The first male treasure second child treasure, share 10 symptoms during pregnancy, see if it can predict boys and girls in advance

Compare the symptoms of the first and second babies when you are pregnant.

At a child, I forgot my time, the stomach was round, and the movement was flexible.But the whole body was fat, and his shoulders became wide.

When the second child was in the second child, there was only a clear belly until 5 months. The belly was round, like a big watermelon, no pointed, the waist was not changed, the movements were flexible, and pregnancy could not be seen from behind.The whole pregnancy was just fat, and there were no other changes.

In one child, I did n’t vomit, my appetite was very good, I ate everything, and the amount of rice was very large.

In the second child, there was no pregnancy and vomiting. The appetite was not very good. The amount of meals was small.Do not like vegetables and meat.I only like to eat seasonal fruits, love melon, peaches, plums in summer, and love grapes in autumn.

When a child, the skin has not changed, and the cosmetics still use the toner and moisturizing cream before pregnancy.

During the second child, the skin is dry and the skin is severe. The toner’s toner’s moisturizing cream is abandoned.

When a child is, remember that the upper and lower are thick and the color is dark.

When the second child is, the lower upper upper and thin, the top to the left side, the color is light.

The taste of the first child and the second child is heavier, and it is jealous and spicy.

The last month’s feet were slightly swollen.

The second child has not had swelling from beginning to end.

The first child and the second child have a threatened abortion symptoms in about 50 days and brown discharge, but the amount is not large.The bed rests for a week, and the second child has not rest.

The first child and the second child have symptoms of anemia, and they are nourished according to the doctor’s requirements.

At a child, you like to drink milk and add calcium tablets. In the later period, you need to add two pieces of calcium tablets to cramps.

In the second child, I like to drink soymilk. I have not replenished calcium tablets and only cramps once.

Drinking water is very small, but there is no thirst or other discomfort.

Drink a lot of water. Once you drink less water, you have a yellow urine.

I probably thought of so much. I thought that the reaction of the second child was different from the first child. It should be a girl. As a result, it is still a boy. It seems that the symptoms of pregnancy depends on the child, not to see gender.

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