The history of Pan Yuanxiang, a "crawling girl", was abandoned by the scum man after pregnancy.

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He had paralyzed his lower limbs since he was a small lower limb, and he was climbed at all. After pregnancy, he was abandoned by the scum man after pregnancy.

But she was not defeated by suffering. Her annual income has already exceeded one million. She is called the most "cattle" female boss. She is a "crawling girl" Pan Yuanxiang.

In March 2021, one of the winners of the Honor of the Sichuan Province of Sichuan Province was very special. Two gloves were slipped with slippers and crawling on the ground. She has been doing it for nearly 40 years.

This person is not someone else. It is Pan Yuanxiang, a "crawling girl" who is a disabled, and she is not paralyzed by her lower limbs.

In 1980, Pan Yuanxiang was born in a poor family in Zhengzhong Village, Pingshan County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province.

In order to support her family, her parents diligently cultivated a few acres of thin fields at home, and they also saved money and saved tuition for 5 children.

Later, his brothers and sisters were sent to the school by their parents. Only Pan Yuanxiang was still young and stayed at home.

So every time she goes to the ground, her parents will bring her beside her, watching her playing not far away.

Pan Yuanxiang has been very lively since he was a child. Like boys, she likes to jump up and down.

However, at that time, she didn’t know that an unexpected accident would soon come to her.

It was a day in 1983. Parents, as always, do farm work in the ground. Xiao Yuanxiang was playing nearby. Without paying attention, she fell into a ditch more than 5 meters deep.

After her parents discovered, she hung up and hurried her to the hospital for treatment.

Xiao Yuanxiang had a high fever in a few days, hovering on the edge of the god of death for a few days, and finally recovered his life.

Because it fell too hard, Xiao Yuanxiang’s lower limbs were seriously damaged. In the future, not only can he not walk normally, but even upright.

The doctor’s words made Xiao Yuanxiang’s parents like a ice cave and looked at Xiao Yuanxiang lying on the sick bed. They were full of self -blame. If they took care of their children.

After that, they dared not let Xiao Yuanxiang leave their sight again. Where they went, they brought Xiao Yuanxiang.

The soft cushion on the small basket became all the range of activities of Xiao Yuanxiang. Every time the parents went to the ground, they would use the burden to pick her up.

At that time, Xiao Yuanxiang didn’t know what it meant at all, but it was just fun.

Only her parents saw her smiley face, her eyes were wet unconsciously.

They felt that Xiao Yuanxiang was pitiful, but they could only swallow tears into their stomachs.

However, what they didn’t expect was that just 4 years after Xiao Yuanxiang and the basket were accompanied by, there was another thrilling thing.

It was the winter of 1987. When she was doing dinner, Pan Yuanxiang’s mother went out for a temporary thing. Pan Yuanxiang stayed alone in the kitchen.

When Pan Yuanxiang’s mother came back, she found that her kitchen was already on fire, and the smoke rolled.

Seeing this scene, her legs were soft, and her Xiao Yuanxiang was still in the kitchen.

Pan Yuanxiang’s mother wanted to rush in immediately to rescue Pan Yuanxiang, but before she moved, she found a small figure climbing out little by one.

She hurried forward and hugged Xiao Yuanxiang. Fortunately, it’s okay!Afterwards, she still had worries.

But she soon realized a very important thing, that is, Xiao Yuanxiang would crawl.

After Xiao Yuanxiang explained the original committee, she knew that after she left, a burning firewood fell out and directly lit the surrounding dry firewood.

Seeing that the fire was getting bigger and bigger, Xiao Yuanxiang’s desire to survive was inspired. She held the ground with both hands and dragged the door with water while climbing.

So from this day, Pan Yuanxiang said goodbye to the basket and began to crawl with his hands.

After learning to crawl, she began to walk around the mountains, making up for the scenery that had not been seen for 4 years.

At that time, she had a voice in her heart. When she grew up, she must go to see the outside world.

Subsequently, her parents considered Xiao Yuanxiang to go to school and sent her to school.

Because of physical defects, Xiao Yuanxiang did not suffer from his classmates and ridicule at school.

But she didn’t care. On the contrary, she put all her energy on her studies, and she was very angry, and her academic performance was always among the best.

After graduating from elementary school, she successfully entered the town junior high school with the first good ranking of the school.

Even if she had to crawl a few miles a few miles a day, she was very dangerous, and she also gritted her teeth for 3 years.

After graduating from junior high school, Pan Yuanxiang was admitted to a local professional high school.

In order to reduce the burden on the family, after graduating from his job, Pan Yuanxiang did not continue to study, but directly embarked on the road to work.

She wants to prove to everyone that disabled people are not worse than others.

At first, her parents did not agree with her to go out alone, but eventually moved by her persistence.

However, because of physical defects, Pan Yuanxiang found a job and hit the wall everywhere. In desperation, she had to find another way.

At that time, she accidentally saw an enrollment advertisement from a computer design school, so she wanted to try it, but the tuition fee of 6,000 yuan still made her difficulty.

Seeing that the money on her body was almost left, in order to survive, she had to begging along the street. It was in the process of begging that she met the first nobleman in life.

The other party’s name was Chen Yan, who was also working on a large city to work in a large city. At that time, she was anxious to see the customers. When she hurried, she accidentally stepped on Pan Yuanxiang’s hand.

After noticing, she apologized quickly, but Pan Yuanxiang didn’t care about it, and said it didn’t matter.

Pan Yuanxiang’s smile and the strong temperament revealed on her body made Chen Yan deeply touched, not only let Pan Yuanxiang live in her home, but also helped her to make tuition for learning design.

With his excellent learning ability, Pan Yuanxiang quickly succeeded in learning and received orders for many home improvement design.

After returning Chen Yan’s money, she bought her own house within a few years. While her career was booming, Pan Yuanxiang also met a love.

A handsome man took the initiative to show her well, saying that she didn’t mind her physical condition. On the contrary, her strength and optimism deeply moved him.

In this way, the warm pursuit of the man quickly gave Pan Yuanxiang a heart and had the other party’s child.

However, when Pan Yuanxiang thought they could set up a family of three in a logical manner, the reality poured her through a cool heart like a pot of cold water.

After learning that she was pregnant, the man proposed that she returned to her hometown to raise ducks, so she invested all her savings.

However, what made her unexpected was that when she happened to meet the avian influenza, the breeding industry was stunned, and she was still indifferent.

After the first entrepreneurial announcement, Pan Yuanxiang was hit, but fortunately, she still had children and boyfriends.

However, what was unexpected was that her boyfriend disappeared and disappeared. Until the child was born, the other party did not show up. She proved to her what the husband and wife were with the forest bird with actual actions.

After Pan Yuanxiang was abandoned, she had to take her child back to her mother’s house. Her unmarried pregnancy was burned to her parents, but the second old man was helpless.

In order to make money to pay debts, Pan Yuanxiang had to leave the child to his parents and go out to start a business again. This time Pan Yuanxiang chose the decoration industry.

In 2008, the financial crisis caused the decoration industry to fall into a downturn, and Pan Yuanxiang owed foreign debt. In order to pay debts, she had to make another plans.

At that time, after learning that she had failed twice in a row, her nobleman Chen Yan helped her again.

It is proposed that she can consider the beef beef market and introduce her network resources in the cattle raising industry.

After a careful market research, in 2013, Pan Yuanxiang tried to raise money to buy beef cattle.

Under the technical guidance of the professionals, she quickly resurrected Dongshan and successfully paid off her foreign debt.

Later, in order to be able to expand her cattle raising scale, she also established a professional cooperative of beef cattle breeding to drive the folks and father of her hometown to participate in breeding.

In this way, the scale of Pan Yuanxiang raising the cattle farm is getting larger and larger, and the annual income has already exceeded one million.

Not only that, under her leadership, the local poor households and family members have physical defects. After raising cattle, it can also be more than 10,000 yuan an additional income a year.

With Pan Yuanxiang’s deeds widely spread, she has more and more honorary honors, except for the honor of the Sichuan March 8 Red Banner Manager.

She is also "CCTV Three Agricultural Entrepreneurship", "Chinese Good Man", "Sichuan Provincial Model Model", "The Fourth Local Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Bronze Award" and so on.Instead of stepping down to the ground.

Although she was paralyzed from a young age, Pan Yuanxiang fought a beautiful turn over with her unyielding soul, achieving a counterattack of life.

She won life and even wins herself!Tribute to this "crawling girl" Pan Yuanxiang.

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