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Uterine adenomyosis is a type of endometriosis, that is, the endometrium isotonic to the muscle layer of the uterine, grows in the muscle layer.If the muscle layer has a local hyperplasia or increase, the adenoma is formed.Every time I come to menstruation, dysmenorrhea occurs and the uterus is increased. If it is serious, there will be a dysmenorrhea. Excessive menstrual flow, extension of menstrual periods, and even the risk of removal of uterus.Once a patient, a patient’s uterine adenoisotomy, such as three months of pregnancy, has been looking for medical treatment for medical treatment for seventeen years, and finally realized the mother’s dream at Hebei Reproductive Hospital.

Director Tian Ying, who has a family member of reproductive health and infertility, analyzed the condition that the patient’s uterine adenomia is so huge. At the same time, it is accompanied by bilateral fallopian tube obstruction. If it is not for fertility, you can consider removing the uterus.In zero.But in order to return the patient to become a mother’s wish, Director Tian developed a personal chemotherapy plan and pressed the start -up key to the ICSI test tube journey.

According to the patient’s 40 -year -old and decreased ovarian reserve function, the patient took eggs three times, and a total of 8 frozen embryo 4 tubes.After the egg retrieval, the conservative treatment is performed. After the adjustment is reduced, the intrauterine slow -release pharmaceutical ring is used. Six months later, the uterus recovered to February+the size of pregnancy, but the road to the uterus was like steep mountain streams, rugged.After a FET frozen embryo transplantation was not pregnant, Director Tian Ying decided to adopt a long plan to reduce the size of the uterine adenomiasis, and then use artificial cycle to adjust the endometrium.After two months of tunes, the uterine adenoma was significantly reduced.After 2 months of treatment and adjustment, the frozen embryo transplantation was performed again. After 14 days of pregnancy test, the results of pregnancy showed that: β-HCG 455.97 miu/ml, the patient was successful in pregnancy.Director Tian Ying, who has a family member of reproductive health and infertility, has once again brought unlimited possibilities to this line through superb medical skills and unremitting persistence, and successfully retrieve the opportunity to be a mother for patients.

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1. Is uterine adenomiasis serious?Bring a "tumor", major illnesses like uterine cancer and cancer?

No, uterine adenomiasis is the most common benign tumor in women’s reproductive organs, and one of each five women has a uterine adenoma.Although the incidence is very high, it is a benign tumor, and most patients with uterine adenoma have no symptoms.Therefore, don’t worry too much.

2. Can older talents get uterine adenomia?Do you not have fibroids at all in his twenties?

wrong!Uterine adenoma is better at women aged 30-50 years old, but not uterine adenomiasis will not be suffered from other age groups.It is a hormone -dependent tumor, and the estrogen effect in the receptor.

3. Preparation is unsuccessful due to the affected adenomiasis. How to treat fibroids?

It is recommended to treat the palace first. If the drug is invalid or the control is not ideal, the palace can be surgery, but the uterine load increases after pregnancy and the risk of uterine rupture.Whether patients with fertility need need surgery, they also need to evaluate the reproductive experts.

4. Is the adenomiasis staying up late?

No, although staying up late can affect women’s endocrine, it may cause menstrual disorders. There is currently no evidence that uterine adenoma has no direct relationship with staying up late.It is recommended that women do not stay up late, otherwise it will affect the balance of endocrine, and it will also cause other diseases and harm physical health.

5. Do you need treatment?

uncertain.It is necessary to determine whether treatment is required according to the growth site and size of adenoma.If the adenocular fibroids reach more than five centimeters, or the adenoma under the uterine mucosa, there are more bleeding, the amount of menstruation increases, and the menstrual period is generally recommended.

6. In menopausal, uterine adenomiasis is fine? Don’t you need to control it?

Not.Menopausal adenomiasis is in a long stage. Although it may be benign now, there is still a possibility of evil.Uterine -adenoma is a benign lesion. It is considered that the uterine fibroids are also existed at the same time. Whether it is uterine adenocular fibroids or uterine fibroids, it belongs to benign hyperplasia, and uterine adenoma cancer is usually not occurred.

However, there are a small number of (0.4-0.8%) patients with uterine adenoma may have degeneration, such as sarcoma-like changes. At this time, it belongs to malignant lesions and mostly occurs after menopause women.Therefore, women with uterine adenomians also need to review the color Doppler ultrasound after menopause to monitor the growth and change of fibroids.

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