The follicles are well raised, and good pregnancy will come naturally

Women’s eggs are directly related to whether women are successful.

If women’s follicles are not developing or unable to discharge the eggs, they will directly affect the child plan, and the growth of this follicles is closely related to the female aunt every month.Monitor the development of follicles.

Follicles are indeed important. Women preparing for pregnant follicles can help to have their own baby as soon as possible.So what is follicles? What kind of follicles can be pregnant?

What is the follicles

Follicles are located in the ovarian skin, consisting of an oocytes and many small follicle cells around them.According to the morphological and functional changes of the follicle development process, it can be divided into three stages: original follicles, growth follicles and mature follicles.

The seeds of childbirth-eggs are surrounded by follicular membranes, follicular fluids, and granules to form a "medium" to provide sufficient nutrition for its growth. When a certain time, a raw follicular film runs out under the action of hormones.The encounter of sperm completes the mission of continuation of the son -in -law.

Why is the follicles develop poorly?

Follicular development is mostly caused by hormone secretion disorders or organic lesions.

The endocrine system of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis function regulates six hormones related to fertility. When this normal secretion system is abnormal, it will cause disorders of various hormones and follicle development.

Diseases related to this, such as polycystic ovary, ovarian function decrease, premature ovarian failure, etc., causing scarcity ovulation, no ovulation, non -long follicles, non -broken follicles, follicle luten, and so on.

In addition to the cause of the disease, there are also some non -organic lesions caused by poor follicle development, such as long -term staying up late, mental stress, anxiety, excessive weight loss, smoking, etc.

What kind of follicles are better?

It is necessary to comprehensively evaluate the quality of follicles from the aspects of size, shape, and rounding. It can be seen very clearly when doing pre -pregnancy examination or infertility examination B -ultrasound monitoring follicles.

1. Good follicles should be "big"

Generally speaking, when the diameter of the follicle is 18mm-25mm, it is: mature follicles.The mature follicle shape is full, round or oval, thin and clear inner wall, more likely to conceive.

But just as "there are two same leaves in the world", the diameter of the follicles and ovulation will vary from person to the month, and some will be rowed to 15mm, but some will grow to 25mm or even greater even more.Only ovulate.

2. Good follicles must be "round"

Follicles are like seeds, full and round.If the two diameter gap between the follicles is ≥3mm, it is called flat follicle. If the B -ultrasound shows 15mm × 20mm, it means that the follicle quality is not good.Many women are flat follicles, but the front and rear diameter is 18mm.

3. Good follicles must be unique

One month ovulation on one month, while growing multiple follicles, and then selected, there is only one superior follicles leading, and then an egg is excreted to participate in the fertility.Cycum ovary syndrome.

All in all, the development of follicles can directly affect the difficulty of conception and the state of embryo bed.To some extent, the follicles are well raised, and good pregnancy is natural.

Follicle development requires the use of medical methods for conditioning. The specific examination and diagnosis of doctors can be used to formulate plans.

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