The fetus keeps twisting or kicking, it may be "asking for help", don’t miss the golden time of saving the fetus

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The feeling of fetal movement is amazing. When the pregnant mother feels the fetal movement for a while, she must insist on counting the fetal movement every day, but the different pregnant mothers may feel different about the fetal movement. Some babies move in the mother’s belly.Like a small fish swimming, I feel that the baby is practicing, punched and kicked; of course, some babies are relatively quiet, there are not many fetal movements every day, and the amplitude is very soft.

Many pregnant mothers who have not felt the fetal movement or just feel the fetal movement may not feel obvious about the fetal movement, and it is not sure which location of the fetal movement in the stomach.

Since 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital for fetal heart monitoring every month. On the one hand, watching the fetal heart condition of the fetus, and more importantly, to see if the fetal fetal movement is active.Regarding the position of fetal movement, different pregnant mothers feel different:

① The upper abdomen: normal situation

After entering the third trimester, the bottom of the uterus continues to rise, so the pregnant mothers consciously fetal movement are generally in the "upper abdomen".This is why some pregnant mothers have discomfort in the stomach, because the compression of the uterus in the upper abdomen is serious.

But when the child is approaching, the fetus will "get into the basin". At this time, as the fetal location moves down, and at this time, the fetus is already large, which is almost full of the entire uterus.It will be relatively reduced, and the position of the fetal movement will be relatively lower.

② Belly abdomen: Be wary of fetal position incorrect

Some pregnant mothers feel that fetal movements often appear in the "lower abdomen" position, and at this time, they must be alert to abnormal fetal position.

The normal fetal position is a pillow, that is, the fetus’s head is below, and the legs are leaning above; but if the fetus is sideways in the uterus or the hips, the fetal movement may appear under the lower abdomen.

However, at this time, the pregnant mother does not need to worry. What kind of fetal position is the fetus, and the B -ultrasound is used as the criteria for judgment., Baby may also adjust the fetal position.

After understanding the location of the fetal movement, the pregnant mother can better "perceive the fetal movement". As long as the number of fetal movements per day is within the normal range, the pregnant mother should not worry.But if the pregnant mother feels that the fetus does not seem to move for a long time, or suddenly the fetal movement is very powerful, then they must be careful. This belongs to "abnormal fetal movement".

Abnormal fetal movements often indicate that the baby’s baby is in danger. This is the "help signal" sent by them to pregnant mothers. Pregnant mothers must not miss the "golden time period" for saving the baby’s baby because of great intentions.

The fetal heart of the fetus is between 120 and 160 times per minute.The number of fetal heartbeat per minute is higher than 160 or less than 120 times, or the sudden fetal movement is violent, which is abnormal.

① Excessive number of fetal movements:

The faster increase in fetal movement has a certain relationship with the faster fetal heart. In addition, if the pregnant mother is engaged in excessive physical labor, sports activities, densely personnel places, pregnant mothers suffer from trauma, etc., they will cause increased fetal movement. Excessive fetal movementIt may be prompted that the pregnant mother "baby has a lack of oxygen".

② Excessive number of fetal movements:

It is also abnormal. If the mother is infected with bacteria or viruses and causes some diseases, the fetus may be infected and the fetal movement is reduced.

It should be noted that if the fetal movement decreases obviously or even disappears, you must seek medical treatment in time, because the fetal heart generally disappears within 1-2 days after the fetal movement disappears, which will endanger the baby’s life in severe cases.

③ Sudden fetal movement fierce:

If the fetal movement is always stable and the activity is suddenly fierce, it may be prompted that "the fetus suddenly has hypoxia in the palace." At this time, the umbilical cord must be taken into the neck or knotting, which affects the possibility of nutrient supply in the blood. It needs to be determined by examination.

Therefore, if some pregnant mothers have been reminded by the doctor during the checkup, the "umbilical cord is too long", and pay special attention to the abnormalities in this area.

Jingma reminds:

The fetus has no fetal movement to death. This usually takes about 12-48 hours, and most of them are about 24 hours.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother feels the fetal movement, or if she does not feel the fetal movement for a while, she must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

In addition, if the pregnant mother feels the feeling of fetal movement and flatness, such as particularly strong, particularly weak, and continuous twisting or kicking. These are the abnormal signals of the fetus and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

The abnormal fetal movement occurs. In addition to the relationship with the fetus and umbilical cord, it also has a lot to do with the physical fitness and activities of the pregnant mother. Therefore, the pregnant mother wants to let the fetal baby move in the normal range. Usually, pay attention to some attention.These aspects.

① Avoid heavy physical labor and sports activities in the third trimester, and avoid stimulating the fetus due to tiredness or exercise;

② Try not to go to the dense places, such as the cinema, the vegetable market, etc., these places are not only noisy, not liked by the fetus, but also easy to be prone to hypoxia because the environment is closed, which affects the health of the fetus;

③ Pay attention to your own safety and avoid accidents, such as falling, bumps, etc.

④ Improve your own immunity. If you detect infected diseases during pregnancy, you should actively treat them with symptoms, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat light and nutritious diet;

⑤ When the pregnant mothers consciously have abnormal fetal movements, seek medical treatment in time to avoid delay and affect the baby’s health.

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