must be a girl, because the little girl knows that she is distressed by her parents, and when she grows up, she can hold her hands to go shopping and watch movies."My husband said angrily," If that’s a son, do you still plan to ignore it? "Xiaojuan said helplessly," Of course, no, my son and daughter can, but I don’t have a dream? Why can’t I still have a dream?Is there a expectation? "Her husband turned his eyes and said," The child’s gender is not expected to change, "when she is preparing for pregnancy, she is looking forward to the child’s gender.Before preparing for pregnancy, I want a little princess or a little prince, but the child’s gender has actually decided at this time.

1. Who decides the gender of the fetus

We all know that if you have a life, you must have a combination of high -quality sperm and eggs, and then become a "walking" and successful "walking" to women’s uterus.During the process of conception, determining that the baby’s gender genes in the fetus are in sperm. If the father’s X -sex chromosomes are associated with the mother’s eggs, it is a girl.If the dad’s Y sex chromosomes are associated with the mother’s egg, the boy is born, so the baby’s gender is determined by his father.

2. When will the gender of the fetus form

We have heard a lot of such ridiculous incidents. Some pregnant mothers already have a boy. If you want a girl after pregnancy again, if you learn that the baby in the fetus is not a girl, we will try to trust some soil methods and take some drugs to take some drugs.Think of the gender of the fetus, so ignorant things still exist in today’s society.In fact, from the moment the woman succeeded in conception, the chromosome was fixed, and it was impossible to interfere with or change through other channels.

3. Is the method of identifying the fetus reliable?

We often hear some methods to speculate the gender of the fetus, such as: sour girls, navel shapes, etc. These are not scientific. Even if it happens to be encountered, it is just a coincidence.In the process of women’s conception, the gender of the fetus is random. Once it is formed, these non -scientific methods are not used.

For this little life, being able to fall into the stomach of the pregnant mother is not only a fate of love. Therefore, everyone must not use some unscientific means to "hurt" the health of the fetus.

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