The following 4 types of external drugs cannot be used during pregnancy. The expectant mothers have to remember, and they are still using it to stop quickly

The sisters who are pregnant know that we have to be careful during pregnancy, and they are cautious.Everyone knows not to take medicine messy, but some external medicines are also unnecessary.Today, I will share with you, which types of external medicines are wake up for sisters.

Remember these four types of external medicines, do not use it during pregnancy.

Cleanline of ringworm: This medicine is clingerrazole, which is dangerous to be dangerous.It will poison the embryo, and the ingredients will enter milk through the human body.Not only can pregnancy be unavailable, don’t use breastfeeding!

Nitoramidazole cream (Dakinin is this ingredient): This medicine will stimulate local skin, causing burning sensation, erythema, peeling, etc.It is even more troublesome at that time, it is better not to use it.Pregnant mothers with athletes, restrain it.

Antibiotics external ointment: Antibiotics are not only used for internal infections, but also for external infections. Therefore, skin infections are used.We cannot use it during pregnancy, because the polyethylene glycol in it will be absorbed by the body and gather, causing a series of adverse reactions.

Corticosteroid drugs: all kinds of rash, urticaria, eczema, and medicine rash. This drug can be used to resist inflammation and allergies.Moms are prone to amenorrhea and menstrual disorders.

These skin medicines cannot be used. What should I do during pregnancy?During pregnancy, due to the secretion of hormones, various diseases will increase slightly.Therefore, you’d better give these things during pregnancy!If you really have it during pregnancy, then one word "forbearance", can’t you help but do it?Find a doctor.Listen to their guidance and give you some slightly eased medicines, but most of these medicines are "placebo" or effect.

Cool oil, wind oil essence can not be used

Many people in summer will use cool oil and wind oil essence, is it comfortable to use?However, these stimulating odor contains mint, camphor and eucalyptus oil.It will penetrate the human body through the skin and cause a bad impact on the baby.

Not only these are not available, but some of the tastes too irritating are not available.Such as dew, anti -mosquito.Also stay away from pesticides.

Don’t think you don’t eat into your stomach.We use the medicines and cosmetics on the skin to penetrate the skin more or less, which will affect the baby.Therefore, use multiple parties to verify before confirming that it is harmless before using it.In addition, we also said that cosmetics and makeup are best to stop.Skin care products can be moisturized, do not use whitening and acne.

After reading this, do you help you, share it with the people around you, and make more sisters benefit from it.

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