The global box office is 750 million, but the score has plummeted 5.7 points. Marvel epic becomes garbage, and the stalks are rotten.

I’m coming.

For 4 years, "Thor 4" with a global box office of 755 million finally launched streaming media.

After a night of carnival.

But left a more dazzling number: Douban 5.7, the countdown to the countdown of the Marvel movie universe.

In fact, from the beginning of North America, word of mouth has not been very good.

△ IMDB6.6 points, rotten tomato freshness 65%

Is it really so ugly?

After Marvel’s third stage, is it really sluggish?

Sir is still a bit suspicious.

No matter what others say, you must go on a hand.

"Thor 4: Goodbye, Predecessor"

Thunder 4: Love and Thunder

Fans who like Thor also must admit it.

The "Thunder" series is embarrassing to position in Marvel movies from the beginning.

As the first three veterans:

Iron Man, with the design of Playboy and cool technology, breaks the traditional super -English image, and its debut is the peak;

The US team, around a detour, just took the debut to the dark political thriller style, the box office performance was not good, and then turned around and died.

What about Thor?

Based on Nordic mythology, the characters are too "suspended", the story is bitter and deep, and it looks a little dull at the popular level. It can only "comes down" in the movie universe.

Starting from "Thunder 3", the new director joined, the style is more weird, and the person’s setting is even more released. The Thunder God himself cuts off his long hair and transformed into "funny".

This style change does inject new vitality into the series.

However, in "Thor 4", everything was too hard.

If the previous one is just a change in style, the story trend still has a strong mythical color -about family ethics, and the boundary between God and magic.

Well, "Thunder 4" is almost thoroughly "low age."

The action is sculpting and colorful coloring, and the plot seems to be barely put together, let alone the theme of "love and thunder" seems to be almost no theme.

Who can think of the climax of the movie will be a group of children fighting with toy bears.

Of course, the effect must be different from person to person -if your expectations are to look at big coffees, look at special effects, and smile, "Thor 4" is passing.


When the movie completely removed the classic background of the series, reducing the gods into an entertainment background board.


Yes, SIR wants to say but.

Is "Thor 4" really nothing?

Tucao and eggs, it is estimated that the poisonous rice has been seen too much. Sir wants to say something different today.


Seeing the full film, Sir really remembers it, and what is moving is not the muscles of the Thunder God, not the crazy bark of the goat’s all the film, nor is it Natalie’s unscrupulous face (well, how many times you dreamed)Essence

It’s him.

Oh wrong.

It’s him.

Visa -player, Old Batman Christian Bell.

In Sir, "Thor 4" can be called a villain saving a group of protagonists.

Before introducing him, we briefly tell the story.

Time is connected after "Thor 3" and "Avengers 4".

Destroyer made a finger that half of the life on the universe disappeared, and the strongest capability of the Avengers’ strongest ability, Thor, failed to stop the evil deeds, blame himself.

Self -abandoning and eating into a big fat man.

Later, the members of the alliance’s mouth gun+through the enlightenment of my mother’s mother, a baptism, hammering, wearing A -Gump’s hat, carrying forward A -Gump’s spirit, rejuvenating, an ax hammered the extinction.

Half of the life in the universe is back!

Sol’s heart has also grown.

No longer obsessed with temporary power gains and losses. After managing the territory (Asgard) to the Valkyrie, he returned to Garden Tianju and meditated quietly.

The above is the previous situation and the last word.

The first shot of the movie fell on another man.

The Cacultyer Gel (Christian Bell).

Desert, windy, barren planet.

Gel’s tribe prayed prayer for miracles to rescue them in the drought -ended people in the drought.

Seeking hundreds of worshipers, where is God?

The loved ones around him starved to death.

The most loved little daughter swallowed in her arms.

Geer couldn’t bear it anymore.

Legend has it that the gods who will protect the people really exist?

Gel lost his hope and lay in front of his daughter’s tomb.


The sound of oasis and God appeared ahead.

Is it clear?

Geer walked into the oasis, with a fruits piled up in front of him.


Surrying and swallowing hasn’t finished a melon, God spoke.

The general meaning is as follows:

1. I won’t bless you;

2. You died have nothing to do with me;

3. You believe me, just wishful thinking, you are not as good as dogs in my eyes.

Geer was stupid, stunned, sad, desperate … then.


Coincidentally, the dead sword on the ground noticed the murderousness, smelled the blood of revenge, and flew to Geer’s hands automatically.

The first step of God, with the help of the sword, easy to complete.

Golden blood appeared on God’s neck, and left a prediction to Gel:

This sword chose you

You are cursed now

Yes, when the necromancer chooses its master, it can control their mission to complete the sword: slaughter gods.

To be precise, it is not the owner, but just the host.

This setting adds a delicate meaning to the villain:

He only transformed from a state of slavery (believe in God) to another state of being slavery (believes in revenge).

The only difference was that he gained (short -term) power.

Is this the ending of all ordinary people?

Keep watching.

Gel, who opened the ring, could not help but control his body and thoughts, and encountered God to kill God in the universe.

Originally, what he hated was the evil god who did not act and regarded the followers.

But the sword is upper body, and he can’t choose.

Whether it is evil or guarding, he died all under his hands.

There is a scene in the film.

Thunder Sol watched a giant beast sadly on the ice stone, which is exactly the same as in the comics.

This beast is a good god who takes due diligence to protect one side, and is also brutally killed by Geer.

The previous love in the comics is much more terrible.

The first is Gel’s family.

The son starved to death in his arms. The mother was killed by the beast. Before the death, he was still praying to the gods.

And his tribe still believed in God, concentrated on praying, and even exiled him because of his great words of God.

When the miracles are revealed, they are even more cruel.

(I didn’t even give him a meal fruit)

The two gods were fighting, and Gel had witnessed God’s disregard of God.

It was not far away, listening to the call of Zimin, looking at the tragic situation of Zimin, but never thought of saving them.

Desperate brings anger, and anger has spawned killing.

It can be said that this is a ethnic group cursed by the gods and the devil.

Therefore, the maliciousness carried by the original book is greater than in the movie:

He shuttled in the current and future timelines, and he had to use a slaughter bomb to kill the gods in all timelines.

Before that, he was sometimes slaughtered, and sometimes killed in a cruel way.

And his wife (after resurrection) was also killed by Geer. His son witnessed his evil behavior and helped Sol kill the slaughter.

The film intentionally weakened the strength of the character.

There are only a few pictures left:

In front of the giant beast, Sol said, "That is the god of mana plus man, one of the most friendly gods" gently brought it.

The scene of the death of the gods flashed in the signs of help.

Although it is for scale consideration, it also allows the film to have a big reunion ending.

At least in a few key scenes that appear villains.

The audience can still feel the complexity of this character tragedy.

For the first time, fight on the side.

After returning to the hidden, Thor Sol took the task of the old man’s "Galaxy Guard" and went to a planet to make a monster.

The cause of the dispute: Gel killed the biggest god on the planet.

So the alien villain came to aggression.

Sol three ended the battle and hit the villain into flowers.


The strange running, the home is gone …

Here is a delicate lens:

The leader of the planet has repeatedly emphasized that don’t break the house, don’t engage in the temple, the temple is our spiritual pillar.


This corresponds to the later period, Sol personally appreciated the hypocrisy and selfishness of the gods, and staged a "big trouble" in the temple of Zeus.

It indicates the real purpose of Geer:

It wasn’t to kill a certain god, a certain group of gods, but that he had to disintegrate a rigid and decaying order in person.

The second positive play.

At this time, Sol can also be able to intervene with the old guys.

He couldn’t laugh immediately.

The Tacorist was killed to his hometown.

He also took away the children of God.

One, attract Sol and the gods, so as to get them out of the Internet.

Second, he needed Sol’s ax to release the rainbow energy to help him open the door of eternal and realize a wish.

(Why is it a bit baba? Little Demon Fairy internal flavor)

It was also here that for the first time, the female Thor appeared, the protagonist team gathered, and began to fight against the villain, and the main story really started.

The progress bar is over half.

In order to save children, the protagonist and his party came to the field of shadow. In this place, all colors will be swallowed.

The picture becomes heavy black and white.

In sharp contrast to the colorful, laughing and scolding children’s film style.

(The entire film is only the villain playing super -English movies seriously, tears)

This time is the foreplay of their peak confrontation.

When Gel came up, they ordered their situation in the same situation:

If you seek God’s help, God ignores you.

(Earlier, the Nordic God Sol went to see the help of Greece Zeus, but it failed)

But in fact, can they be the same?

Sol will not help all the gods, and he also has the power of God and the protagonist’s halo and the blessing.

And Gel is just the poor body under the control of the Dead Sword.

The more he tried to go to slaughter the gods, the more he seemed to be a joke.

The question is, do he have to choose?

He is the only awakened person in God’s lies.

Awakening, what brings him harm and loneliness.

Therefore, when they confront them with the protagonists, they were bound by Geer.

Gel tried to pull the thunder to the same camp as him.

Three -stage dialogue.

It reflects the helplessness of Geer’s heart.

He first questioned the Valkyrie:

Also go to the poor female Thor.

Because they are not God, they are both humble people.

In Sol, he has nothing to do, because he himself is the king of the gods.

He can only threaten him with his favorite person.


Three "gods", looking at him, seemed to see three mirrors.

According to the empty hole of the Valkyrie as the "Agent Thor", the fear of the female Thor as an ordinary person to get the divine power, and even more illusory of the thunder god who cannot love.

What is Gree’s powerful villain.

He signed a contract with the devil, and even borrowed his own life … All of this, but in the world of heaven and Buddha, he was an incompetent anger as the bottom of his long -term speech.

After that, Sir no longer spoiled.

The reason why Sir wanted to focus on the character of Gree is because the villain is the weakness of Marvel.

How many impressive Marvel villains do you have?

Of course, the destroyer was successful.

After all, his strength, his wicked motivation, and Marvel’s years of paving the way of his years of pavement, in the Marvel universe, there are no ancients.

A loud finger eliminated half of the person, terrible and contempt.

Unfortunately, when the final chapter appeared again, he forcibly reduced his wisdom for the reunion. You have to die with the reunion.

△ The fingers of a ringing finger love you

Looking at the other series, there are not many real -character arc light.

Either, it is the interests of interests, and evil is bile -such as the business competitors of Iron Man Tony.

Either, it is a natural anti -social personality -natural love and evil, but often cannot give people convincing reasons.

The rest is a purely killing machine.

Such as Okura, such as red skeletons …

But their major features are that they were rendered strongly. When they ended, they found that there were villains behind the villains, but they were just infinitely unlimited dolls.

Of course, there are several special cases occasionally.

Like Baron Zemo played by Daniel Bruch, the bald eagle played by Keton is not powerful, at least IQ and personality are online.

The Thunder series is seriously polished in this part of the villain.

The goddess of death, the god of tricks, Luoji.

These two characters are not only full of characters.

At the same time, behind their evil genes, the audience can often see the cracks under the Lake of the Nordic Armor.

The butcher Geer in "Thor 4" is different from them.

He has no powerful power, no smart brain, and the pattern is very small.

You can only put down your family in your eyes.

He kidnapped the children and scared the head of a monster to scare them.

Three sentences and two sentences are fierce.

Thinking of his daughter.

But it is this simple, true love.

Only then did the Thunder God be affected by him, abandoned the ambition of saving the universe, let go of God’s identity, and chose to embrace the lover in front of him.

Did the protagonist team win?


In fact, this victory does not belong to them, but because of the self -proclaimed person.

Super heroes win.

Unfortunately, this kind of 然 is still diluted by the "positive energy" full of endings.

A detail:

Two days ago, Marvel’s cutting clips, Zeus found Thor, and personally taught the usage of weapons and Thunder Perak.

Thor asked: Do you really go with us?

Zeus stood hands and said:

If you want to go to that is pure

Zeus has a lot of noodles

But he can’t be called pure heart

This meaningful conversation did not eventually appear in the movie.

As the head of the gods in Greek mythology, Zezhi is not reflected in the complexity of others.

Look at the content of the movie now.

Zeus is purely a hypocritical, beautiful, cowardly and greasy uncle.

But how is it possible?

I have to say that Marvel may indeed have a longer -term blueprint and a more magnificent film plan than a "Thor 4".

For example, the "Youth Avengers" plan is obviously accelerated.

When this world’s largest entertainment kingdom has put attention to the next generation of audiences, the next batch of consumers.

We walked into it again.

The experience is no longer new projects, new stimuli, new toys.

Instead, I don’t want to lose my memories.

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