The Guangdong woman was not born in 11 months, and 55 kg of giant belly was wandering. Doctors: There are no children in the belly

In 2009, a wandering "giant belly woman" caused people’s attention.

The woman’s name is Peng Ximei. She has a height in her early one meter and six meters, but her abdomen has reached an amazing 167 centimeter. She is obviously thin skin, but she weighs 110 kg.Her thin body should carry the weight of two adults.

At first, Peng Ximei thought she was pregnant, but she had been in her arms for 3 years. This is really incredible.

What secrets are there in the belly of Peng Ximei’s belly?

On December 19, 2009, Xu Kecheng, the dean of the Fina Tumor Hospital affiliated to Jinan University in Guangdong, came to the free clinic of the People’s Hospital of Zhanjiang City.

For this highly respected doctor, the local people admired the heart, so the hospital was full of people in the hospital that day.

But the moment Xu Kecheng walked into the lobby, his eyes unconsciously fell on a woman with a thin body, pale face, but a "huge" belly.

The woman was Peng Xiumei. At this time, she was half -sitting and leaning against the cold bench in the hall, and she realized that Xu Kecheng’s gaze was revealed.

With many years of experience, Xu Kecheng, at a glance, saw the abnormalities of Peng Ximei’s body, but at this time, he had to take the heavy responsibility to come to the clinic to diagnose and treat other patients.

Although the two did not have any exchanges this time, Xu Kecheng, the doctor’s benevolence, was always relieved that Peng Ximei, who was pregnant with illness.

After a day of busy, Xu Kecheng finally sent away the last patient who came to the consultation, but when he came to the hall, he saw Peng Ximei still sitting in the original position.

Thinking of the doubts arising during the day, Xu Kecheng raised his feet towards the position where Peng Ximei was, but when he really came to the other side, his face was already shocked.

At this time, Peng Ximei was wearing an unpopular dress. She had a huge abdomen high, and her lower limbs were swollen and abnormal. Even her skin showed a pathological purple.

When Peng Ximei saw Xu Kecheng who came over, she wanted to get up. Unfortunately, her huge belly made her lose her agile action and tried several times that she couldn’t stand up.

Xu Kecheng waved his hand towards Peng Ximei, and then squatted in front of her to ask about the situation.

For the concern of strangers, Peng Ximei was extremely moved, but she was ready to face her, but just answered weakly: "I’m not pregnant, but tumors, and my family does not want me …"

A few words exhausted all the grievances and helplessness of Peng Ximei.

It turned out that before Xu Kecheng appeared, Peng Ximei had stayed in the hospital’s bench for two months. Usually, the medical staff and patients in the hospital saw Peng Ximei poor and often gave her some help.Persist in the day when Xu Kecheng encountered Xu Kecheng.

When Xu Kecheng learned that Peng Ximei was tortured by the tumor, he immediately said: "I am a doctor who specializes in treating tumors. Can I take you to cure the disease?"

The desire to survive is extremely strong. When Peng Ximei heard Xu Kecheng’s wanting to save herself, there was a hint of hope in the empty pupil, but the flames were fleeting like a blooming firework.

Because she didn’t have a penny on her body, and she could not bear the high medical expenses at all, even though her heart was extremely yearning for the rebirth, the reality was always a mountain that was across Peng Ximei, which made her only be discouraged.

Peng Ximei thanked Xu Kecheng for his kindness, and then he refused.

After Xu Kecheng learned that Peng Ximei gave up treatment because he had no money, the regret in his heart was even more upside down. He immediately said: "It’s okay, I can treat you for free."

After hearing this, Peng Ximei’s face was full of incredible. She was still immersed in the fear of death in the last second, but she got the hope of rebirth in the next second. This huge reversing Peng Ximei was a little bit swaying, and her tears couldn’t help but come out of her eyes.Essence

Peng Ximei didn’t want to bother people, but the desire to survive and the kindness in the bottom of her heart made her unwilling to live up to Xu Kecheng’s kindness.

On December 23, 2009, under the leadership of Xu Kecheng, Peng Ximei came to the recuperal tumor hospital in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, but when Xu Kecheng really started to treat Peng Ximei, he found that her situation was far worse than expected.Essence

But in fact, Peng Ximei did not look like three years ago. If she wants to figure out what happened to her, she may have to start with her experience.

In 1980, Peng Ximei was born in a remote village in Huazhou, Guangdong Province. Due to the difficult conditions at home, she dropped out of school at home when she did not finish in junior high school to help her parents share the pressure of life.

There are also some feudal thoughts in the countryside. After growing up, Peng Ximei was forcibly married to a guy in the village by her parents, and this has also become her unfortunate beginning.

After the marriage, Peng Ximei was as hard as ever. She served her in -laws very thoughtfully. Her husband was also very satisfied with the hard -working Peng Ximei. However, the only disadvantage was that they had been married for two years but had not had a child.

In the countryside, "there are three filial piety, there are three, and no after the big" Peng Ximei has gradually caused dissatisfaction among her in -laws.

In order to hold the little grandson earlier, the mother -in -law began to look for a different way. As long as he heard that there was the possibility of pregnancy, the mother -in -law would immediately take it.

Gradually, Peng Ximei was also spreading in the village where she couldn’t conceive her child. She also became the laughing stock of the neighborhood neighbor.

But Peng Ximei was not in the opinion of the accident. Instead, she understood the mood of her mother -in -law’s grandson, so no matter what kind of medicine from her mother -in -law, she poured into her belly without complaints.

Finally, Kung Fu is reluctant to have a person who has a role. Perhaps it is a role. Peng Ximei was pregnant as she wished, but under this seemingly happy appearance, she hides a terrible danger.

In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women have a disgusting and vomiting response, but Peng Ximei does not have it, and when she is three months pregnant, her belly is already greater than her stomachs of other pregnant women seven or eight months.

The neighborhood neighbors saw Peng Ximei’s big belly and shocked on her face, but her mother -in -law believed that her daughter -in -law was twins, and the neighbors were jealous.

With the passage of time, Peng Ximei also clearly noticed the discomfort of her body. Since she is pregnant, she has always felt weak, as if the child in the belly snatched the nutrition in the body, but in order to prevent it from letting it allowThe mother -in -law’s family was worried, and Peng Ximei did not tell them the discomfort in his body.

Time is like a white horse. In a blink of an eye, Peng Ximei’s pregnancy came to the bottleneck of "October Wanderer", but strangely she had no signs of production. The talent now is aware of the incompleteness of the matter.I dare not act, I can only continue to wait for my scalp.

The so -called wall that there is no wind in the world, Peng Ximei has not been born for more than ten months of pregnancy. The villagers said that she was pregnant with a "Nezha", and she must be a meatball.

And the mother -in -law who originally imagined "the twins" and "five twins" … finally couldn’t hold back the irritability in her heart. She sent Peng Jimei to the Zhanjiang City Center People’s Hospital with the cold words of the villagers.

When the doctor completely saw Peng Ximei’s belly, the surprise on her face was no less than that of Xu Kecheng’s shock after two years.

The clearly visible blood vessels on Peng Ximei’s belly is like a balloon that is about to blow, which is completely different from ordinary pregnant women.

What is even more terrible is that the doctor did the B time to make B to Peng Ximei, and she didn’t even find the trace of a child, and even Peng Ximei’s liver disappeared.

This can’t help but surprise people. Since she is not pregnant, what is Peng Xi’s huge belly?

When the doctor checked Peng Ximei, she found that her belly was full of sticky liquid, and these liquids also covered the liver in Peng Ximei’s body, which was the cause of the liver disappearance.

In order to further understand Peng Ximei’s condition, the doctor took her to CT, but whoever thought that because Peng Ximei’s belly was too large, she could not pass the pores at all.

I ca n’t find a child, I ca n’t find out the cause, and even the experienced doctors are sweating.

According to the previous response of Peng Ximei and combined with medical knowledge, the doctor can only initially diagnose Peng Ximei to suffer from ovarian cancer, and her stomach is tumor.

As for those liquids, because the patient’s peritoneal is infiltrated by the tumor, it is stimulated to the capillaries, which increases the transparency of the tumor, causing a large amount of liquid and protein to penetrate into the abdominal cavity.

The doctors’ explanations are very similar to Peng Ximei’s previous response. When I thought that she had taken care of the tumor for 12 months, Peng Ximei felt extremely ridiculous and sad, but the doctor’s words made her completely desperate.Essence

Due to the long period of condition, the doctor speculated that the tumor in Peng Ximei’s abdomen has grown into viciousness. Even if surgical resection, there will be a possibility of recurrence. At that time, Peng Ximei will be unable to return to heaven.

At this time, Peng Ximei has not been able to get rid of the pain of "losing the child", and she will face the countdown of death. This is undoubtedly a huge blow for a fragile woman.

On the other hand, the mother -in -law’s family, after learning that Peng Ximei’s belly had no children, they turned around and left.

But what is even more chilling is that the husband immediately proposed a divorce after learning that Peng Ximei’s life was stunned. This successive strike made Peng Ximei feel desperate. Originally, she still wanted to save money for her husband.In exchange for abandonment.

The discouraged Peng Ximei was holding a huge belly, sitting on the bridge near the hospital for a whole night, and she wanted to die.

But the ants who struggled to climb up on the ground made Peng Ximei feel deeply. An such weak life did not bow to fate. Why should she give up lightly?The only parents who are sad at that time are their parents.

Lengfeng blows across Peng Ximei’s cheeks, and also blew her thoughts of suicide, and even woke up her determination to survive, but Peng Ximei did not return to her parents’ house, because at this time her situation would only bring a burden on her parents.

After thinking about it, Peng Ximei stepped on a wandering life alone, and she had been in this time for nearly two years.

In the past two years, Peng Ximei took heaven as a bed, with the ground as the bed. Due to the inconvenience of movement, she had to sit down and rest every few steps, so Peng Ximei could only hover on the streets of Maoming, Guangdong.

Many kind people who pass the way see Peng Ximei and will send her some food and quilts, so that Peng Ximei can survive.

Until October 2009, Peng Ximei had been wandering for two years, and she seemed to notice that she was about to come, so she went to Zhanjiang Central People’s Hospital again.

Because Peng Ximei didn’t know where to go, she thought that she died in the hospital. The kind doctor would help her contact her family so that she could enter the soil.

In this way, Peng Ximei lived another life again. During the hospital, due to the inconvenience of her belly, Peng Ximei always stayed at the closest position to the toilet.

Moreover, Peng Ximei has never disturbed medical staff, and has always been sitting silently on a bench that meets Xu Kecheng.

However, there are still many good people in the world. The weird appearance of Peng Ximei has attracted the attention of the people. When the people in the hospital learned about her, they often provided her with some help.

But the lesion always stayed in her body, and Peng Ximei’s body would only be worse and worse. When she was about to close her eyes and left the world, Xu Kecheng appeared.

On December 23, Peng Xiumei fell asleep under the care of the medical staff. This was the first time she had been sleeping so hard since she was pregnant for three years.

At the same time, Xu Kecheng immediately summoned experts to discuss the next countermeasure after checking Peng Ximei’s body.

Due to the pressure in the abdomen, Peng Ximei’s heart and lungs have symptoms of failure, which also means that the operation is urgent.

In order to reduce the pressure in the abdominal cavity, Xu Kecheng decided to let go of the ascites to reduce the pressure of important organs so that Peng Ximei’s body can get a certain ease.

For her own situation, Peng Ximei did not seem to be at a loss, because the encounter in the past three years has made her dilute her life and death, so before the surgery, she took Xu Kecheng’s hand and said, "The dean who has no relationship can meet you.Good luck, you can rest assured that if you get better, I will stay in the hospital to repay you. If it is not good, donate my body to the hospital for research … "

Peng Ximei’s free and easy encouragement made Xu Kecheng very moved, and he also strengthened his determination to save each other.

The operation soon began. As a long needle inserted into Peng Ximei’s abdominal cavity, the pale yellow liquid scrambled out.

Because Peng Ximei is a long -term accumulated illness, it is impossible to clean up all the time. Out of her health considerations, Xu Kecheng divides the effusion several times.

It turns out that Xu Kecheng’s method has played a role. Peng Ximei’s belly gradually becomes smaller as the number of extraction increases, and her weight also returns to 60 kg at once.

After the liquid extraction was cleaned, Xu Kecheng finally determined the lesion of Peng Ximei. She was diagnosed with "pelvic tumor".

On January 12, 2010, after a period of cultivation, Peng Ximei has returned to the posture of ordinary people, and this day will also be an important period for her to welcome the new life.

With the efforts of Xu Kecheng and several well -known experts, he successfully removed the tumor in Peng Ximei’s body.

Soon the Spring Festival in 2010 is about to ring. At the hospital’s party, Peng Ximei appeared in the clothes sent by a doctor.

I saw her light pace, proportioned figure, and rosy face, which was very different from the "giant woman" a month ago.

For Peng Ximei, Xu Ke became like her regenerative parents and gave her a second life, but now she has achieved her original commitment and stayed in the hospital to be a volunteer caregiver.

Peng Ximei does not collect a penny here. She wants to return Xu Kecheng’s life -saving grace. Secondly, she wants to encourage patients in the hospital with her own experience to let them cherish life and never give up.

In September 2021, Professor Xu Kecheng took the theme of "how Peng Ximei was created in the second" and performed popular science to help more people face cancer rationally.

Today, Peng Ximei is still in the hospital, and she also married her wife again and grows up with her husband.

For Peng Ximei, who has experienced life and death, the meaning of life is more clear than anyone. Believe in kindness, she will run a good family and have a better life.

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