The girlfriend is pregnant, but he does this

When I went to college, the best friend came to ask me for a thousand dollars. I asked him what he used, and he didn’t say it.Later, when he ate together, he returned the money to me. I asked him again, and he sighed: Take it out and beat the child.

To be honest, I was shocked at that moment. He always knew that he had a girlfriend, but I didn’t expect the people around me to happen.

I didn’t take it down. The two were silent for a long time. He lit a cigarette and looked out of the window. His eyes were blurry. I couldn’t bear it. I said to him, saying, "Don’t hold it, uncomfortable!

The corner of his mouth skimmed, twisted his head over, and choked in a low voice. I got up and took some paper towels and handed it to his hand. He patted his shoulder. Indeed, it was not good for anyone to rest.

Everything has been happened, and only remedies that can be done.He said that all have passed. What his girlfriend is recovering now is okay. It was not enough to hide a thousand yuan in my head. I couldn’t hide it. I only told my family.His parents scolded him with his head and face.His girlfriend had surgery inside, and he was crying outside.

After his parents scolded him, he immediately remitted 10,000 yuan and he had been on his account. After a long time, the operation must be the best. In the later period, he must eat the best food and make up for him.He agreed with a snot and tears.

At that moment, he should understand how heavy the words "responsibility" was.

Nowadays, I have graduated for many years and have been in contact with him from time to time. In the recent gathering, he held his girlfriend’s hand and told me that he would be married at the end of the year, but don’t forget, otherwise interrupted yourleg.

I smiled and said I must go.

The girl’s smile was brilliant and full of happiness.

Many years later, thinking about the past, we may still sigh, but it also made us even more convinced. Together, not only because of love, because love, but also responsibility!

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