The hot mom is still squatting for 280 pounds in the gym for 8 months. Netizens: Just care about the baby?

Under normal circumstances, girls are very careful in the late pregnancy and will not do some severe exercise.However, the world is not strange. Have you ever seen the hot mom who is still running at 8 months of pregnancy?

The hot girl introduced today, because she insisted on fitness when she was 8 months pregnant, she was discussed.

The hot girl is from New York, USA, named Yanyah Milutinovic, 34 years old.She is not only a pregnant mother who is 8 months pregnant, but also a fitness coach plus senior fitness blogger.

As a fitness blogger with 31W+fans, Yanyah often share her daily life with fans on social platforms.Recently, she updated a training video on social platforms as usual, but she did not expect a lot of controversy.

I saw Yanyah, who was 8 months pregnant, using 143kg barbells for squat training under the protection of her husband.Although her husband guarded her throughout the process, he was startled by such a big belly.

Many netizens went to the dynamics before Yanyah, which made netizens incredible that she also posted a video of 315 pounds of troops when she was 7 months pregnant.

In fact, Yanyah never stopped the footsteps of fitness during pregnancy, and it was common for the gym to sweat in the gym.


Barbell squatting

Sit position straight down pull down

Running up, it is faster than Xiaobian’s daily strokes.

The bouncing type movement is not a matter of talking at all.

However, when Yanyah shared all this with fans, some netizens kept accusing:

1. Just care about your baby?

2. Squatd pulling for strength training, I can accept it. I really can’t accept it.

3. What should I do if I do n’t exercise for a few months. What should I do if there is a problem?

4. This fitness ignores the children.

5. There are so many pretending D … Niu D, you are pregnant or your wife is pregnant, you are so heavy … Send it to us?It’s not afraid of the excitement.

6. This is not advisable. How can you still train like this?

7. You can take a look, you can eat melon, but don’t go to school!Not everyone has a beast physique!

8. Why do you do such an adventure?Is it to absorb the heat to increase the heat?In my opinion, such behavior is really stupid!

9. When you are pregnant, you are trained on the treadmill like this, and the baby in the belly is the same as beating.

10. The little guy in her stomach is too pitiful, and she was fitted by her mother before she was born.

But many netizens have different opinions:

1. I am still upside down for eight months. Now there are vest lines, pregnancy is not Huaichun, and children are not sick. Of course, the premise of all this is that there is a long -term intensity exercise habit before pregnancy.

2. People have been practiced enough, just control themselves.

3. Variety, varying from person to person, different from person to person … Many foreign life babies do not take confinement at all. The day after the delivery is showering, the weather is good, and they will take the child out to bask in the sun.Confinement disease, some people will have confinement diseases, different constitutions, different diet structures, and different lifestyles, they cannot be generalized.She can squat and pull with a large weight of the pregnant woman’s belly … this is very powerful, that’s all.

4. The keyboard man is a layman, and the movement is completely practiced!

5. It should be scolded. I can’t even do some movements, and I have been broken by him with too much stomach.

6. My mother grew up in the countryside, and one hour before my birth was still picked up hundreds of pounds of dung water.Due to personality, not every pregnant woman is a delicate woman, and less exercise is not conducive to childbirth.

7, different constitution, different habits, different thinking and choices, so the training situation varies from person to person, bless her and her baby safe and healthy.

8. She is so good, and she can pull more than 100 kg of pregnancy. I admire her very much. Sure enough, I still have to continue to work.

9. The child born will be the constitution of the world champion.

10. I really envy this thigh muscles.

Although in the face of overwhelming controversy, yanyah herself didn’t care, she still insisted on being herself:

"If we are so fragile, there will be no human beings, and we will have been extinct."

"I will never let the opinions of others drowns my inner voice!"

I believe that many friends wondered why Yanyah was so attached to fitness. If you understand her fitness road, you will understand.

Before the marriage, Yanyah was very thin. Later, he started a regular life through fitness. He not only harvested the perfect figure, but also became a senior fitness enthusiast and fitness coach.

Fitness not only made her a better self, gained her career, but also made her encounter her own love, and her husband Risel, who also loves fitness as her.

In fact, when Yanyah was pregnant, he would inevitably gain weight.Although Yanyah reduced the frequency of fitness during pregnancy and insisted on exercise, it still disappeared and muscles were lost. The weight rose from the original 75 kg to 92 kg, and her body was also sampled.

So after the full moon of her eldest daughter, she returned to 4 ~ 6 a week, and a healthy diet.


Heavy hips


In less than two years after giving birth, Yanyah returned to its previous figure.

Regarding the fitness of pregnancy, Yanyah also sought the doctor’s opinion.So this time with the second child, she still insisted on fitness as before.As for the controversy on the Internet, she should be invisible, how her body is, and no one must know more than herself.

After reading it, is it very envious, but Xiaobian has to remind that everyone’s physique is different, and the suitable way of exercise is also different. Most people should not easily try intensity training like yanyah.In addition, Yanyah can do a lot of exercise during pregnancy because she has been fully adapted to such a training method after long -term professional training. This is not everyone who can do it, let alone the expectant mother of pregnancy.

Of course, you do n’t have to worry about your friends who are not pregnant. Hurry up, do n’t let your figure be better than pregnant women!

Finally, the intimate editor will send you a group of fitness plans that can be practiced at home, and insist on exercise. I believe everyone can become a better self.







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