The husband and wife were still in the same room for 9 months. After the child was born, the couple cried for their behavior.

Pregnancy is a major event for the whole family.Pay attention to health during pregnancy and try not to do severe exercise.This is common sense.

However, in the late pregnancy, some pregnant women do not pay much attention to things, which may lead to some unexpected things.

I am pregnant in October, and there are things to pay attention to every month. There is no need to pay attention to the labor, or some problems cannot be ignored.

Not long ago, Xiaoyi helped her wife Huahua take a taxi to the hospital.After getting in the car, my brother turned back. It turned out to be a pregnant woman and had a painful expression.He knew it was about to give birth.He stepped on the accelerator, rushed through three red lights, and sent the couple to the hospital.

After the doctor took the consultation, he saw Huahua’s lower body bleeding.He pushed Huahua to the operating room and asked Xiao Yi her husband.Xiao Yi said shyly.When he was sleeping at night, he was excited for a while, but he couldn’t stand it.Once he lived in the same room with his wife, but suddenly bleed.

When the doctor heard the news, they shook their heads angrily, saying that the fetus had begun to fall to the birth canal at the end of pregnancy.At this time, husbands and wives are prone to premature birth, death or even postpartum bleeding.What do you plan to do if this happens?After listening to this, Xiaoyi was startled directly.

Fortunately, the doctor was ready for the operation and inserted the flower in.Xiao Yi smoked a cigarette outside, calmed for a while, afraid of more than ten minutes!The baby was taken out, but the baby was sent to the thermal box for premature birth.

Flowers are out of danger.Xiaoyi kneeled down and begged the doctor.Thanks to the doctor with tears.Xiaoyi suddenly remembered that he was in a hurry when he came.Even the red light sent the money to our brother to leave the money.I also thank my brother for the time.Fortunately, Huahua is not a big deal, children are fine.

So, what should we pay attention to when it comes to the late pregnancy?How can we better prevent accidents?

one.Pay attention to sleeping position

During the third trimester, the pregnant woman’s belly was already large.At this time, we must pay special attention to the children in the stomach.Therefore, in the late pregnancy, you should pay attention to sleeping positions.If the sleeping position is improper, the consequences will be very serious.

In the late pregnancy, the best choice is to lie on the side, legs against the bed, and abdomen on the bed.In this way, your pregnant mother will feel safer.At the same time, if a pregnant woman with frequent legs, when lying on the side, you can put a pillow or pillow under the leg and raise your legs appropriately to help reduce fatigue and edema.

2.Beware of the abdomen

In the evening of pregnancy, when pregnant women rest at night, they sometimes have lower abdominal pain due to false contractions.Under normal circumstances, it only lasts for a few seconds, and the interval is several hours.At the same time, during the day, the symptoms will improve.

However, if the pregnant woman suddenly feels a regular pain in the lower abdomen, it is necessary to consider premature birth or childbirth. If the lower abdomen continues to pain, it may be premature or uterine rupture of the placenta.At this time, she needs to go to the hospital in time.

three.Be wary of irregular fetal movement

Fetal movement is a behavior that the child expresses his existence to his mother.Therefore, under normal circumstances, don’t pay attention.In other words, when the fetal movement is greater than or equal to 30 times or more than or equal to 4 times per hour, it is a regular fetal movement.Pregnant women can rest assured.

However, if there is differences, frequent or even continuous fetal movement, you must go to the hospital in time to see what is going on.

Four.Follow the production inspection

Many pregnant women believe that when they are about to be born, they do not need to do a checkup.Don’t have this idea now.

Because in the late pregnancy, most prenatal examinations are performed.Any baby’s dynamics should keep up.The most important thing is to pay attention to the baby’s dynamics and adjust some behaviors during pregnancy in a timely manner.

5.Prevent sudden headache

Headaches are common in our daily life, so many people will ignore the effects of headaches, but when I am pregnant, this idea is very wrong.This is because in the late pregnancy, pregnant women suddenly have headaches, which is basically a precursor to eclampsia, especially pregnant women with hypertension or severe edema symptoms.For these pregnant women, it may be a hypertension syndrome.

If it is not diagnosed in time, it may induce symptoms such as convulsions and coma, which will seriously endanger the lives of maternal and infants.Therefore, we must be alert to headache.

6.Maintain nutrition in advanced pregnancy

At the end of pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant women will increase.Therefore, at this time, it is necessary to choose foods suitable for this period.

During this period, pregnant women should pay attention to increasing protein intake, and try to eat more animal protein and soy foods as much as possible.At the same time, you should also pay attention to ingesting a certain amount of essential fatty acids, as well as some animal liver replenishment to provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition.

In the late pregnancy, we cannot relax at this time.All efforts are for the final result, and this time is the last time waiting for all the results.Do everything well, don’t let wait to be a pity.

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