The four mainstream response schemes of sow constipation during pregnancy, no need to use medicine to easily solve

I don’t need to say more for the harm of pigs to pigs, but if there is constipation during pregnancy sows, the harm is undoubtedly more serious.Needless to say that it affects the health of sows, seriousness may even cause cases such as compressing intestines and cause abortion.

But it is troublesome that sows during pregnancy can not let go of medication, otherwise it may have a bad impact on the fetus.So rule out the medication plan. Let’s explain how to condition:

method one:

You can add baking soda powder to the diets of constipation sows. Generally, you can add 0.4%. You only need to use it for about two weeks in a row. The sow’s constipation problem can be significantly improved.

The principle is that the baking soda can compensate sow body lysine, enhance the digestion of sows, and also has a very good effect on improving appetite.And it is worth mentioning that in the case of hot summer weather, the baking soda can be added to the pig for a long time. In addition to promoting digestion functions, it is also possible to avoid the heat stress of the pig groups.effect.

Method Two:

First of all, it should be explained that this second method is generally not recommended to use, because side effects are relatively stronger.The specific plan is to add about 0.5%magnesium sulfate to sow diets. This method has a strong effect on treating constipation, and it is also very fast. It can quickly solve the problem of sow constipation with blue and green feed.However, the problem is that magnesium sulfate may cause sow abortion during pregnancy, so unless the sow’s constipation problem is too serious, it can’t be solved, otherwise magnesium sulfate is easy to use.

Method three:

Safe and harmless methods can also be selected to add rihinology to sow’s diet, so that the cost is slower, but the advantage is that the conditioning effect is very good.Because probe can promote the sow’s intestinal peristalsis, it can also adjust the sow’s intestinal micro -ecological balance.In this way, it can achieve the effect of both specimens.

Method 4:

If there is nothing at hand, you can also deal with sow constipation from improving the composition of sow diet.The specific method is to increase the content of bran in sow diets (preferably the bran of barley). If the sows during pregnancy, the proportion of barley bran diets can reach one -fifth.Although this scheme cannot be effective immediately, long -term use can improve the problem of sow excretion.

Of course, any treatment plan is not as good as preventing work, even if it is a solution without medication.Normally not to abuse antibiotics (antibiotics can destroy the balance of sow intestinal microorganisms), and at the same time, a feeding scheme with a scientific ratio of nutritional ratio and timely treatment of various heating diseases.Then sows will not have constipation.

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