The Hanzhong men’s pharmacy buy health products to add meals for pregnant wives, but found bugs

I bought a box of health products for more than 500 yuan. I wanted to supplement various vitamins for more than 8 months of pregnancy. I did not expect that the living bugs and eggs were found in the box.At present, Nanzheng Food and Drug Administration has been involved in the investigation.

Mr. Hu, who lives in the Longjiang Street Office of Hantai District, said that on July 4 this year, he spent a box of more than 500 yuan in the sixth branch of Dahe Pharmacy in Dahe, Dahe, Dahe, Nanzheng District.Health products.

"My wife has been pregnant for more than 8 months. In order to supplement her and the fetus to supplement various vitamins, I bought such a large box of health products." Mr. Hu said that this box of health products are divided into multiple small boxes.In 2017, the shelf life was two years, and the shelf life was not yet over.

Mr. Hu said that his wife ate a small box every few days and had not found problems before. Until recently, when she opened another small box, she found that there was a living bodies in the inner wall of the box.After finding that there was a bug in the packaging box of health products, Mr. Hu found the medicine store with the rest of the health products, opened the packaging box in front of the clerk, and found the bugs again.

"Take it out in front of their store manager. Many of them are insects, and there are alive, as well as the kind of worms that are dead, directly sticking to the pills." Mr. Hu said, then he went toThe Food and Drug Administration of Nanzheng District complained.

"We did find on the spot that there were worm eggs on the carton attached to the outer packaging of this product." On the 25th, Wang Le, staff member of the Food and Drug Administration of Nanzheng District, said that according to the "Food Safety Law", directly contact the packaging foodThere is no pollution, but the specific pollution does need to be tested.

Regarding why there are bugs in the inner packaging box, Zhang Juhong, the head of the sixth branch of the health pharmacy in Hanzhong, said that the health care products were bought in the store more than 20 days ago.Because health products have strict requirements during the storage process, whether it is a problem of health products, or that Mr. Hu is not well preserved, this needs to be investigated by the food and drug department.

"We will check the remaining products. Their manufacturers have their own inspection standards. For example, health foods have no national compulsory inspection standards, but we will inspect it in our city in accordance with the manufacturer’s inspection standards. Inspection.If there is a problem in the future, we will judge whether it is the problem of their manufacturers or the problem in the process of their storage. "Wang Le said.

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