The hair numbness of the fingers in the third trimester may be caused by it

In the later stages of pregnancy, many women will have a numb finger numbness, especially after getting up in the morning, the phenomenon of swelling and numbness of the fingers is more obvious. This is caused by edema in the third trimester. There is also calcium deficiency, which must be supplemented by calcium in time.

If the pregnant woman’s numbness occurs when she wakes up after sleeping at night, the reason for the numbness of the pregnant woman may be that she will be pressed when she sleeps.Because after 2 months of pregnancy, the expectant mother’s belly was bulging. When the mother was sleeping, she would be careful when she was sleeping. She could not help but protect her belly with her hands.

Many pregnant women will have different degrees of edema symptoms during the third trimester.Because the flexion side of a person’s wrist, there is a pipe formed by the wrist bone and ligament called the wrist tunnel. The wrist canal has 9 tendons and the middle nerves pass by.Tube, and the wrist tunnels are connected to the palm, and the pressure in the wrist canal internal pressure increases the manifestation of hand numbness.

The calcium required for bone development of babies is completely from the mother’s body. Many expectant mothers are prone to various symptoms of calcium deficiency in the diet during pregnancy.In addition to choosing the appropriate calcium preparation, pregnant women to obtain calcium in diet are the safest and most convenient ways.So what are the foods for pregnant women?

1. Dairy products: milk, milk powder, cheese, yogurt, refining milk, etc.

Pregnant women are the best source of calcium when calcium supplementation. It contains nearly 300 mg of calcium in half a catty of milk. Of course, in addition to calcium, there are many kinds of amino acids, lactic acid, minerals and vitamins to help the human bodyFull absorption and digestion of calcium.It should be noted that because the amount of calcium required by the fetus must be absorbed from the mother, the amount of calcium ingested by pregnant women alone is far from satisfying the rapid development of the fetus.Calcium, pregnant women can eat calcium fate, high safety and does not stimulate the stomach.

2. Seafood products: kelp, shrimp skin, catfish, carp, catfish, loach, etc.

Almost all of all seafoods are rich in calcium, of which kelp and shrimp skin are the highest calcium foods.Put the kelp and meat with meat or cooked cold. In addition to the delicious taste, the calcium content is more abundant. Eat 25g every day to supplement 300mg of calcium.The calcium content in shrimp skin is richer. 25g shrimp skin contains 500mg of calcium. Therefore, you may wish to use shrimp skin to make soup or fill it to supplement calcium.

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